Profile| Scott Saffran

Name: Scott Saffran
Country: USA
Favourite Wrestler:

Active – Kevin Owens

Retired – Sting

Favourite finishing move?

Not always a finishing move, but I think the Michinoku Driver is elegant in a way most moves only dream of being.

What got you into wrestling?

I can’t pinpoint a single moment or event. It’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, which is odd becuase my parents always disapproved of it. One of my earliest wrestling memories is seeing a plush Sting doll at an amusement park and being completely mesmerized.

Who were your wrestling role models as a kid and why?
Hulk Hogan was definitely my first role model. He was really the ultimate role model for a while. Even as Hollywood Hogan, which was his gimmick when I was growing up, I idolized that level of “cool” he was able to pull off. Rey Mysterio, too, was a big role model of mine for a long time. I’m a smaller guy, so seeing him achieve what he was able to against really big guys was very motivating.

What is it you love about wrestling?

Growing up, and even now, I tried to consume as many stories as I possibly could. I read comics and watched cartoons, all in the pursuit of accumulating as much new material as I possibly could. When I found wrestling, I was immediately hooked because I found what I believe is the ultimate storytelling medium. Even when you put aside really great vignettes, promos, and video packages, you have two men or women (sometimes more) who can tell a story virtually without any words. Some of my favorite matches are between Bret and Owen Hart; the two were so immensely talented that they could compose classical epics with just each other and the squared circle every time they locked up.

Have you attended wwe PPVs/live events?
Only one. I was able to make it to the 2016 Draft at Smackdown. I favor indy events for the proximity to the action, but I definitely aim to make it to a PPV sometime soon.

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American university student with one-too-many opinions on professional wrestling and far too few things to say about himself.