1. Is the feud between Cesaro & Sheamus interesting enough?

The best of 7 series between Cesaro & Sheamus for me, started off as one of those “oh another one of these match after match after match weekly feuds again”. I immediately thought the worst. Don’t get me wrong, both of these guys are very talented in their own unique style but I just thought seeing them week after week on TV was going to be boring. Especially as it was going to be a Cesaro vs Sheamus in straight singles matches 7 weeks in a row. I was pretty convinced it was going to be Cesaro wins, Sheamus wins, Cesaro wins, Sheamus wins ( you get the picture). However, the way WWE have played this feud out was a bit unexpected, so therefore I have been more invested in the feud and look forward to what’s going to happen next.


Why is this? Well, the way Cesaro has been injured with his back makes it sure seem like he is down and out. As of writing this article Sheamus is leading 3-0. I was not expecting this, but this is the best way to have planned this feud. After Cesaros injury Sheamus has been empowering Cesaro and taking cheap shots to his back to emphasise, he doesn’t care what he does, and will do as much damage to Cesaro as it takes to win this series.



The past Monday night on RAW this was really emphasised. The way Sheamus focused on Cesaro’s injury and as short as the match was, the psychology behind it was brilliant. That’s what really got my attention back in the feud and I was loving it. Cesaro sold the hell out if it too.

What does this mean now for Cesaro? Well he is 3-0 down with a potentially severe injury putting him out of action (in kayfabe) but he is fighting strong and he won’t back down. The winner of this best of 7 series will receive a championship title shot in the future. This is something Cesaro cannot back down from and it will help cement his status in the WWE as a serious contender.

The 4th match in this series is going to be at a WWE live event in London tonight, 07-09-16. The fact that this math is not going to be on WWE TV also makes me want to know what the hell is going to happen. I’ve got to believe that WWE will either upload this match to their YouTube channel or to the Network, as it’s a great feud which should not be missed for the general audience. It would be a bit confusing knowing Sheamus/Cesaro got the win and not having the footage of what went down. So again this feud is seriously getting interesting now. Edit: Cesaro has won the 4th match in the series in London. Here we go with ge ultimate comeback!

Lastly, this feud, the way it stands as it is, Cesaro down 3-0 (at time of writing) is the chance WWE need to get the fans behind Cesaro. He’s not had the best of runs lately and is definitely not being used to his full potential in WWE. With his injury he is now the underdog in the series, and this is WWEs moment to show Cesaro can prevail through injury, use his passion towards that step forward towards the title and focus what he is fighting for. This is the way to build Cesaro up again to be a serious contender for the main event picture. Which he is, Sheamus has been doing a fantastic job too in this feud. A feud which I never thought would interest me in the way it has.


2. Was Sasha’s ‘Bad News’ A Perfect Swerve?

After seeing what Sasha had to say this past Monday on RAW, it felt like I was watching an episode of Swerved! I was for sure 99.9% Sasha was going to announce her retirement from professional wrestling there and then, due to serious injury. I was pretty scared what Sasha was about to say. I couldn’t imagine the women’s division without Sasha as she has done so much for the revolution, and is such a talented superstar.Also, I couldn’t have handled watching another talented in ring competitor announce their retirement due to injury, it’s a sad moment when anyone has to retired he to unexpected injury. 


Sheer happiness came to me after I found out it was a swerve! The bad news Sasha had, was for Charlotte, and that she should watch out because at Clash of Champions, Sasha would be coming back for her title! Thank God! Sasha you seriously had me worried for a moment there!

Now, it wasn’t just the tweet and announcement Sasha would be on Raw with bad news that made me scared for what she was about to announce. It was the way she walked. The way she looked, Sasha’s facial expressions and her promo. She talked of how much she loved the business and how far the women’s division has come, how she loved being a apart of it and how much the business means to her. How she saved up as a kid to go to WWE events and that being in this ring was her life.


Sasha talked with such emotion in her face, tears coming to her eyes. That wasn’t fake one bit, yes, her promo was scripted but that was pure emotion in her eyes and that’s what made the situation so much scarier. Just how believable she made it seem. Sasha is a fantastic wrestler and is so damn talented and after watching what I had just seen. Her mic skills and how she can work the audience so huge that even the crowd was chanting “please don’t go”. The entire WWE Universe got swerved.

We truly got worked by such a believable act of emotion and it was great. The past few weeks in WWE have been some of the greatest in a long while and there have been many segments (including Sasha’s) where the line between kayfabe and reality has been blurred. This makes for great viewing.


It has us asking, hang on a minute, is this genuine or are we being worked because I truly don’t know. Now when you have to ask yourself that question, that’s when you know that the WWE, or any other promotion, for that matter, along with their wrestlers have done what they intended to do. That’s when you know, you wanna tune into the product you’re watching week after week to find out what’s going to happen next. So WWE thank you for what you’re doing and keep it up.

3. Could Heath Slater & Rhyno Become The Next Greatest Tag Team?

Obviously I’m not a writer for WWE, but if I was, I would go directly up to Vince and tell him we need Heath & Rhyno as the SmackDown tag team champions. It needs to happen. They are pure gold when they are on TV together aswell as putting on some great matches. Before Chad Gable being out injured and American Alpha unable to compete at Backlash this week (due to a brutal attack by The Uso’s, I would have loved a match between Alpha and Slater & Rhyno. I just don’t particularly like The Uso’s. Just personal opinion really.


