Profile | Joshua Procter

Name: Joshua Procter

Country: England/ United Kingdom

Favourite Wrestler: Too many to name, in WWE Bray Wyatt or Shinsuke Nakamura, out of WWE Johnny Mundo or Ricochet.

Favourite Finishing Move: Angel’s wings

What got you into Wrestling? I grew up watching wrestling with my Grandad on Sunday mornings, he would tell me stories of taking my mum and aunt to see Davey Boy Smith (British Bulldog) and Dynamite Kid wrestle when they were younger and it just always stuck with me, growing up watching it made me a fan from the start.

Who were your wrestling role models as a kid and why? Growing up i was obviously a fan of the Rock, who wasn’t? The guy was magic on the mic. I was also a big fan of Triple H, he always seemed to have this presence about him which was something i really appreciated.

What is it you love about wrestling? I like the combination of athleticism and showmanship. Not only are these guys going out there and risking their lives in some cases, they are doing it to put on a show and tell a story. It’s like a violent pantomime by which i mean its just a lot of fun to watch.

Have you attended wwe PPVs/live events: 1 WWE Live event, several indy shows (subject to change at any time)


Short profile description:

I grew up in North West of England with a family of wrestling fans being raised on a steady diet of WWF/E before losing interest in the late 00’s. I would occasionally watch PPVs but didn’t really keep track of wrestling. Over the last 18 months however, my passion has come back with a vengeance and now I cannot get enough wrestling, whether it be WWE, Lucha Underground or NJPW.