Who will walk out of Raw the WWE Universal Champion?

One week ago after winning the Universal Championship at SummerSlam, it was confirmed that Finn Balor was injured in his match against Seth Rollins. He was to relinquish the belt in an emotional moment vowing to come back and win back what was his.

Forward to tonight’s Raw. A fatal four way for the championship. Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns vs Big Cass. So who’s going to walk out champion?

Roman Reigns

Obviously we all know about Reigns’ suspension and how he had to drop the title as he was suspended. That changed a lot of plans for the coming months. Apparently it was supposed to be Reigns vs Rollins in the main event of SummerSlam. However due to the changes, WWE was forced to move in another direction.


Since coming back from suspension Roman has been having a great feud with Rusev. According to sources online this is partly due to punishment aswell as a way to build Roman back up again. Which I personally think has worked damn well. Roman seems more focused and determined.

Although Roman is going to be in the fatal four way for the belt, I’ve got to say I don’t think he will win. It’s too soon for Roman to be the champ again. I’m not saying I don’t want him as champion because I do. But first of all have this feud with Rusev and build Roman up as a machine who will destroy Rusev. Plus I don’t think it will harm Rusev’ character too. Let Roman have a run with the US title and get back his followers and revitalise himself as the face he can be.

If WWE decides to put the belt on Roman it will be back to square one. His fanbase will soon run short again and will welcome the boos and “Roman sucks” chants. There’s nothing wrong with having Roman in the title match although, as he is a good wrestler and can hold his own in the main event but he should be just there to detract the audience from the real winner.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins makes a great champion. Theres no doubt about that. That’s why I think he has a great chance at winning tonight. He must be feeling pretty proud of himself (in kayfabe) for injuring Finn Balor leading to his relinquishing of the championship belt.

So now is Seth’s chance to become champion once again. This time he could have a long run as champion instead of his previous few minutes. Seth is great in the ring and has had tons of awesome matches in the past and this will be no exception. The only problem I see with Seth winning is who could he feud with after winning? It shouldn’t be Roman and if he pins Kevin Owens it should definitely lead to a feud. This is the only viable feud I can see right now. Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens. It just wouldn’t make any sense to bring in someone else who wasn’t involved in the championship match to feud with.


Although personally I would love to see Cesaro get a super push and to challenge Seth (if he wins). Cesaro needs to be in the main event. He is too good to stay on the mid-card. I appreciate his feud with Seamus but he could do so much more if paired with Rollins.

Out of the 4 contenders in tonight’s match I believe Seth Rollins is one of the two I believe is going to win. We shall find out tonight.

Big Cass

If Big Cass wins this I will be in absolute shock. It’s no secret that Vince likes Cass as a future main eventer. But that’s the keyword. “Future”. Not right now, in all honesty not for a good few years.


Big Cass in my personal opinion can make it as a future main eventer and champion but I feel he still has a hell of a lot to learn before he can get to that position. He is a talented wrestler but before he can move up his game he needs to improve his mic skills.

Atm Cass can get along perfectly fine being complemented by Enzo. Enzo Amore is one of the greatest of all time on the mic and this is one reason what makes the two a great tag team. Cass has a kind of dull, pale voice when talking on mic and that will seriously need to improve when he goes towards main event. Unless they use a manager for him like Enzo, but then again I would see that as Enzo being wasted.

Another point I’d like to throw out there is Cass hasn’t been pushed enough. Enzo and Cass are one of WWE’S greatest tag teams right now. The audience love them. It’s hard not too tbh. But, that’s where Cass needs to stay right now. The tag team division. Craft his skills on the mic and his in ring abilities to a top notch where he won’t be faulted and go for tag team gold. Then after tag champions once or even a few times then it maybe time to split the team up and then go for mid card titles just not the main championship.

Big Cass is nowhere near ready to be the face of RAW. Although he is well liked the position just would not fit him right now. I believe Cass is just a filler in this match to fill up the spaces.

Now onto who I fully believe will become the next WWE Universal Champion:

Kevin Owens

Owens is already a star. He has a very very bright future in WWE and I believe if he stays for his career, he is no doubt going to be a future hall of famer. Kevin is such an awesome wrestler whenever he’s wrestling you just don’t want to turn away as you might literally miss a MOTY.


Match up Owens with anyone on the roster and you’re gonna have a 5 star classic. Kevin Owens is such a great “bad guy” too. Whenever he is in backstage segments with others or being interviewed he is always entertaining. Most definitely one of the most entertaining on the roster.

Send Owens out to the ring with no script and 10 minutes of promo time and I believe he would certainly do himself justice. I don’t think Owens even needs a script to read from and that his character is just a natural part of himself.

Kevin Owens deserves this opportunity and deserves to be the next champion. He works his ass off in the ring and puts 110% into all his matches no matter who his opponent is. So Kevin Owens is who I believe will be walking out if Raw tonight as the Universal Champion. I’m pretty damn confident on this and as mentioned earlier on would start a great feud with Seth Rollins.


Chances of winning:

  • Roman Reigns – 10%
  • Seth Rollins – 30%
  • Big Cass – 18%
  • Kevin Owens – 42%

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