Is the Intercontinental championship relevant again?

For a long while the WWE Intercontinental Championship has seemed irrelevant to me personally, and I’m sure to a lot of you reading this too. The title just hasn’t seemed important anymore, or at least it hasn’t until the past few weeks.

Miz is fantastic at what he does in the ring  and on the mic, as well as being such a great champion.


I truly believe he is one of the best and doesn’t get enough credit for it. However, his latest stuff I truly believe has started to make the intercontinental championship important again. Even though it’s not the world championship belt it feels as though the guys in that ring really want to put everything on the line to have that title because it is significant. Legends of the business have held the belt including Shawn Michaels, Jericho, Triple H and Mick Foley (including too many more to mention).

Back then when the likes of HBK had the title, I feel it was pretty much similar to a world title and that’s what it needs to be. That was how prestigious the title felt. Obviously it’s never going to be as important as a word title and it shouldn’t, but it should be considered in high regard. It should be the next step to the world title, once Miz loses the title his next program should be towards the world title, the intercontinental championship establishes talent as a serious threat to the roster and someone who is great at what they do, and should solidify them as a competitor going forward towards the main event competitors and the world champion.

The feud he has going with Bryan is fantastic too and Miz putting himself into the main event this past week on SmackDown was great. He knows he’s main event talent and went about it himself and showed I everyone what he is capable of in the ring, and probably pissing off Bryan in the back.

Which brand has the better women’s division?

The clear winner here is SmackDown. Now let me explain. On Raw we have Charlotte, Sasha & Bayley who in my opinion, are the top 3 women  on either roster right now, however, the women’s division on SmackDown puts on better segments and matches. SmackDown also offers variety in the women’s division. The No Mercy main event extends that even more so. That was a pretty damn good 6 woman match.


Raw, however is pretty much going to be Sasha vs Charlotte or Sasha & Bayley vs Charlotte & Dana Brook or Charlotte Vs Bayley. Not that I would not like to see these matches but it’s going to be the same week after week, SmackDown at least has variety and uses all their talent be it Becky vs Alexa, or Bella vs Carmella or even Eva Marie when she comes back from suspension. (Although she will probably have an excuse to wrestle again which is great)

As much as I love Sasha, Bayley & Charlotte (my personal 3 favourite women’s wrestlers), it’s just going to get stale fast, unless new talents are brought up (which I can’t see happening soon).


Becky is going to be a fantastic SmackDown live champion and she is going to hopefully hold it for a while, aswell as having numerous feuds, as there is going to be plenty of them on offer to Becky being more women on SmackDown. I can’t wait for Alexa & Becky, two of the top female wrestlers on SmackDown right now.

How do we move forward then? I think Raw is going to be the main focus here and either needs to change the way they’re doing things or bring up more women from NXT, although the problem with that is the only two who are really ready are Asuka & Ember Moon.

  • Asuka is the current NXT championship so that won’t happen anytime soon.
  • Ember Moon has only just made her debut on NXT quite recently, as talented as she is she will need to build her presence up there first

So the only other option I see is to sign some more women to Raw, even to SmackDown aswell because SmackDown would also benefit from an extra 1 or 2 women. There are so many talented female wrestlers out there today just hoping for an opportunity like this and I think this is what WWE and especially Raw needs right now.

What does the Cruiserweight Championship mean to WWE?


Wednesday, 14th September 2016 is going to go down in history as a defining moment in the career of TJ Perkins, who became the winner of the first ever Cruiserweight Classic tournament, aswell as being crowned the first WWE Cruiserweight Champion. (Previous Cruiserweight title lineage doesn’t apply.) The struggles TJ has had to overcome in his life such as being homeless, and to get to the point where he is at now is beyond inspirational.

Working throughout the Indies your whole life can be interesting, exciting and rewarding but once you arrive at WWE, it changes your life and is a totally different ball game. Still exciting and rewarding but so much more too. Coming to WWE as a champion especially, proves to everyone how damn good you are in the world.

