I’m going for a bit of a change, usually I would write-up my top 5 WWE questions of the week. However I’m changing it to this week in WWE. Giving my thoughts and opinions on what’s gone on in Raw, SmackDown, NXT and PPV.


So Survivor series has 3 Raw vs. SmackDown traditional Survivor Series matchups at the PPV and this encompassed the majority of Raw & SD’s storylines this week, both ended up being pretty good shows.


Stephanie announced that Seth Rollins was to be the 5th member of team Raw for the men (although who else could it have really been). So we have Owens, Jericho, Rollins, Reigns & Braun Strowman. A pretty interesting mix up of guys, when you include two former Shield members, Roman & Seth. You have Owens and Rollins who hate each other, Jericho who will accompany Owens then you have Braun Strowman who is, well, Braun Strowman. Do I need to say anymore? It’s going to be pretty interesting how these 5 guys are going to handle working together at Survivor Series.

So Noam Dar finally makes his debut in his hometown of Glasgow, glad to see he’s finally got to Raw and I expect good things from him. Seen what he was capable of in the Cruiserweight Classic, he is a very talented individual. Although I do disagree with having him lose, on his debut in his hometown. The only plus point is he didn’t get pinned personally and he stood tall at the end of the segment after Brian Kendrick attacked Dar, possibly leaving the door open for his first feud.


I’m still not to keen on the Cruiserweight Division but I guess it’s here to stay and hopefully it grows on me. I hope so because these guys are damn talented and I want them to shine and I want to care about these matches rather than being a filler (for me personally).

Let’s just get this out the way, we get two video packages on Raw this week, one from the perspective of Goldberg & the other Brock. To tell the truth at first I wasn’t really interested in this match but as the weeks have gone by I’m starting to feel like I want to see this match now. Their first meeting was an utter disaster. Let’s hope they can learn from that and improve a hell of a lot and put on a show. I just don’t know if I can see Goldberg coming back after 12 years to lose to Brock Lesnar though, unless he’s got a pretty big payday.


So we get all the tag teams come out who are on team Raw for the tag elimination match at Survivor Series. Cesaro & Sheamus are by the best here and they are the best tag team on Raw right now. Just the unusual pairing, the comedic moments and the constant trying to one up each other makes them great to watch. Other than that this segment went on way too long. Also Gallows & Anderson got a win over The New Day. No idea what WWE is doing with them. They are one of the best tag teams but WWE is just not using them to their full potential, nowhere near.


I’ve gotta give it to Glasgow, one of the best crowds in a long time. The women are in the ring introducing all competitors. The reaction Bayley got was absolutely incredible. Bayley couldn’t get a damn sentence out because of the crowd. It was awesome. It just goes to show how over Bayley really is and how much she is loved by everyone, that Glasgow crowd was as AJ would say, phenomenal.


That had to be a pretty emotional moment for Bayley too, the sheer volume of the crowd and the fact they were cheering for her non stop gave me goosebumps. A definitive fan favourite along as she’s in the WWE that’s for sure.

Zayn is battling for the Intercontinental Championship after defeating Rusev for the opportunity. Dolph Ziggler vs. Zayn could potentially steal the show at Survivor Series but I don’t see the IC title making its way to Raw, it doesn’t make any sense but then again its WWE and as we know anything can happen. But I’m really looking forward to this match, a potential 5 star match, these two are great in the ring and I think they made the right choice by not going with Rusev.


So Roman, Jericho, Seth, Braun and Owens face off in the fatal 5 way. I enjoyed the table spot and the Roman-Seth working together, for now. Strowman is a monster whose pretty damn unstoppable and its going to be interesting to see his role in the Survivor Series matchup. Especially as Bray Wyatt is on team SmackDown.

We are getting both Goldberg & Brock Lesnar on RAW next week, which will certainly be interesting the last Raw before Survivor SmackDown


Pretty much the same as Raw, in which team SmackDown come down to the ring, even Ellsworth. Yes, he’s in Glasgow too. So Ellsworth gets to be the team mascot for team SmackDown. 2 things could happen there.


  1. He messes up and ends up interfering and losing the match for team SmackDown
  2. Or he has a run in with Braun Strowman, the match that made him famous, setting up a Strowman vs. Ellsworth 2 match, although a serious one this time.

It was announced later in the show that Shane is now in team SmackDown which is going to be great, he always puts on a great show whenever he wrestles so I expect something big to happen, however, I don’t get the logic of taking Baron Corbin out of the picture.


He tears Kalisto to pieces who is now fighting for the Cruiserweight Championship at Survivor Series, if Kalisto wins that will just make the title look damn weak having Kalisto win it. I really hope that’s not the route they’re going as that’s pretty stupid if it happens. Hopefully Corbin gets a good feud soon as he is deserving of one.


Becky vs Alexa was a great match, although the ending was a bit confusing. Alexa tapped although she had her leg on the rope so that made the decision void. But the ref didn’t see the rope break, Shane and DB acknowledged this, so I think it’s safe to say Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch at the TLC PPV. I hope so as they can put on  great match. Alexa has untapped potential, every match she wrestles better, her character is perfect and she even has great mic skills. Alexa has come so far since her days in NXT and her main roster debut.


Moving on to SmackDowns main event where Kane & Ambrose just completely refused to tag in Ellsworth as if he wasn’t even there, until the end of the match in which he tagged himself in, went for a superkick and ended up in the sister Abigail from Bray Wyatt. Ellsworth is a great character but I’m wondering where its going.

Is Ambrose going to take it out on him. Kane too? As He pretty much lost the match for them. I don’t know what’s going on with Orton either, joining the Wyatt Family, it’s just not like him and I see a betrayal coming down the line soon, potentially at Survivor series too.


So The Authors of Pain are in the final of The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament. Seriously? What the fuck is going on here? Authors Of Pain over Gargano & Ciampa. Do they seriously think Authors Of Pain will put on a great match at TakeOver? I don’t. If it ended up Ciampa & Gargano in the final, the match at TakeOver could have ended up being a 5 star classic. But not now. I really don’t agree with this result whatsoever. Their opponents either TM61 or SAnitY.

TM61 was the right choice for the second team in the final, but if I’m honest I’m not a big fan of them either. Last years tournament was a lot better than this years and the final match was awesome. I don’t expect the same this year. Although I could be proved wrong and I hope I am.

Now here’s to a match I’m actually excited about. Regal announced DIY vs Gargano & Ciampa in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the belts. These two teams are damn talented and in hindsight I now see why they went with the Authors of Pain win. They made the right decision as this match could potentially steal the show.

Ember Moon is one of the best prospects in NXT right now. I haven’t yet seen her have a bad match. She is without a doubt a future NXT women’s champion and perhaps next in line, as well as a guaranteed call up to the main roster.

Samoa Joe vs. Nakamura contract signing went pretty much as any other contract signing goes, although ending up in Nakamura taking out 6 guards and powebombing one of them through the table. Proving a point to Samoa Joe. I personally didn’t think their first meeting in Brooklyn was as good as it could be, but hopefully their second is as good as it can be. We know they can both put on awesome matches. I fully expect this to be one of them.