1.Who was the winner. SummerSlam or TakeOver?

In short NXT TakeOver Brooklyn won without a doubt. To start off. You have a 2 and half hour NXT event versus a 6 hour SummerSlam PPV.

SummerSlam had a 2 hour preshow which I personally think was quite unnecessary. 1 hour preshow is fine. 2 fifteen minute matches and the rest o the half hour preview the matches. That is plenty of time. 2 hours plus 4 hour PPV is just ridiculous. The audience isn’t gonna be interested by the 5th hour.

So SummerSlam had 3 no contests. New Day tag match, Roman vs Reigns and Brock vs Lesnar. (technically a tko).

What the hell was this PPV. The only decent match on the card was Cena vs Styles. Everything else was pretty rubbish.

Considering this is one of the big 4 it’s quite embarrassing that BattleGround was 10 times better than SummerSlam.

However, move on and take a look at TakeOver and you will realise that NXT knows how to put a show on. Quality matches with great wrestling. Every single match on the card was great.

You have a fantastic debut made by Ember Moon with a holy shit moment with her finishing move.

Bobby Roodes totally fantastic entrance. It was GLORIOUS. Bayleys emotional title match which was indeed her last.

The main event was awesome too can’t take away nothing from the entire PPV

NXT just knows what an audience wants and delivers 100% of the time.

2. Was Bayley called up to the right brand or should she have gone to SmackDown?

So this past Monday on RAW one of my personal favourite debuts happened. BAYLEY! If none of you know Bayley is one of my absolute favourites. But the question is. Would she be better suited to SmackDown or Raw.

No matter who Bayley is faced up against she puts a show on you won’t forget. The fact Bayley has been in NXT for so long has been great. Bayley is without a doubt one of the top 3 female wrestlers in WWE right now. Her fan base is very large and unique. Her skills in the ring are also second to none.


So on SmackDown you have the likes of Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch and Eva Marie for example. Alexa and Becky are a class act and the addition of Bayley for SmackDown in my personal opinion would kind of take away from the show a bit really.

The females on SmackDown I think need a lot more TV time with it being a 2 hour show (technically only about 80 mins runtime) they need as many matches as possible. So adding more females to SmackDown I don’t think is a good idea just yet.

Now Raw on the otherhand is the perfect fit for Bayley. For a start you have Sasha (currently out atm) and Charlotte. Another 2 top WWE female wrestlers. Bayley has wrestled these two many of a time in instant classics. Sasha vs Bayley from NXT Respect was voted as a MOTY.

Also, I believe Bayley can offer advice aswell as being a great wrestler. Dana Brooke for example. Sorry but she is absolute rubbish. When she wrestles she fucks up how many times? Too many to count. She needs to go back to NXT and learn properly. Bayley can sort of be her guide and hopefully get her to improve.

The day Bayley wins the belt I will actually cry lol.

3. Was the finish to the main event of SummerSlam planned or did Brock go off plan?

SummerSlam main event was Orton vs Lesnar. The match of the summer. Hyped and advertised for weeks and weeks around the world. 15 years in the making and let’s be honest we were expecting Lesnar to win. It was pretty damn guaranteed. However the way he won was a complete holy shit shocking moment.


Vicious elbows to the head which busted Orton right open. Blood pouring over the canvas and he looked down and out. What was the worst thing about this is that it seemed as if Lesnar had just lost it.

We all know wrestling is scripted and they know what’s going to happen. But here, it was so shocking because no-one would ever believe Orton or Vince would allow such a thing to happen.

Orton needed ten stitches to the head after the vicious assault on him. However this was indeed planned but it wasn’t supposed to happen in such a way  as it did.

There wasn’t supposed to be as much blood as there was and it wasn’t planned to be as extreme as it was but unfortunately that’s what happened.

It blurred the lines between kayfabe and reality which is a great thing for the audience but not for Orton.

He deserves total respect for taking the punishment off of Lesnar. It was very extreme and very hard to watch.

4. Are the new Championship belts introduced this week down to WWE being lazy?

This past week on SmackDown the two new Championship belts were unveiled to the WWE Universe.

The SmackDown Womens Championship and tag team championships.

Finally we are going to get our champions on the SmackDown brand and this should only intensify all the matches from here on in as they actually have something to fight towards now.I  like both of the championships which I know is an unpopular opinion.

Firstly the womens Championship. I think having the titles the same design is great. Yes the brands are competing but they don’t need completely different designs to make themselves stand out. The wrestlers will be doing that themselves. I like the design and the change of colours and it fits in with SmackDown.


Now the tag titles I absolutely love the blue coloured belts. I prefer these to the raw tag titles and they fit in really well. I can’t wait for the first champions. Hopefully either American Alpha or Slater and Rhyno.

Lastly the Universal Championship.

I’m not the biggest fan of it. It’s ok but as Seth said in a tweet recently. It’s not about what the belt looks like. It’s about what it stands for.

So to summarise all three championships. I believe yes it was a simple decision for WWE to create these titles as not much had to change design wise. I don’t believe it was WWE being lazy but as a chance for each brand to have similar championships. As not to emphasise one brand as more superior as another (although the universal Championship is a bit stupid of a name)

5. Was the Miz’ promo one of the best in recent years?

Hell yes! The sheer intensity of Miz’ promo was fantastic. You could see it in his eyes. I don’t think we all still know if this was 100% all a work but the fact that Miz uses emotional aspects of Bryans career make me think this was a worked shoot. Again crossing the lines between kayfabe and reality.

When Bryan walked off Renees face showed it all. It was a true what the fuck has just happened here and it was pure brilliance. I hope this turns into a rivalry between the two. No Bryan can’t wrestle any more but that’s not to say he still can’t interfere and such and have a great rivalry with The Miz. This could be the start of something great.



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