Profile | Trent Breward

Name: Trent Breward

Country: Australia

Favourite Wrestler:
Male: AJ Styles & Tomohiro Ishii
Female: Asuka and Mayu Iwatani

Favourite finishing move: Boma Ye/Kinshasa

What got you into wrestling? My first memory of pro wrestling was sitting on the floor watching the Wrestlemania 14 main event, Austin versus HBK. I know it was at that point I was hooked.

Who were your wrestling role models as a kid and why? The Rock and Stone Cold as a kid. And as I got older I look to guys like Shawn Michaels who turned his life around and AJ Styles who travelled the world doing what he loves.
What is it you love about wrestling? I love fights that tell a story, and pro wrestling is the best source of that. It crosses language and cultural barriers and speaks through movement. And also if I can sound less pretentious…it’s just fun.

Have you attended wwe PPVs/live events: I’ve been to a couple when they first started coming back to Australia, starting with the Global Warming show. I got to see The Rock, what more can you ask for?
Short profile description: Born and raised in the smallest state of Australia, I grew up alongside the changing times of WWE and as I got brave looked beyond to the ROH’s and NJPW. Now I’m just a fan of good wresting using his Journalism degree as an excuse to write about it.