1. Should the suicide dive be banned?

At Clash of Champions, Cesaro went face on against Sheamus in a best of 7 series finale match to determine who would get a future title shot. Both men left everything in the ring in a match that stole the show personally. However, as good as the match was, there was one horrible unexpected moment.

Cesaro attempted a suicide dive through the middle rope towards the outside attacking Sheamus. However, it all went wrong, with Cesaro landing horribly on his head. It’s pretty difficult to watch. All in the name of sports entertainment. How Cesaro didn’t break his neck I’ll never know, it’s a damn scary moment.

After that, there has been call in the community for the move to be banned, like the curb stomp and piledriver have been. It’s not just this one incident. There have been numerous to date. Sasha also had a terrifying attempt at one a month or so ago back on Raw:

Again, this is pretty difficult and scary to watch as Sasha pretty much kills herself. We can’t forget the famous Lita incident either, we all know what happened there too. So is it time to retire the suicide dive?

Personally, I believe not. Yes it’s a high risk manoeuvre, but so are many other moves. Take Samoa Joe for example and his finishing move, which has been performed thousands of times on numerous guys before, yet the time Tyson Kidd was on the receiving end, he broke his neck. Or the time Vince broke his legs getting in the ring. It goes to show that accidents can happen with anything in the ring, not just the high risk moves. Maybe we could see less of them, or maybe the guys who have botched the moves a few times stay away from them until they’re confident enough.

If you take Ambrose, for example. He does a suicide dive in pretty much nearly every match of his and hasn’t gone wrong yet. He does a pretty safe version though with himself landing on his feet. ┬áMaybe that’s a way forward into a safer option. I don’t think it needs to be banned but those guys need to be careful and be safe in the ring.

2. What happens if Dolph loses at No Mercy?

The match is set in motion now. At No Mercy it’s going to be Miz Vs Dolph for the Intercontinental Championship in a title vs career match. If Dolph wins, he becomes the champion, however if he loses, his career in the WWE is over and he must leave. As Miz said, no going to Raw or NXT, no 30 day sabbatical, just an end to his career.


There have been plenty of career vs gimmick matches in the past where the guy whose career is on the line but somehow they always make their way back. Its been know for a while that Dolph hasn’t been happy with his position in the company for a while (before the brand split at least). Working pointless feuds and going nowhere. Since the brand split that has changed considerably.

Although, I can’t confirm this as fact but there is a story that Dolphs WWE contract is expiring soon. So if that is the case, then I see 2 options:

  1. Dolph wins the title at no mercy and dethrones Miz, hopefully has a long title run and reestablishes himself again.
  2. Or Dolphs contract expires and he is not resigning, so therefore this match is an actual Dolphs WWE career has come to an end, he will lose, say goodbye to the WWE, and either do something new or wrestle on the Indy circuit.


I think this match is going to be a great match, and I have the feeling that the latter is true, and we will see Dolph lose. I really hope I am wrong though as after everything I’ve seen from Dolph since the brand split, I have liked. For me personally he has become one of my favourites on SmackDown and the Dolph/Miz feud has been great.

3. Can Cesaro & Sheamus become a great team?

After the way their best of 7 series finale ended at Clash of Champions, Foley decided to put them together as a team, rather than have them compete again and nearly kill each other. Foley gave a damn impressive and emotional promo about the two as a team. The two guys hate each other and were sure they would win and get their Universal title shot. However, Foley never actually stated what title it would be for, so this makes a bit of sense.

Sticking these two together as a team in an attempt at taking on The New Day for the Raw World Tag Team Championships is going to be a strange one. There’s no doubt that both of these are talented wrestlers and are two of the best on the roster, but there’s also that hate between them and that I’m better than you, try to do better than that competition currently going on with them.


