Top 5 WWE Questions Of The Week

1. Could Kevin Owens & Jericho (JeriKO) be the greatest tag team ever?

Without a doubt! Owens & Jericho are perfectionists at what they do in their singles bouts let alone tag team matches. The pairing of these two the past few weeks has been fantastic to watch. Two great guys who the crowd love to hate. They do it perfectly. Their chemistry together is something WWE should keep going.



Im liking the rivalry of Enzo & Cass vs JeriKO (as I will call them from now on).

These two wrestlers pull out all the stops and do everything to turn the crowd against them (as they should).

What I think makes these 2 a great match is firstly, they are great wrestlers and any match if theirs is worth watching. You won’t be let down. Just look at an example of Owens’s match at BattleGround 2016. MOTY candidate. Secondly, they have some of the best mic skills in the business. When either two of these get on that mic you know you’re gonna be laughing or crying (with laughter).

I hope WWE keeps this going at least for a while because the comedy segments and matches they could have together would be awesome.

2. Where is Becky Lynch heading?

Atm I really can’t see what WWE are using Becky for. She is one of the most talented female wrestlers on Raw, SmackDown and NXT put together.

I understand it was Alexa’s debut on SmackDown and she needed the win to establish herself (plus it was her birthday would be mean if she lost) but Becky’s run lately is not good. It seems as if she’s getting buried week after week.

At least give Alexa a local competitor to face on her first debut to have a squash match and them job to her. Show what a strong impression she makes.


It just seems like WWE is not using Becky properly. She is so damn talented and she is definitely WWE Womens Champion material. So I just hope that her run of losses will end and WWE will start using her properly. The talented wrestler she is. She’s worth so much more than jobbing here and there. Becky is Championship material.

3.Do we miss chair shots?

Chair shots in the WWE are very rare these days. Other than this week’s SmackDown I can’t even remember the last time I seen one used. Now when we look back to the attitude era chsir shots were here there and everywhere. Personally I miss them because it makes the matches more interesting.


Obviously I agree with the decision to ban headshots with steel chairs. Health issues are a huge factor. Concussions, brain damage etc. So for good reasons I don’t think we should see chair shots I the head ever again in a WWE ring. The safety and the health of the wrestlers come first.

Saying that, I do think chair shots to the back can become more of a thing. Shots to the back are pretty damn safe and not a cause for concern. So I would like to see a bit more of these. Obviously not in every match or every episode but in storylines where it will be necessary.


4. Can Dolph Ziggler become the face of SmackDown Live?

Before the brand split Dolph was in pointless feuds and wasn’t being pushed the right way. That’s what is so good about the brand split. It gives opportunities which would not have happened before hand. Personally I like Ziegler and think he is a great wrestler and I think he is OK on the mic too.

Ambrose s Ziegler is going to be a great match because quite simply it could go either way. It’s one of those matches that you cant really predict. I believe if Ziegler pins Dean and wins the WWE Championship it would be great for his career and start to make people take him seriously. As pretty much no-one does right now. He is such a talented wrestler and I love his style so hopefully with the push he’s getting he will be winning the title at SummerSlam or sometime in the near future.


Just one superkick for Ziggler to become the champion. I don’t mind who wins this match too because it will open a lot of opportunities for other guys on the roster too. Should be a great match and I’m looking forward to seeing how far Ziggler can go.

5. Does Heath Slater have a place in the WWE?

Before the WWE brand split I didn’t really care for Heath Slater. Well tbh I didn’t really like him. But after being split from the social outcasts and looking back on his previous matches. I realise he is very talented and I actually love these segments where he’s aiming to get a contract and wrestles each week.


It’s a very enjoyable and short segment but it makes its point. I hope this can become a weekly thing where basically in the end he ends up getting a contract and used in the mid to uppercard. I believe he can be a WWE Champion someday soon if WWE invest in him enough

So to summarise, I definitely think Heath has a place and a bright future in WWE as long as they use him the right way and put him in the right feuds.


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