1. Is The Miz vs Bryan feud going anywhere?

Last week on Talking Smack, social media was abuzz with the insane promo Miz had which caused Daniel Bryan arguing with Miz. Then Bryan walking  off set suddenly and causing the show to go off air 8 minutes early. This was an absolute terrific promo from the Miz and the intensity in his eyes was spot on. But the question is, is this leading anywhere?

We all know Bryan has had to retire from in ring competition due to medical reasons. He has had too many concussions and any more injury might cause damage to his brain. No One wants another Benoit situation  happening ever again. This was a main point of Miz’s Promo. Talking about how he had to retire from wrestling, but if he really loved wrestling that much he would go and quit. Quit and Wrestle in the independents. This hit hard to home for Bryan who had to walk off set in anger.

Many believed Bryan was close to punching Miz.

So this week on Talking Smack Daniel Bryan offered an apology for the way he spoke to Miz. He basically needs to keep his mouth shut but it’s hard for him in his position. I honestly believe he doesn’t like Miz’ style of wrestling and this was more of a shoot than a work. Also where is this going to lead?

Bryan also admitted on the show that WWE was not going to allow Miz and Bryan to be on TV together after what happened last week. So is this going to lead to a potential feud or not? He announced a title match at Backlash for Dolph Ziggler vs Miz. This could potentially be his way at getting back st Miz and hopefully him losing his title. Bit there are rumours circulating around social media and wrestling news websites that WWE is potentially open to Daniel Bryan returning to the ring. Now, whether this is true or not no one knows, as mentioned this is just a rumour. Nothing concrete.


If Daniel Bryan was to return to the ring to feud with Miz it would be fantastic and the crowd would go absolutely crazy for it. Although, Daniel needs to think about his health. He retired for a reason. He has a wife to think about and is trying for kids so he needs to think about his future. Whether he does return to a WWE ring or as mentioned on the show too Bryan said if he had the guts he would quit WWE and work on the independents again. Time will only tell what’s the future of this feud and more specifically Daniel. Bryans potential in ring return.

2. Whats next for Kevin Owens the new WWE Universal Champion?

The NEEEEW Universal Champion is KEVIN OWENS. Holy shit who would have thought that at the start of the year we would now be saying Kevin Owens is the Raw Heavyweight Champion because that’s basically what the universal Championship is. A lot has happened to get Kevin Owens here and it wasn’t planned but plans often have to change in WWE at very short notice.

Roman Reigns was suspended due to a wellness policy violation. This was the first major change WWE had to plan for. Roman was the champion at the time so had to drop the title to Dean Ambrose.


This meant Ambrose got drafted to SmackDown with the WWE World Championship. Therefore Raw had to create their own Raw championship which Finn Balor, the first NXT superstar drafted would be fighting for at SummerSlam.

After winning the title at SummerSlam due to a serious injury which Finn has now undergone surgery for, he shall be out for you to 4 – 6 months. WWE had to change plans again and this was Kevin Owens chance. He won the opportunity to fight in a fatal four way in Raw against Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Big Cass.

This was Owens’ moment. No one would believe WWE would go with Owens for champion when you had the likes of Seth and Roman in the match. However, that night the WWE Universe would be shocked.

Who shall make their return, but none other than Triple H. Pedigreed Roman, then setting up the Pedigree for Owens but turning on Seth and Pedigreed him instead. Leaving the title for him to take. Owens jumps on Rollins for the pin and he is now the Universal Champion.

The sincere shock and emotion in his face was played perfectly. Kevin Owens is one of the hardest workers in WWE and will do anything to entertain the crowd. He is very passionate and has dreamed about this moment since he was a kid and truly deserves it. Where does he go from here?



I hope WWE keeps Owens in a long title reign, at least until Finn comes back at Royal Rumble hopefully which could set up a great feud between him and Owens and a potential rematch for the title he gave up. Technically he didn’t lose it he was pretty much forced. To give the title up so he deserves to get the first shot at the title.

Royal Rumble would give a solid 2 Month us buildup for their match at WrestleMania. I sincerely hope they use Owens great as champion because he really can be one of the best champions in WWE history. His character is Funny, intimidating and a brawler. Who will face anyone, anywhere and at anytime. I am personally looking forward to what’s to come in Owens’ title reign and I’m so happy he has got his opportunity to truly shine in WWE. YOU DESERVE IT.


3. Does Baron Corbin Deserve A SmackDown Main Event So Early In His WWE Career?

So Baron Corbin vs Dean Ambrose was the main event for SmackDown? Really? Let me get one thing straight I don’t dislike Baron Corbin (although I did used too) but I really don’t think Corbin should be main eventing a live episode of any WWE related programming.

I agree he has potential, and lots of it as he is currently making a great bad guy on SmackDown but he is nowhere near the main event level calibre of superstars.

