Did Sasha vs Charlotte live up to all the hype, and put on a spectacular main event worthy of the PPV finale?

Plain & simple, yes. For me, this was the most anticipated match on the card, I’m both a fan of Sasha & Charlotte, in and out of the ring. I’ve loved every bit of their rivalry for the past many months and it hasn’t bored me like it has many others. It’s been one of the most refreshing rivalries of the which finally came to a close at Hell In A Cell.


Ever since finding out these two would fight actually in the cell, the IWC (internet wrestling community) basically predicted Sasha’s death. Due to how injury prone Sasha has been the previous many months, and how close she has been to ending her career with severe botched moves, it was a pretty sure sign that everyone was worries what was going to happen. It was either Sasha risking her life or Charlotte hers. Obviously everyone wants a risky spot but that’s not always needed.

What would have happened if these two women climbed the top of the cell and one of them went through the announce table, or Charlotte moonsaulted off the top or any other crazy spots that come to mind. Would be watching the screen chanting “holy shit, holy shit, holy shit”? Pretty much guaranteed but I believe that is where every Dan had their expectations too high, and a lot were disappointed in the resulting match because of this sole reason. Risking your life for a crazy spot doesn’t make a great match, just a great moment.


What this feud has brought to the table more than any other in recent memory is hatred. When Charlotte faces Sasha, they truly make you believe they hate each others guts. That they want to beat the absolute hell out of each other, and at hell in a cell this wasn’t any different. From Charlotte’s expressions to her unforgettable and emotional moment, “YOU WILL NEVER BEAT ME”, these women just make you believe in their rivalry and that’s something that really matters, especially in this new era of pro wrestling.

Their hell in a cell match was damn good. It was brutal! Admittedly the beginning was a bit questionable with the Foley spot which was just unnecessary but that came down to the writing team and neither women’s fault. Another point to note is that there were a couple of moments in the match where tables should or shouldn’t have broken which meant they had to change plans, especially with the match end. This kind of left a lot of people sour which I can totally understand, but I have read a lot if comments blaming Sasha/Charlotte for this which is ridiculous. That’s happened in numerous men’s matches before and nobody complained so stop it.


Apparently the decision for Charlotte to win the belt was only made later that day. It appears Sasha was winning until Vince had a change of mind (not again). There’s two ways to view this. First, they’re going to go with Charlotte for another long reign, until at least WrestleMania, aswell as eat the hell up out of her consecutive PPV unbeaten streak (which they will and have already done so). Secondly, Sasha will move onto a new feud, not too sure who this will be as apparently plans are for Dana Vs Charlotte sooner rather than later.

Will we ever see another women’s hell in a cell match and them main event a WWE PPV. I. believe so. I believe this is the first step in the right direction. The women have proved they aren’t just a ‘filler” and that they can perform in the main event in a highly anticipated matchup that fans love. This is something they can work towards again in the future and trying to outshine their male counterparts in the process, which I believe they can do.


Sasha & Charlotte should be proud of what they accomplished. As the show went off the air and we .moved onto RAW Talk on the Network, Lita was asked about her thoughts on what had just happened and she couldn’t keep the tears in. That’s how much this means. Think about it for a moment. Think about how far Women’s wrestling has come in the past 10-15 years from the most ridiculous and degrading match stipulations such as mud wrestling for example. Those days are now gone and the women are taken as serious competitors as they should. Now just think the fact that two women have competed in a hell in a cell, in the goddamn main event of a WWE pay per view. It’s a damn historic moment and women’s wrestling is sure to bring many more along the years.