Profile | Brett Montgomery

Name: Brett Montgomery

Country: USA

Favourite Wrestler: Of all time: Bret “Hitman” Hart Currently: Shinsuke Nakamura

Favourite finishing move: Evenflow DDT

What got you into wrestling? Apparently, when I was just born, my mom used to sit me down in front of WWF wrestling in my car seat because it was the only thing that would stop my fussing. I always remember watching wrestling.

Who were your wrestling role models as a kid and why? 1-5 years old: Hogan, My dad used to let me rip my shirts when they got worn out! There is a reason Hogan was a household name in the 80’s. Hogan, the person, my have not been the best role model, but Hogan the character was! 5-forever: Bret Hart! When you share the same name as someone that influential you tend to gravitate towards them. Bret kept it wholesome and was out there to win and didn’t use shortcuts,normally, to get there. I still remember seeing him lose to Yokozuna and my heart broke for him!

What is it you love about wrestling? When it is done right, wrestling can be everything you need it to be. You have a sport that you get to write the ending to. If I could write the ending to baseball, the Indians would win it in a grand comeback every year. If someone could write the ending to boxing, you would be able to build the right guy/gal up at the right time to bring back the interest when you wanted it! Wrestling gets to build someone up and add the drama they want, putting together whatever ending that will suit their audience. This sport, that I know isn’t on the level, is able to elicit emotions from me that shouldn’t be possible. I care who wins and loses, I care about where a story is heading, and I care about the reasoning behind what is happening. Think about that? I know it’s not real, yet a cheer and watch like it is.

Have you attended WWE PPVs/live events? Yes, many. I have actual been on WWE(F) TV with Christian when I was 14! Was at Badd Blood for the Hell and a Cell with HHH and HBK. Best live event, honestly, any NXT house show they have put on around my area.

Profile Description: I have been a wrestling fan all my life, duh, and at one time could name all of the WWF champions in order. I was born and raised in Central Ohio. Wrestling in Ohio was a hodge-podge of Georgia Championship Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions, and WWF. I grew up watching a lot of the sports-entertainment that WWF was presenting growing up but the shows that I got to go with my dad to were Jim Crockett/NWA shows. So, live I was learning to love Flair and Steamboat but on television I was getting the glitz and glamour of the WWF. I grew to love the art form of the show through those event I went to early in my life. I always tell people everyone has a nerd thing they do, and wrestling is my nerdom!

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