Is Dana’s In-Ring Ability Getting Worse?

This is something I thought about this week, and previous week’s. If I’m honest it’s something I’ve thought for a while which I think needs to be brought up to our attention. Why on earth is Dana getting worse? Because she is. Everytime she is in the ring lately, she botches moves, misses spots, and just acts as if she doesn’t know what she’s doing. This makes her look really bad, but also makes Charlotte, Hayley and whoever else she’s competing against which is not a good look. Especially considering WWE Raw is showcasing some of the best wrestlers in the world and you have Dana Brooke.

This isn’t the Dana Brooke we all know though. She is a damn talented wrestler, so I don’t know what the hell is going on. I personally went back and searched her on the network, and watched some of her singles matches in NXT. She’s damn talented in the ring. Watching those NXT matches, her timing was perfect, there were no botches, her transitions were smooth and she wrestled damn good. So what the hell has happened to her?


I think the lack of matches hasn’t helped her develop and has basically gone in reverse. As much as I love her as Charlotte’s protégé, a role which really suits her character, I think she needs to part ways with Charlotte and focus on her singles career. She has a great deal of talent which is totally being wasted right now and is making her look pathetic on TV.

Today, watching breaking ground again and you can see how dedicated she is to WWE, and to professional wrestling. It’s something she breathes for, and it’s her dream to be in that ring. She gets emotional talking about it as anyone who has ever been involved with the industry would understand.

Move her away from Charlotte, send her back to the performance centre for a month or so to work on her skills then bring her back and see what she is capable of as a singles competitor.

Where was TJ Perkins?

After winning the Cruiserweight Classic last week and becoming the new WWE Cruiserweight champion you would at least think he would show his face on Raw wouldn’t you? No?

Well Vince doesn’t. Obviously it’s not TJs fault, Vince makes the decisions and having the decision to not debut TJ on Raw was a bad one. He is the current face of the division and needs to show himself and his new Championship belt.


Obviously we had a fatal four-way for the number one contendership for the title. But let’s remember, the CWC was on the WWE Network, not everyone has the network. There are going to be fans that have no idea who TJ is and how the hell he is a champion. This all needs context.

Everything felt rushed. It was supposed to be a fantastic debut, the Cruiserweights have been advertised for weeks, and instead it all just felt rushed, so the match get them out of the way and move on. Although Mick Foleys nearly 10 minute introduction didn’t help. Hopefully it gets addressed better towards the future.

Will The Final Seamus vs Cesaro match have a stipulation?

Clash of Champions will present to us the final match in the best of 7 series, currently tied at 3-3, Cesaro has made a great comeback, and has played his back injury and the psychology around it really well.


I believe the final match needs to have a stipulation though. Not saying it has to be a hell in a cell or anything extreme as that, a street fight, or even a ladder match. Actually a ladder math makes sense. It can hold a briefcase with a future title shot contract in. This would add a lot more depth and significance to the match. It would also be a pretty good match. Cesaro & Seamus work really well together in the ring and this is something I would like to see.

We’ve seen 6 singles matches from the 2 now, so top the feud off with a ladder match and end it there and then. Move both guys onto new feuds and whoever wins push them towards a title shot in the near future. I hope Cesaro wins because he really needs a damn push.

What’s next for Dolph Ziggler?

I don’t believe this rivalry is far from over, not just yet. Dolph has been defeated twice in recent weeks, two title opportunities at Backlash and a rematch on SmackDown. Both times Dolph failed to recapture the Intercontinental Championship.

However, dirty tactics were used in Miz’ title defences, firstly at Backlash, Maryse sprayed Dolph with something in the eyes causing him the loss, then on SmackDown Maryse got banned from ringside but Miz had a spray and got him again.


Dolph needs a third and final rematch in a steel cage at No Mercy. Apparently there are rumours this is already the plan and I hope so because it will be a great match, and add more prestige to the Intercontinental Championship. Miz is a great champion who we all love to hate, bit I think it’s time for Dolph to recapture it and give him a much-needed push and an opportunity once more.

Dolph is really talented and in recent months, before the draft was being used so badly in pointless feuds that no-one even cared about. Now people actually care, the audience now roots for Dolph and want him to overcome all the odds, and beat the hell out of Miz.

How is Aaliyah Progressing In NXT?

The guys who run the show must see some potential in Aaliyah, they wouldn’t have her wrestle on an NXT TV show if they didn’t believe in her. The last I seen of her was in Breaking Ground where she was coming up with ideas for her entrance. Nice to see a few things have changed but I was disappointed in her entrance walking to the ring. It did seem a bit rushed. If I hadn’t known her opponent was Billie Kay, I wouldn’t have known if she was a baby-face either.


Her in ring ability is not the greatest either, but as I’ve said in previous posts, NXT is developmental and all of these guys are learning as they go along. I’ve got a lot of hope for Aaliyah and I think she can bring a great character to the ring.

She definitely has a lot of potential, and I can see a future for her in WWE, it’s just going to take time for her, I don’t think she will progress as fast as others, but will progress nonetheless. With a lot more training and improvements in her skills I can’t wait to see what WWE has in store with the Aaliyah character and look forward to seeing her on a weekly basis sometime soon.