Written by Lee Satterwhite.

All images courtesy of WWE.com

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first ever installment of The Title Picture! In this series, I’ll be taking a look at the current state of WWE championships and discuss where I think things might be going in the future. Who’s holding the gold? Do they have a firm grip on the title, or is it time for a new champ? Plus, now that the brand extension has arrived, might there be a new title or two coming along? All this, or at least most of it, below! So, let’s do things in order, shall we? And for reference, this is assuming titles will stay on their respective brands/rosters for the time being, at least until we find out how they’re going to handle interbrand events.

WWE Women’s Championship: Current – Charlotte; Next- Sasha Banks(written before title change)


First off, we have the Women’s Championship. Charlotte has held the title since Night of Champions last September, back when it was still the Divas Championship. Her reign at the top of the Women’s division has certainly been met with some heat, but it’s hard to argue that she isn’t a skilled athlete. Maybe not the best in the ring, but she can definitely pull her own weight. At Battleground, however, Charlotte and her over-inflated Bratz doll of a sidekick Dana Brooke were defeated in a non-title match by Sasha Banks and everyone’s favorite hugger Bayley. Sasha locked in the Bank Statement and forced Charlotte to tap out. Not only does this mark Charlotte’s first pay-per-view defeat, but it also sets Sasha into a strong position coming into Summerslam next month. Hopefully Sasha will get another clean win, and if she does, I think she’ll hold onto the title until at least the beginning of 2017.

WWE World Tag Team Championship: Current- The New Day; Next- The Club


With the passing of Battleground, The New Day became the longest reigning (say it with me, class) W… W… E… World… Tag… Team… CHAMPIONS! *ahem* In history. And as much as we all love them, they did lose to the Wyatts at Battleground. I understand that decision, and I really enjoyed that match. It makes the Wyatts look more like monsters before they go their separate ways, it showed the New Day as a cohesive unit, and it also made the New Day look like they could be dethroned at some point. Hopefully that isn’t for a long time. But when the time does come for the titles to change hands, I suspect that they’re going to be beaten by the Club. However, this is under a caveat I’m imposing on myself. The Club will only win the titles if they’re led by Finn Balor. They’re not going to go straight for the Balor/Styles story/feud just yet, I think, but when they do, it’s gonna be tight. And the New Day always,always… keeps… it… tight.

WWE United States Championship: Current- Rusev; Next- Neville


This is a hard one for me, since there are so many superstars on the Raw roster who could be contenders for the title. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will hopefully be giving each other a break for a little while, so I’d hope that in that time they go after separate goals. Of those two, I’d want Sami to go for the title. Cesaro could also go after the title again, and hopefully not get lost in the shuffle. Or nearly lose his cool in interviews. Whoever goes for the title should be a face to go against Rusev, and with that in mind, I’m going for a high flyer. Neville, triumphantly returning from injury, should step up and challenge the Bulgarian Brute for the title. Think about it. You know you want that match at Summerslam. Rusev has been on a tear ever since he won the title shot a few months ago, and I look forward to the rest of his reign. But I would love to see Neville shock us all and take it from him.

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Current- The Miz; Next- Bray Wyatt

WWE_Intercontinental_Championship (1)

Considering the Smackdown roster as it stands right now, I think there aren’t that many people who would pose a serious challenge for Miz. I would like to see Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin go after each other (rather than Ziggler or some other jobber), so that takes them out of the picture; Randy Orton’s probably not going to go for a title just yet before facing Brock at Summerslam; Ziggler, Ryder, and Del Rio have all taken a swing at the title recently, so that doesn’t really leave that many options. Wyatt needs to be proven as a singles competitor again, and what better way to raise his stock than to put him into a title picture? He already looked great at Battleground, the crowds are really behind him now, so why not seal the deal and turn him face against the Miz? I know I’d like to see that match, at least. I don’t want to see Wyatt going after Dean for the big belt, I’d rather see him go after the Miz first. I’ve got other ideas for Dean. Speaking of which…

WWE Championship: Current- Dean Ambrose; Next- AJ Styles


This is another toughie. I don’t know who should be taking shots at which titles anymore now that the rosters have been split. So I’m just going to go with what I’d like to see for this one. AJ Styles deserves a championship win after all he’s done in the six or so months since he’s debuted. But I don’t think he’s going to go for Ambrose straight away. Let Styles finish his feud with Cena, and maybe get to Ambrose by way of Randy Orton? Let Ambrose get a couple more title defenses in against other people, build him up, then have him and AJ square off at Survivor Series? Maybe have them as the captains of the tag teams? Maybe? I don’t know. But that’s the way I’d like it to go.

So those are my thoughts on the main roster titles! Do you agree with my theories, or would you rather see something else? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be back around with another installment after the next pay-per-view!