1. Has Roman Reigns improved overall since back from suspension?

Simple answer. Yes. I’ve had mixed feelings for Roman Reigns. I’ve never hated him, although after I found out he was suspended for violating the wellness policy. I had pretty harsh views on him.

He was the WWE Champion and had everything going for him and he just went and threw it all away and ruined everything he had going for him. I was pretty annoyed with him and what he had done.

However, it was this past Monday night on RAW where I’d seen a different Roman. An improved character as well as his mic skills vastly improving. I was pretty impressed. His feud with Rusev has greatly helped with this. Rusev is the guy that everyone hates so it’s common sense Roman will get some fan base back. Especially from the marks.


The match with Rusev on Raw was just under half an hour and it was a pretty damn good match. I was watching and thinking am I actually watching Roman Reigns and Rusev? Indeed I was. In my opinion Rusev is going to be a WWE Champion sometime soon. He has a great future in WWE.

WWE certainly made a great move by pairing Reigns up with Rusev and I can’t wait for their match at Summerslam if Raw was anything to go by it’s going to be a classic. Yes Roman was suspended for a violation of the WWE Wellness policy. McMahon would have been furious no doubt. Having his top star drop the title and suspended for 30 days isn’t going to make Roman or the company look good.

I believe Roman has now learnt from this. I believe he is now back on form and doing the best he possibly can and I respect that. Yes he fucked up but there’s nothing to say he won’t come back bigger, better and stronger and move towards the WWE title picture again soon.

I personally feel Roman has improved so much since his return and it might sound stupid saying this but I feel that his suspension may have been the best thing that could have happened to him.

2. Is Mick Foley the greatest General Manager of all time?

As Daniel Bryan would say, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Mick Foley is a hall of famer and one of the greatest legends in the business. He is one crazy bastard and at this point in his career, being the general manager of RAW is an absolute perfect fit for him. I won’t lie by saying I wouldn’t love to see him in one more match, but seriously I don’t think he’s up for it after everything he has endured during his career.

Facing off against SmackDown Live’s general manager Daniel Bryan is a great opportunity for both RAW and SmackDown. It feels as if there is true competition between the shows, this is what the draft has brought and it’s fantastic.


Mick is just pure comedy. He can have his serious moments but most of the segments you will see him in will involve a bit of comedy. Like Monday in Raw after speaking with Seth Rollins and suggesting he calls out the Demon King in the ring, then pulling out a walkie talkie and telling whoever is on the other end to play Seth’s music. Only Mick could make that feel a special and comedic money. It’s a simple thing but nonetheless the simple things make for great moments and this is what I love about Mick. I can’t fault anything he has done as a general manager so far. (Maybe forgetting his lines but hey the was a comedic moment too).

So where does Foley go from here? I personally don’t think he will wrestle again and I feel like he shouldn’t and stay in his general manager role. He seems really happy with how it’s playing out and he gets to be backstage again with everyone in WWE and see them develop and grow as performers.

I believe Mick will be here for the long run (hopefully) because him and Stephanie for that matter. Make a great team. Mick knows what’s best for business as Vince would say so for the time being he should play his role and play it to the highest quality he can and he won’t go wrong. Without a doubt the best general manager ever and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

3. Are WWE making fun of Heath Slater week after week?

For any normal viewer watching WWE every week, you would probably answer yes to this question. Because at first it does seem as if WWE are just mocking Heath. With the “Hottest free agent” segments every week where Heath somehow convinces management to compete for a contract as he was undrafted in the WWE draft last month.

However, if you look further into Heath since the brand split. He has had more segments than any other superstar on either shows, and has also appeared weekly on both RAW & SmackDown.

He has faced Jinder Mahal, Rhyno, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton and more.

To me this tells me one thing. Heath’s status in the company right now is a jobber basically. But he is a trusted and well respected member of the talent roster. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t be having so many segments week after week. He definitely has the respect of Vince, I mean after all Heath is a great wrestler and can work well with anyone.

I can see this segment carrying on for a while. I hope it does too because it’s brought some funny moments as well as helped progress storylines for other superstars. (E.g. the hellish beating Randy Orton gave out to make an example of him for Brock Lesnar).

What I’m looking forward to next is a future segment where he brings his “kids” to either Raw or SmackDown and uses them for another contract negotiation. Which will somehow work against Heath as it always does.

