Another luchador who needs no spotlight, Dr. Wagner Jr. made his debut on Lucha Underground as the Famous B’s surprise secret client during the finale for Ultima Lucha Dos, Night One. While mostly unknown to the American wrestling fan, Wagner has been one of the most popular and longest tenured luchadores in Mexico over the last twenty years. The son of a legendary rudo and tag team specialist, Dr. Wagner, the junior Wagner has made a name for himself as one of the longest reigning AAA Mega Champions and a multi-time tag team and trio champion in his own right. El Doctor has also competed in both Lucha Libre World Cups; in 2015 as part of the Team Mexican Legends with Blue Demon Jr. and El Solar, as well as in 2016 on Team Mexico International (yeah, I’m confused too) with Rey Mysterio Jr. and El Dragon Azteca Jr.
For the opening night of the second annual Ultima Lucha, Dario Cueto sanctioned a “4 a Unique Opportunity” mini-tournament that saw Son of Havoc overcome Texano Jr. and the Mack to claim the prize. Ever the sly snake, Dario offered Havok two choices: take $250,000 right now or fight in one more match with the promise of a title shot at Ultima Lucha Tres. Son of Havok, the born fighter he is, chose to take a shot at the title match in one year’s time. A smiling Dario agreed, and turned to introduce the mystery opponent, represented by Famous B’s Talent Agency. Famous B, hot off of ditching Mascarita Sagrada, walked down the ramp in a brand new suit, and turned to reveal Dr. Wagner Jr.’s visage painted on his back. The good Doctor strutted down to ringside alongside substantial support from the Temple and took on the exhausted Son of Havok. In what was a mostly one-sided affair, Dr. Wagner Jr. pinned Havok with a Doctor Driver to pick up the win and a cash prize of $250,000 for himself (and an elated Famous B).

To make any and all bias clear and known, Dr. Wagner Jr. is my absolute favorite luchador of all time. Watching him make his surprise debut on Ultima Lucha Dos incited a “pop” so tremendous that several neighbors came to my door, inquiring as to what caused such a racket. It really feels good to just be a mark some times.

At 51 years old, Wagner is in exceptional shape and can still put on impressively solid matches with talent considerably younger than he. Though not the spring chicken he once was, Wagner’s mat-based technical style has assuredly extended his life span in lucha libre. Still employing an impressive array of slams as well as some innovative holds and locks, El Galeno is not bound to the canvas, however, and can pull off his fair share of planchas and superplexes. This is the perfect time for Lucha Underground to bring Dr. Wagner in the fold; he wrestles as a living legend and fan favorite of Mexican supporters, but remains spry and mobile to perform at a fairly high level. While short, his match against Havok was evidence enough that he can work well within the confines of the Temple, both from a strict wrestling perspective and from a crowd reception angle.

If not yet already, Believers ought to be roused for the endless experience and shining star power Dr. Wagner Jr. brings to Temple. Wagner represents a chance for Believers to witness some “fantasy booking” matches, against the likes of Rey Mysterio Jr., Johnny Mundo, Mil Muertes, and whoever else may bound through the doors of the Temple during Season 3. On par with the Season 1 appearance of Blue Demon Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr.’s time in LU should produce some unforgettable matches and moments. As for me, I’ll be giggling like a schoolgirl for probably all of Season 3. That, or just bawling my eyes out.