The Cruiserweight Classic series has been fantastic, and has brought out some of the best matches of the year, by some of the best Cruiserweights in the world. The talent of these guys is awe-inspiring and the series has definitely been an emotional one for all included. The CWC isn’t just another wrestling event. It’s a stage for every competitor to tell their story, why they do what they do and to be the best in the world.



WWE have made such a good move introducing a cruiserweight championship to their show once again. Especially as most of the competitors will more than likely be from the CWC. As long as WWE gives them serious time and good storylines I can see every single cruiserweight match on Raw being a MOTY candidate. These guys put everything on the line for what they believe in and this can only make Raw a better show. Give the time to serious competitors and the cruiserweight championship, and just get a rid of stupid pointless and boring matches involving Titus O’Neil (seriously, when is he getting released).

After watching this year’s Cruiserweight Classic, Triple H has pretty much confirmed a few times that it’s not a one-off thing, so if this does in fact become a yearly tournament or every 2 years etc, it’s something I want to see and if try can top this year’s.

AJ Styles WWE Championship Future? 

The face that runs the place, or the champ that runs the camp, according to AJ is now the spotlight of WWE. It still feels weird to say that AJ Styles is the WWE World Champion. Who would have thought 1 year ago we would be saying that! This has been a tremendous year for Styles, SummerSlam he won clean over Cena, in an instant classic further proving he’s one of the best, beating the 15 time world champion.


AJ has done it all, WWE, TNA, ROH, Japan. He has travelled the world all over and wrestled in country after country. The amount of experience he has in the ring is unquestionable. Even at this stage in his career, he can still out wrestle guys half his age and that’s telling you how damn good he is. AJ needs to have a long run with the title at least until WrestleMania to prove he is now the man to beat. No more on through John Cena, now it’s AJ Styles you have to go through.

Making his debut at The Royal Rumble in January, and now the WWE World Champion. In just a short 8 months he has made it to the top spot in WWE. I’m not surprised because AJ is one of the best in the world and still has so much more to give. I hope AJ stays in WWE until he retires because he will have a fantastic career in WWE.


Also with current NXT stars like Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura, as soon as they get called up I hope to God they go to SmackDown to have huge feuds with AJ. Dream matches there, which have of course been seen before, but not in WWE.

Has NXT become boring as of late?

I know that’s the question I’ve asked myself lately, the past couple of weeks. I’ve found myself not really interested in NXT, whereas before, I couldn’t wait for NXT and would watch it religiously. But the truth is NXT isn’t boring, but they’re starting all over again. Let me explain:


So basically since the WWE draft you have Bayley, Alexa, Mia, Carmella, American Alpha, Mojo Rawley and Finn Balor who have all been called up to the main roster. Every single one of these is a huge loss to NXT. They were the people who made NXT such a great unmissable show. But now they’re gone. So what does this mean for NXT now?

So far we have the likes of Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, Austin Aries and a few others who are already established stars. But because of the recent callups to the main roster, NXT’s roster is severely depleted. The thing is, if we take Bayley, Finn and Alexa for example. They were established NXT stars for years. They worked their way up the NXT roster and we’re the best they could be, so now NXT has to reestablish itself again with newer talent. Which if I’m honest with myself, is a bit boring right now seeing all these unfamiliar wrestlers I don’t know and haven’t seen before, just because I’m not used to them and have no attachment to them. But I’m totally willing to see this through and support NXT through the next phase.

Remember, NXT is its own brand, but it’s also developmental. NXT’s job is to showcase talent from the WWE performance center. Push them as hard as they can until the guys in WWE think they’re too good for NXT and can perform on the main roster. NXT has done their job. Transitioning from developmental to main roster. Rinse and repeat.
Of course a lot of these new talents are still training every day at the performance center and are still new to WWE, so of course they’re not going to have instant classic matches, they have to put the effort in everyday and are learning in every math they have. The more they wrestle the better they will become and the better it will be for NXT and their viewers. So just stay with it, as the next batch of future WWE superstars are already here, we just don’t recognise it yet.