You have the likes of John Cena, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton amongst many more. Those are main eventers. I know you might be reading this and thinking hang in its only a match at the end of the card, but the main event has pure significant indicating that these are the best superstars the show has to offer. Baron Corbin simply is not….YET!



He has a great future in WWE as long as WWE uses him right and I can easily see him in the intercontinental championship contention within the next year or so. Just don’t but him in pointless feuds with the likes of Kalisto. That is a no starter pointless feud no-one wants to see. No offence to Kalisto as he is a great wrestler but I just believe he will be more suited to Luchadors Underground than WWE.

Corbin is improving all the time and I believe Vince is willing to push him at least up to the mid card scene. Just don’t push him too hard too soon as we all know that can mean disaster for even the best of superstars. Slowly build him up as a threat. Use the likes of Kane and Orton to put him over as this stage in either of their careers a loss will not hurt them. That is the smart way to move forward. Corbin should go on an underrated streak for a while and prove his dominance in the SmackDown roster which earns him a title shot down the line. I do truly look forward to seeing what Corbin is capable of in the future.


4. Does Anyone Really Care For Titus O Neil?

Anytime Titus comes on for a match is pretty much the time everyone goes for a break. It’s more of a commercial than, well, the actual commercials. My personal opinion on the guy is that he is one of the most boring guys on the roster. He has a lacklustre move set and has no skills on the mic whatsoever.

I don’t know where WWE is going with his character (what exists of it) and I seriously don’t think anyone is interested in the Darren Young feud either.


I used to believe Titus had a bit of potential but not anymore. The past few months have shown me that he is not a WWE calibre wrestler and that he will probably have a bit more success on the independents at this point in his career. I just don’t think there is a place for him in WWE anymore unless there is a dramatic change in character and a vast improvement in wrestling ability at least.

I don’t like to badmouth wrestlers ability and in ring performance but with Titus I think it’s particularly unavoidable.

Another thing to add, is Titus really doesn’t have a gimmick. He just has a boring strongman type of character. The likes of Kane, Brock and Wyatt this works well because they have great and well established characters but not with someone like Titus, he either needs sending back to the performance center and repackaging into an entire new gimmick and work his way up through NXT to the mainstream, or the last option is to release him because I seriously don’t see what WWE is getting out of keeping Titus under contract.

The way I see it, Vince is paying however many thousands of dollars a year for Titus, I have no idea what type of deal or money but I’d say probably $30,000 a year sounds pretty reasonable (to me) for a low calibre talent. I may be wrong but just let’s use that as an example. What is Vince getting in return? He is paying this for a talent who won’t be bringing in anywhere near that back in profit. Merchandise sales probably pretty much 0. I mean who’s going to buy a Titus O’Neil t-shirt seriously using their own money? I can’t really see what the advantages of keeping Titus O Neil under contract are all I see ia disadvantages:

  • Not enough merchandise sales
  • Very boring style of wrestling
  • In ring ability is pretty shocking for a WWE superstar
  • Mic skills pretty much obsolete

5. Can Shinsuke Nakamura Overcome The Language Barrier & Make It To Raw/SmackDown?

After defeating Samoa Joe at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn nearly 2 weeks ago to win his first NXT Championship, Nakamura has risen to the top of NXT in such a short time. He is one of, if not the most talented on the NXT roster currently. He has travelled the world and competed in Japan, USA, UK amongst many more countries and is vastly popular wherever he goes.

Now that he is Champion he will be the mainstay of NXT and he is going to be the man to beat. Assuming Joe doesn’t get called up to either Raw or SmackDown, he should get his contractual title rematch. Now whether that is going to be at the next TakeOver, or on their weekly show, we don’t know yet. As according to WWE, Samoa Joe is still not cleared to compete. Kayfabe or not I’m not sure right now.

So whatever happens next, Shinsuke is the champion right now and whether he continues his feud with Joe, or makes new enemies from the likes of Aries or Roodes or others only time will tell. But  after watching this week’s edition of NXT, I realised something. Nakamura’s English is not as bad as everyone makes out. Yes he has that strong Japanese accent which is hard to understand at times, but for the most part he has good English, he can follow a script and remember his lines, and by God he has fans!

Nakamura has a huge fan base that will no doubt transition with him from NXT to Raw or SmackDown, wherever he ends up when called up because he will get called up. Most likely after his title reign is over, a possibly rematch and loss potentially.


I think he will fit well on Raw more than SmackDown. But I do think he will struggle more on Raw or SmackDown with his language. You have such a larger audience to react to and win over, but I only think it will be a slight problem. He will overcome it and he will still be totally over with the crowd and listening to his entrance theme sung to him.
The potential for Nakamura on Raw is outstanding. Finn, Roman, Seth, Owens, Neville, Jericho and many more feuds which will be perfect and crowd worthy. As long as Nakamura can carry on working on his English and improving it he will have no problem whatsoever when called up to the main roster and I cannot wait to see him in a WrestleMania match. Without a doubt a dream match whoever his opponent.

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