These guys don’t want to be in a tag team together, they want a singles Championship title shot but it looks as if that’s not going to happen, anytime soon at least. So for now, they’re gonna have to stick at this and work with each other. As hard as that seems I think it’s actually a great idea. These two guys work great in a match against each other, the hate towards each other will bring in a, strange but good chemistry. Each of them will try to one up the other. If Cesaro boots a guy, Sheamus will boot him harder, if Sheamus clothesline hard, Cesaro will near decapitate a guy. This will add effect and drama to their matches as well as being damn funny. I never thought this would be the outcome of the best of 7 series, but I think it’s the perfect way to go and I hope they can won the tag team championships and prove how good a tag team on Raw really can be.

4. Will John Cena tie Ric Flairs record?

Ric Flair, one of the greatest the industry has ever known. The 16 time world champion. Woooos that can be heard around arenas worldwide. The man’s done it all. The question is, can John Cena match his record.

As it stands, Cena is a 15 time World Champion, with only 1 more title win to tie with the great Flair, a record no-one ever thought could be, would be, and should be broken. It should, and John Cena should be the one to tie, and break the record.


The closest competitor to Cena who could break the record is Triple H, with 14 World Championships. Bit with his position in the company right now, I can’t see him winning another World Championship, I definitely see him wrestling again just not holding another Championship. As he has NXT to focus on and whatever else behind the scenes. Triple H doesn’t need it and neither does John Cena but he should be the one to get it.

Cena should be the one to break Flairs record. Making his debut in 2002, looking back and seeing how far he has come, Cena has been the face of the company for the past 10 years pretty much. Love him or hate him, but you’ve got to respect him and is one of the hardest workers in the business. He will go out and put on a high calibre match, giving everything has. As well as go out and sign autographs, visit make a wish children, donate to charity, make special appearances and so much more. No one has worked harder than Cena these past 10 years.


We are in a new era of professional wrestling, and more specifically, WWE. The days of old are gone, the old steel cage, the grainy TV shows, and the body slam finishers. Everything has changed and we need to look to the future. In 20 years time, Fathers will be telling their sons about the legendary John Cena. I hope Cena gets his chance. He is a great champion and a fighting champion at that. He is the only legitimate guy who should ever defeat the record, then in another 10 years time there may be someone else who comes along and goes down the path of greatness towards that goal! Only time will tell.

5. Sasha vs Charlotte in HIAC?

The Womens revolution, the best thing to happen to Womens wrestling in decades, and it was a long time coming. Womens matches are no longer those filler matches to waste time in a show because they had nothing else to show, they are now a lot of times, the spectacle and fan favourites of the show. Which is just great. I look forward to seeing what they have to offer and what’s going to happen going forward.

We’ve already seen women main event a PPV. Yes it was a TakeOver, not a WWE main PPV, but that doesn’t takeaway from the fact. In 2015 two women, Sasha & Charlotte were the main event on a PPV. Think about that for a moment and let that actually sink in. How times can change. We are now in a time were women’s wrestling matters a hell of a lot as much as the men’s. They can also quite often put on better matches than the men, depending on who’s wrestling or course.


So this brings us to hell in a cell next month. Common sense tells us we’re going to see Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship inside the demonic structure. However, I’d much prefer to see Charlotte vs Sasha for the women’s Championship. The boundary for hitting new highs with the women is still being raised each and every time. This could be an opportunity ready and waiting to happen, the story is already there, with Dana Brooke constantly interfering to help Charlotte win matches, so this is where the HIAC comes into play.

This could be the start of gimmick matches with one of the best. Why don’t we get to see ladder matches? Or no DQ matches or even a good old Street fight with the women. If they’re meant to be all equal and everything then surely the way forward is to add gimmicks to matches now again to add to the prominence.



Done right, Sasha vs Charlotte could be a MOTY, now I’m not saying there needs to be crazy bumps off the cell, just some good wrestling, using the cell to their advantages and some nice spots with a 25 minutes + match. That’s all I ask. If I get that I will be more than happy. So onwards and upwards with the women’s division.