SmackDown this week once again proved to be the more solid show as the creative team seem to be on point and taking chances when it comes to booking. Below is the reasons why SmackDown continues on the role it’s on:

Dolph Zigglers Heel Turn – FINALLY after months of speculation Dolph has turned heel. He superkicked Kalisto and attacked Apollo Crews all out of frustration this week in a much needed character change. Everyone had been saying for months, even years, that Dolph needed to be heel again because his loveable loser babyface run was starting to become a waste of his talent. SmackDown this week finally said “you know what? It’s time” and we back to Dolph being exciting once again. Heel Ziggler is more fitting for Dolph than seeing him claim every week that “tonight is his night”. It’s a fresh start for him.

The Matches Advertised For Next Week – American Alpha Vs The Wyatt Family for the SD Tag Team Titles? Yes please! Corbin Vs Cena? Corbins getting a chance to shine against the face of the company and it’s something new? Another yes in my book. SmackDown knows how to book and promote must see matches a week in advance to make you want to tune in the following week. Smart.

More Championship Matches – Last Week we had a Womens Championship, Tag Team Championship and WWE Championship match. This week the IC Championship was on the line. Next week the Tag Team Championships are on the line again. This continues to strengthen the credibility of SmackDowns titles as they are often defended and as shown last week and this week we never know when a title change can occur. It keeps people on their toes. Must see TV folks!

Dean Ambrose & Renee Young – This week Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz in shocking fashion as many as previously mentioned, didn’t expect the title change here but it was a welcome change of pace. Renee also continued to be involved in the angle alongside her boyfriend when Maryse decided to slap her backstage planting the seeds possibly for a mixed Tag Team match and let’s be honest Maryse back in the ring is a bonus and it interests everyone big time to think of how Renee would fare in the ring.

The La Luchadora Mystery Continues – If this was RAW we would have had the reveal by now but Bliss and La Luchadora continued to outsmart Becky this week and the mystery continues. Could it be Mickie James? Is it someone different?

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The Miz Flips Out AGAIN – Miz flipped out again on Talking Smack this week and while he didn’t go off on a shoot the anger and frustration was there that the office was against him and continued to develop his character strongly. Will Miz and his┬árise to the main event come from this? Where does it go from here? A fired up Miz is great to watch.

James Ellsworth : Pawn – Its becoming more and more obvious that Carmella is using James Ellsworth and his stupidity to help her win matches. This is unique storytelling. We have seen women before in wrestling use men to get to the top and this is a fresh take on that. Carmella is playing on Ellsworth’s stupidity and he’s not exactly a man of power either.

Nikki Bella Vs Nattie Continues – Nattie became a heel once again and freshened up her character. This week she got knocked out. Next week it’s Nattie Vs Nikki as their war continues. We continue to give Nikki attention and Nattie is relevant again..I’m all for it!

The Subtle Cena Heel Teases Continue – This Week it was one quote from Cena that stood out when he said “They chant ‘Cena Sucks’ but realise that on their best day they could never be me!” The bitterness of John continued this week and this was a striking part of his promo mainly because the Cena of old used to tell us that people could chanted whatever they wanted at him as long as they are having fun. Now we see very subtle signs of things getting to Cena and it makes you wonder if SmackDown could pull off the biggest shock heel turn of recent memory?