While it may not have been one of the most hyped fights of Wrestle Kingdom 11 or the best fight of Tokyo Dome (that honor of course goes to the six star main event of Omega vs Okada). But one most important matches of the night for Ring of Honor was the World Heavyweight Title rematch from Final Battle between Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole. O’Reilly was coming off a huge win at Final Battle in the gruesome, hard fought match and seemed poised to have a great 2017.

The 6th match of the night, opened with what looked like Adam Cole adhering to the Code of Honor, but turned into him spitting on Kyle O’Reilly. The two traded hard blows and that turned into O’Reilly getting an arm bar and Cole getting a rope break. O’Reilly looked like a man possessed as the two traded holds. Cole tried to taunt O’Reilly with his BAYBAY chant but both times O’Reilly jumped on his back and choked him out. O’Reilly went up to the top rope but was thrown to the floor with a nasty spill by Cole, Cole finally got in his taunt.

Cole rolled out and grabbed a chair going after O’Reilly’s hurt shoulder with it. New Japan hardly ever does dq’s and the announcers compared it to playoff hockey where very little is called by the ref. Cole screamed at the ref that he does what he wants and the two got back in the ring. Cole worked on O’Reilly’s arm and the two trade stiff blows, Cole taunts O’Reilly saying he has always been better than him. O’Reilly starts to pick up steam working over various parts of Cole ending the rally by locking him into a kneebar. The two traded even stiffer blows the the excitement of the Japanese fans, who are known to enjoy harder hitting wrestling. The trades of hits ened with a hard knee to the side of Cole’s head both of them collapsed to the mat. Both men got up and tossed each other around the ring Cole hit The Last Shot for a two count.

Both noticeably frustrated they started throwing hard punches to each others heads quickly turning into what the announcers called a hockey fight. Both men bounced away from each other and hit each other with identical big boots to the face, they then repeated this same move two more times before both hitting the ground.

O’Reilly was first up hitting Cole with a Lights Out but only gets a two count because of his injured left shoulder. O’Reilly goes for the armbar Cole breaks out with some big stomps on O’Reilly. Cole hit a shining wizard to the back of O’Reilly’s head and then another Last Shot for a two count. O’Reilly got Cole into an ankle lock with a blocked kick and Cole broke out with a kick to the face of Kyle.

O’Reilly bounced off the ropes and went for a big boot but Cole ducked and hit O’Reilly with three superkicks. “Stay down” Cole screamed then kicks him again in the back of the head. Then Cole picked up O’Reilly and hit him with another Last Shot and went for the cover. After 11 minutes Adam Cole won his third Ring Of Honor World Championship, much to his and everyone else’s surprise, ending O’Reilly’s title reign at only three weeks.

The move came because O’Reilly has not resigned with Ring of Honor and while little is known about where he is going it seems most likely that it will be NXT. Cole has also been rumored to be interested but according to David Meltzer his contract doesn’t expire until May and he wouldn’t be able to talk to another company until then.