However, after saying all of that, I do want Heath to progress with the company and not just job for everyone. I think he can have a great program for the IC title. If Miz retains at SummerSlam I could definitely see that in his future it just depends how long the contract segments go on for and what’s next for him after that.

Heath is a great character and personally I would love to see him get pushed up the card, even to the WWE Championship scene someday. But for now. I want to keep enjoying these segments week after week. WWE certainly aren’t making fun of Heath. They’re bringing out his character and his fan base is improving.


4. Who is going to be the actual main event for SummerSlam?

So here we are a few days away from Summerslam and we have four potential matches for the main event:

  • Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor
  • Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar
  • Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler
  • Sasha vs Charlotte

So who’s gonna be top of the card?

Now, common sense tells you it’s going to be Ambrose vs Ziggler as they are competing for the WWE Championship. Which is the most prestigious belt in the company. It’s history goes back to the 1960’s and the calibre of champions who have held the belt is legendary.

However, WWE have been known to not use their common sense for, well, most of their time so this decision is kind of unknown right now.

Is Ziggler vs Ambrose going to be a great match? I believe so. I believe it will be one of the matches of the card but I don’t believe it will be the main event.

So we move on to Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship. This is a belt which we have no idea what it looks like yet. Although the rumours have been it’s going to be exactly the same as the WWE Championship. That will be blue and the universal red.

I can see this match being an absolute classic. Two fantastic workers in the ring together competing for what should be the 2nd most prestigious title in ths company but I feel because this title is going to be on Raw, their flagship show that WWE is going to try and prioritise this Championship over any other which is wrong, as I stated before with the WWE Championship. I personally feel that WWE is going to choose this to be the main event of Summerslam which personally I’m happy with but from a WWE point of view, it should always be the most prestigious title match in the main event.

Moving on to Orton vs Lesnar. I don’t care much for this match only because it’s Lesnar. I like Orton a lot but I can’t stand Lesnar. Please don’t let Lesnar go over clean or I’m going to hate this.

Now the only worry I have with this match is because it has been heavily advertised as the match of the summer. Not just in WWE, but in the UFC, along with tons of other media outlets that the spotlight will move onto this match as a possible main event.

I personally think it’s going to be a boring match on Lesnars side as it’s just going to be suplex and suplex and F5 and another suplex. Orton will carry Brock here so please don’t ruin the main event by putting this match at the top of the card. Thank you WWE.

The last and by no means least, Sasha vs Charlotte for the WWE Womens Championship. Now I know what I said before about the WWE title needs to be the main event put here is my exception. As far as I know the WWE Womens title has never main evented a PPV. The Womens division is on fire right now! With the likes of Charlotte, Sasha, Becky, Bayley, Alexa, Summer Rae, Carmella and many more.

I really believe now is the time for the Womens Championship to main event a PPV. Womens wrestling has changed a hell of a lot from 10 years ago. No longer are the matches considered a filler like previously thought upon. They are now some of the best matches on the card. Look at NXT Respect. The first ever Womens iron man match. Sasha vs Bayley which was the main event and won a match of the year award. That was such an emotional and fantastic match that truly shows how much the Womens division has evolved. Please Vince, give these fantastic women their chance in the spotlight. They will not fail you.

5. Will Mojo Rawley go far in WWE.

A month or two ago I would have said no. I like Mojo Rawley. But I personally felt in NXT there was just something he was lacking. I didn’t know what it was. Until now.

Now that he has been drafted to SmackDown I kind of see a new lease of life in him. A better attitude and a more focused wrestler in Rawley. This is what I like.

maxresdefault (1)

Being in the hype bros atm is ok but I feel Mojo has the focus and ability to make it far as a singles competitor. I would say a year and a half and he could be the IC champion and from there he only gets better.

I’m really liking his character and although SmackDown are lacking in the tag team division right now. I personally would like to see the Hype Bros split up. A potential first feud there vs Zack Ryder who is also a talented wrestler who I feel is being wasted as a tag team.

Mojo Rawley will one day be a WWE Champion. I’m calling it right now. Now he is a champion I would absolutely pay my money to see. He has such a great future in WWE as long as he doesn’t mess up.

I’ll be back next week with article number 3 in the series.


All images courtesy of wwe.com

David Mathie