The weekly column in which I ask 5 questions I think need to be answered for the WWE universe. Here’s this week’s 5:  

          1. What’s happening to the women’s division on Smackdown?

All in all this week’s Smackdown Live offerings of the women’s division was pretty damn unacceptable. First of all Smackdown only has 6 women wrestlers. 4 of them were involved in “matches”.  I put matches in quotes because they weren’t even that. Wasn’t worth the TV time at all. The first one. Never took place due to an “injury” and the second due to Carmella being attacked beforehand.145_SD_08022016mm_0837--f25deb743bd92afd9257731936c7fa5b

Now fair enough WWE if you want to propel storylines then that’s fine by me but not this way. At list give the women their matches and not throw them out of the window like it’s trash. Women’s wrestling is the best it’s ever been so don’t just give them a crappy 2 minute spot where the match he is thrown out the window. Seriously the women’s division should have either been ALL women on Smackdown or Raw, it just isn’t going to work the way it is on Smackdown at least, RAW is another story. 

          2. What’s Bray Wyatt’s future?

I’m really glad Bray has been drafted as a singles competitor to Smackdown as he can be a legitimate World Champion soon and I hope sooner rather than later. I genuinely thought Bray would win on Smackdown this week and replace Ziggler. But then again I guess it wouldn’t make sense to give Ziggler the title shot and take it away next thing. So I’m kind of glad WWE didn’t do that. Plus I’m glad Ziggler is getting a push once again, I do personally think he deserves it.

Bray is a legitimate threat to any member of the roster and when his title shot comes it’s gonna be great. But just where is he heading now?

After the fallout from the match on Smackdown it looks like it’s gonna set up a tag match between Ziggler and Ambrose against Wyatt and Rowan. Which is only going to put Ziggler and Ambrose over as a team who cannot work well together. So I don’t see where Bray is going? I’d love for him to go for the Intercontinental championship once the Miz/Crews feud has finished or even interject himself into it.

Bray_Wyatt_Pro (1)

I just really can’t wait to see Wyatt with gold on him. It will suit his character perfectly and he will definitely be a great champion who wrestlers will fear and want to loathe. 

          3. Is Roman Reigns being punished by Vince?

Before Roman Reigns’ wellness policy violation he was the WWE Champion and the face of the company and showed no signs of losing the title at least for the short term.

So, Roman gets suspended for 30 days and returns at Battleground taking a clean pin from Ambrose.

It’s been well sourced around the web that Vince was really displeased with Roman, after all as the WWE Champion he is a role model and the top guy, the face of the WWE. So he returns and now looks to be starting a feud with Rusev. While many see this as a demotion in itself just think what it means for Romans future.

Rusev is a top bad guy. Everyone hates him. He does a great job. USA chants every match (even when Canadians are in the ring). Roman is supposed to be a face but has been getting mixed reactions but majority boos lately.

Roman-Reigns-Rusev (2)

Putting Roman against Rusev is only going to do one thing for Roman. Improve his standings with the fans. Rusev will always be booed as long as he’s the bad guy. So Roman is going to get cheered. This is a smart move by WWE. Obviously they don’t want to ruin Romans career, which after his violation was a possibility with his already negative fan reaction. With him being the WWE Champion it also goes to show it doesn’t matter who you are. Champion, legend or new up and coming star. You violate the policy and you’re getting suspended. 

          4. Ziggler getting a push?

Being honest im loving the fact that Ziggler is getting a push for the title. This is the great thing about the brand split. It gives more superstars more opportunities and time to shine. More TV time, more matches and a greater fan following.

I think Ziggler can be a genuine threat to Ambrose’s championship reign. Especially after him defeating Wyatt. It is building him up well.

If I’m gonna guess I’m gonna say the ending to the Ziggler vs Wyatt match is going to result in a tag match next week. Ziggler and Ambrose team up and conflict with the match ending with Ziggler super kicking him leaving his body on the floor staring down at him and looking for the title. 


          5. Is Sasha worthy as champion?

Now this was one of the best moments Raw has had for a long time. I’ve rooted for Sasha ever since I seen her in NXT. True great talent and great mic skills too.

However when moved up to the main roster WWE treated her badly and severely under used her to the point he was off tv for months.

This was just unacceptable as Sasha is a main event talent. So when she came back to tv she was going all for it for Charlotte’s championship. Charlotte and Sasha work so damn good together. That title match where Sasha won I’m not ashamed to say I cried. I felt the emotions because it wasn’t just about winning the title. I had seen the photo of Sasha as a kid standing infront of a WWE ring. Becoming a wrestler was her dream and now infront of millions of her fans, friends and family. Sasha is the WWE Women’s Champion. Truly a spectacle. Just read Mick Foley’s blog to see how emotional of a moment it was. Sasha definitely deserves this belt. I just cannot wait to see how she goes as champion.

195_RAW_07252016rf_2687--fe555ec8c1c82a3a09a5880c6a7305e5 (2)

So is Sasha a worthy champion? To quote someone you may have heard of: “YES! YES! YES! YES! Yes!”

Keep checking back for the top 5 questions my new weekly column.

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Article written by David James Mathie

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