So after a 2 week hiatus, due to site problems, the WWE Top 5 Questions of the week is back!

1. Will the WWE Universe be excited for Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar


Personally myself, I’m excited to see Goldberg. I’ll be honest I never really watched WCW ever, only WWE so ik not really too familiar with what anyone has ever done in WCW. I shall start to watch some WCW soon though on the Network. As much as I like to see Goldberg, in a WWE ring again. I’m not excited for the feud. I want to see Goldberg kick Brock Lesnars ass because quite honestly I cannot stand Brock one bit. He is everything that’s wrong with this business. He cannot wrestle. He cannot entertain a crowd. He gets paid probably millions for a few appearances a year. I can’t stand it.

I know it’s too much to ask for Goldberg to beat Lesnar because I know it just won’t happen. We know Goldberg beat Brock Lesnar at their last meeting 12 years ago. Let’s be honest too. That match was a disgrace. Its pretty damn unwatchable if you ask me.

So we’re 6 months away from WrestleMania. The biggest wrestling show of the year and almost definitely where this will take place. Goldberg needs to defeat Brock and get it over and done with. Id love to see Goldberg wrestle one last time. But not against Brock. If I had my pick I’d have him take on Braun Strowman. Have this legend come in and face the unstoppable Braun. Now that would be a match I’d love to see. But hey that’s never gonna happen so I guess we’ve got to settle with what WWE gives us. Oh well.

2. Will Sasha vs Charlotte main event Hell In A Cell?


This one is definitely one for debate. A few days ago Mick Foley said that Sasha and Charlotte would main event the PPV. A few hours later he changed that and said their match would BE a main event wherever placed on the card. Now, to me that sounds suspicious. Either they are main eventing, but Vince doesn’t want Mick announcing it yet. Or they’re not the main event, but Micks going against WWE and telling the world they are as to get Vince to put them last.

It’s a tricky one this, they are on the poster too which would make you think they would be the main event. Although, Miz was on the poster for No Mercy and that match wasn’t the main event, even though it should have been as it was an emotional 5 star classic. Although what Foley said is true, and wherever Sasha vs Charlotte places on the card, their match will be a main event match, I personally feel they need to close the show and be the ACTUAL main event.

I’ve read a lot lately about the women’s revolution and how it’s getting mentioned every ten minutes. So what? The women’s revolution started all of this. Would you rather go back to 10 years ago where women’s matches consisted of slaps and kicks. Dragging and throwing. Or live in the current era of women’s wrestling where their matches actually matter? I know what I’d choose. It used to be a women’s match would basically equal a commercial break, but now some of the matches the women put on are as or even more exciting than what the men can produce. Just think about how far women’s wrestling has come for a second. Really think about it.

The Charlotte vs Sasha feud has been one of the best this year. I’ve heard many people say its boring and very stale now after seeing them face off again and again. Nor for me. I’m totally invested in this feud. I admittedly mark out and despise Charlotte because I love Sasha. They are both two of the most talented females in the business right now and their in ring psychology together is a complete spectacle. Charlotte’s corkscrew moonsault a few weeks back off the top rope to the outside was a true holy shit! moment for me! Apart from Miz vs Dolph Ziggler this has been the best feud of the year.

They need to main event this PPV. Not just because they’re women. Yes they’re making history. They’re the first ever women to compete in hell in a cell. Sasha was the first ever woman along with Bagley to main event a WWE NXT PPV. Which was awarded match of the year and was a true emotional, inspiring match. The Rollins vs Owens feud has felt quite stale of late for me and has not really interested me, so I personally believe Sasha vs Charlotte will be the better match of the two. The fans will also be more invested as it is a history making event. It also emanates from Sasha’s hometown, so the crowd will truly be on fire and backing her.

3. Is the Bayley vs Dana feud going to be worth it?


Finally we get another women’s feud on Raw. Bayley vs Dana Brooke. Which  pretty excited about. Bayley needs a great feud to get started with and to stop facing jobbers each week. As I’ve said in a previous Top 5 post, I feel Dana is such a talented wrestler but her skills and talents have kind of been wasted as of late. Her matches in NXT were awesome.

Matching Dana up with Bayley is a great move by WWE. Dana works well with Bayley and has already started to improve again. This feud can bring her talent right back up to the top of the card again. A place I feel she deserves. Bayley is on top of the world right now, talent wise and just gets better and better when she goes out there.

I feel like this can be an ongoing, long feud the fans can be invested in. Potentially lasting till WrestleMania for a huge finale. Who knows what will happen by then though. Dana plays her character well, her moves, her facial expression. They compliment her character really well and Bayley will be a great opponent and feud for her. I’m guessing here but I’d say Bayley potentially sits out a few weeks (storyline wise) and comes back with an intent to destroy Dana with more aggression towards her.

This will be a great feud.

How well is Naomi progressing?


When I first seen Naomi, I wasn’t really bothered about her and just basically thought she would be another jobber type. Although since I’ve first seen her she has pleasantly surprised me. Something which doesn’t happen very often in the wrestling world.

First of all. The entrance. At first I absolutely hated it, and thought it was ridiculous. But after time, it grew on me. I actually love the way she enters the arena and the WWE Universe. I also feel she is one of the most talented and athletic talents on the roster, SmackDown, Raw or NXT. Her current kind of mini-feud with Alexa while Becky is recovering is quite good too and gives Alexa more time to shine.

I really hope to see more of her in the future and a potential SmackDown women’s title run, which would be pretty damn good. It’s great how opinions can change for the better after some time.

5. What’s the point of Ellsworth?


Personally, I’m a big fan. The guys getting to live his dream and has currently pinned the WWE World Champion twice in two weeks. He has a better win record against AJ Styles than Cena, now that’s saying something. Yes he is more of a comedy value than an actual intimidating fighter, but everyone’s totally behind him and he’s getting fame, he’s getting to live his dream in the WWE. Apparently Vince is a huge fan too, so he’s sure to go far!

One thing I love about Ellsworth being on SmackDown is that he is furthering the storyline between AJ & Ambrose without them even having to wrestle. Dean has been the special guest referee and made AJ look like a complete fool in the WWE ring, as well as lose twice in a row to him.  This has completely been great storywriting from WWE and I hope they use Ellsworth more.

Although, not too much as we all know how bad things can change when they’re used too much. A perfect opportunity for Ellsworth, would be to have a spot in the rumble, and eliminate guys like Kane & The Big Show, totally by accident. The guy is booked great and would work fantastically well as the underdog. Imagine if he actually wins a championship. Oh we can dream.
I do wonder where they will go with the Ellsworth angle, I have a feeling it will see its end at Survivor Series with hopefully a title match between Ambrose & AJ.