However, Heath & Rhyno are one of the funniest (and oddest pairings) of tag teams in recent memory. Heaths “family” and his 7-8 kids, how he is trying to get a contract to support his family. His above ground pool and his relationship with Rhyno are pure comedy. Since the draft Heath has had more segments on TV, Raw & SmackDown than anyone else on the entire roster, that’s got to tell you he’s an important member of the roster and there are plans for him. Hopefully big plans. Come on Vince! 

I hope the plan is for them to win the tag titles at Backlash. I can see Heath & Rhyno becoming a kind of Edge & Christian type tag team. Popular, funny, totally over with the crowd and just so entertaining to watch. Surely the USO’s will be feuding with American Alpha so I would prefer for them to not win the tag titles.


On a last note, it’s got to mean something when Heath Slater can get Daniel Bryan booed, Bryan being one of the most over talents in the company and he got booed a few weeks ago on SmackDown by the entire audience. That’s just awesome and great to watch. It shows how over and popular Slater is with them.

4. Is Backlash Dolph’s Last Chance At Redemption?

What happens to Dolph after Backlash if he loses against The Miz. He has a championship opportunity for the Intercontinental championship and I honestly think he can’t afford another loss in his career right now, especially another title opportunity he has failed to win.

Before the brand split he was in pointless feuds no-one cared about on Superstars or Main Event (can never remember which is which). I never cared for him, or even bothered to watch his matches. Although I like him as a talent I just couldn’t bear watching him go through shit like that. He’s worth so much more. Although, since the draft, Dolph has become prominent again and an important part of the SmackDown roster once again. As a previous world champion, Dolph is very talented, and not through Dolphs own fault but be hasn’t had that many great feuds due to creative having nothing for him. This is where the brand split has helped push Dolph towards meaningful feuds and gain more of a following again. Also put him into the spotlight he deserves.


Things need to change. Dolph needs this win at Backlash to get him back in the picture. He needs a championship to define his position in the WWE and that he isn’t a has been and still has something worth fighting for in WWE. Because let’s face it. The last few years noones really cared for what Dolph has done. But now, there is a new Dolph. A new Dolph with fighting spirit and the passion to become champion. A Dolph with a chance to become Champion again. So this match is a match that Dolph can’t afford to lose, otherwise, well what happens then?

Along with the WWE Universe questioning Dolphs potential and basically what’s left of his career, Dolph should be questioning himself if he loses. He had a WWE Championship opportunity at SummerSlam, while giving everything he got it just wasn’t enough and Dean Ambrose defeated him. What will it say about him if Miz defeats him.

Not that losing to Miz will be embarrassing of any sort as Miz is a talented wrestler himself, however, for the state of Dolphs wrestling career and his own sanity it will be very embarrassing. What will he turn to next. Will he be known as the man who can’t reach the next level? Will he give up? Who knows but the only thing I do know is Dolph needs this win to progress to the next stage of his career and I sincerely hope he does.


If Dolph loses at Backlash I fear it will be a move back down the card again. Back to the pre show or even worse. Let’s just hope that WWE can see a better future in Dolph and go forward with him as the new Intercontinental champion. Plus, it will only enhance his feud with the Miz with his entitled rematch clause.

How Far Can Ember Moon Go In The Womens Division?

If you ask me, Ember Moon is going to be the one to defeat Asuka for the NXT Womens Championship. Then once she’s spent some time in NXT she will be called up to Raw. Ember is so damn talented.

This is what I love. Obviously Ember probably could have made her debut 6 months ago, but I like what WWE have done and not done that. They have held her back to make sure she is completely ready, and damn she is. After her debut on TakeOver a few weeks ago and her match on NXT at Full Sail, even just after two watches you can tell she is one of the most talented on the roster. Ember has perfected her in ring ability in all her training, you can tell she has worked hard to get to where she is now and the fans already love here! She couldn’t have had a better start to her career in NXT.

After watching her two matches since her debut it’s clear to say Ember will go far. She has a vicious, get things done style of wrestling, but at the same time she can perform high-flying, go technical and I can’t wait to see what else she has. Embers finisher is a holy hit moment when seeing it performed. It’s a kind of top rope corkscrew stunner! It’s fucking awesome! I’d like to offer a name for her finisher too, if he hasn’t already got one, I’m going to personally call it The Dark Side Of The Moon!


As I said earlier, I believe Ember Moon is the only female on the NXT roster right now who is capable and talented enough to challenge Asuka for her Women’s Championship. First she needs to make her self known and has already made a huge impact so I think Asuka will have her on her radar. Ember Moon vs Asuka could have a chance to be an awesome feud. Two vicious, physical and talented females face to face. Ember Moon could be the one to actually do what Bayley couldn’t and defeat Asuka and would make an absolute worthy champion. I’m excited about Ember Moon and her future. Right now I believe only Asuka and Ember are the only two females on the roster who would be ready to be called up to the main roster, I know after only seeing 2 matches I already believe she is capable enough.


Once called up to WWE, I know it will happen, but she has to hold the NXT championship first, seeing her in matches against the likes of Bayley, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Alexa or Sasha would be phenomenal. I’d prefer a Raw call up just because I think she could have great feuds and better matches with the women of Raw. Especially Charlotte if Ember would be face.



Safe to say I’m totally looking forward to Ember Moons future. I believe this is what they should do with all the women, and men for that matter. Wait until they are 150% ready for NXT TV and you won’t be let down. Ember has left me wanting more and I hope she is on NXT every single week, able to build herself up as an unstoppable force, Asuka will have to step in then! Can’t bloody wait!


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