Profile | Alex Wolsky

Name: Alex Wolsky

Country: USA

Favourite Wrestler: Jay Lethal

Favourite Finishing Move: KINSHASA!!!!!!

What got you into Wrestling? My earliest memory of wrestling is watching the ladder match for the WWE title between Jeff Hardy and the Undertaker in 2002. I was hooked from that point on. I watched WWE exclusively until I went to my first indie show in 2009. It was an ROH show in Edison, NJ in front of about 300 people in a rec center. Amazed me that they went that hard in front of such a small crowd and served to fuel my love of indie and foreign wrestling.

Who were your wrestling role models as a kid and why? I’ve always been one to root for the underdog. During my early years of fandom I was a big supporter of guys like Rey Mysterio, Matt and Jeff Hardy, and Eddie Guerrero. They always seemed to have that succeed against all odds undertone to whatever they were doing.

What is it you love about wrestling? The idea that artistic expression is on display in professional wrestling is often scoffed at by non-fans and skeptics. However, I have always been able to see that the art of wrestling combines the physical strength and athletic skill of sport with the dramatic storytelling and compelling characters of theater and cinema. Which in my opinion, makes it one of the most dynamic and vastly entertaining performance arts in existence.

Have you attended WWE PPVs/live events: YES! YES! YES!


Short profile description: Father, bassist for Wise Eyes, and lifelong mark. At age 24 my love of professional wrestling in all its forms has only grown over time. Currently the writer for NXT related pieces.