If you’ve arrived here, then it’s pretty certain that you keep up to date with the news and rumours in the pro wrestling industry. So you’ve probably heard that TNA is pretty much ready to be bought. As of writing, I hear they do not have the money for their PPV this weekend, as well as their TV tapings, therefore whatever’s going to happen, needs to happen by Friday latest (business day trading).

What would WWE get from the sale? The most important thing for WWE would be the extensive tape library on offer. TNA has all the tapes from their history and as many of TNAs Stars are now in WWE (AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and more), this would be a great opportunity for WWE to seize up. The future DVDs showcasing talents and exclusive content for the WWE Network would be massive.


The one thing that is pretty much guaranteed not to carry on is TNA as a wrestling company. Mainly due to the sheer amount of debt TNA are currently in. Vince would probably have to spend millions more on debts owed to wrestlers, contractors, possibly TV networks and whoever else TNA owe money to at this point.

Personally, I don’t like TNA and never have. I have tried to watch it but it just wasn’t for me. Now I’m not saying I want TNA to go out of business, a lot of people will lose jobs, but at this stage in the company, what else is left for TNA. They have been struggling for years. Making stupid decisions and spending too much money they haven’t got. The fact that a big wrestling company can’t afford a PPV they have scheduled is pretty embarrassing. If they can’t afford to produce a PPV how can they afford to pay the wrestlers.


This is where WWE comes in. Whoever is on the TNA roster at that time, WWE can sign them on (if all parties agree). However, there’s probably only a certain number of guys they can sign, try can’t take on the whole roster, so decisions would be need to be made.

I believe WWE buying TNA will be the best option, yes TNA will be gone, but it can live on forever on the WWE Network and have documentaries made, DVDs about the company as well as superstar DVDs. I’m not sure how it works but TNA also has a TV deal to showcase their weekly episodes. I’m not totally sure what happens regarding that. If WWE take that on, or they can cancel it, but if WWE is about to buy TNA and the sale goes through I’m pretty sure we will find out soon enough.


I don’t believe it’s financially viable for WWE to keep TNA going. Obviously WWE has money to throw around, and with much effort could probably turn TNA around into making a profit, eventually, but with the amount of debt that needs to be repayed, I believe that would be too costing for the future, as we all know the WWE brand is more important and needs to be focused on more than anything else.