With whispers of Truth Martini’s leaving the Ring of Honor this week, we are left with some questions. Who will ROH bring up to replace him? Most fans considered Martini excellent on the mic and one of the more memorable managers in recent history and it seems on the surface to be a difficult spot to fill. Where is Truth going? He could make a splash on WWE’s NXT perhaps or tour the indie scene, or maybe just write another book…
Tonight’s episode opens with Adam Cole coming to the ring leading a Bullet Club posse to mixed reactions from the crowd.
“Who’s ready for story time with Adam Cole?” he asks and goes on to remind us he is the champ, who the “Biz Cliz” is. Conveniently when he finishes the spiel, former champ Jay Lethal comes out to address the situation.
“I hate Adam Cole” Lethal says, “…and I got friends too”. Out comes Evil and Naito who pose and stare down the Bullet Club members in the ring.
The crowd is 50/50. Lethal is a great babyface but the anti-hero Bullet Club and especially Cole are divisive. On the one hand BC has really good t-shirts and The Young Bucks are way over. On the other Cole has been as toxic as possible especially since winning the belt.

Somethings got to give and maybe this new coalition behind Jay Lethal can rally the fans.
After a break, we’re shown the aftermath of last week’s tag team title main event, and The Addiction shows up to bitch about it. Then the same Sullivan/Corino/Whitmer promo we’ve been seeing for weeks plays.

Match 1: Caprice Coleman vs. Dalton Castle
We watched both of these six man teams have at it last week, and now we get to see their respective leaders clash. Both teams head out to the ring in their usual flamboyant fashion and Coleman begrudgingly shakes Castle’s hand.
The match begins. Sort of. After a stare down Dalton tricks Coleman into a thumb war which he parlays into a hip toss. We get a redo of last week’s pose off for the crowd. Castle so far is dominant but a really big dropkick turns the tide.
Outside the ring The Boys who accompanied Dalton to the ring are assailed by Cabinet members Rhett Titus and Kenny King. Castle rushes to their aid. Before is becomes a free-for-all the ref actually ejects Titus and King, marking one of the few times in ROH the ref does his job. For this I am glad.

I don’t need a replay of a match I watched just last week and I was looking forward to Caprice wrestling without the henchmen.
Big moves begin to fly with our attention squarely on the main competitors. Coleman hits with an STO and then a hurricana from the top rope. Castle bridges out from a lazy pin and delivers a great German suplex. He’s nearly rewarded with the pin fall, but The Minister of Information kicks out.
Now Titus and King are running for the ring. Apparently unafraid of the refs empty threats and begin to argue before The Boys run through the ring, and over the rope to smash Coleman’s accomplices. Castle wrangles Caprice Coleman and spins him around for the Bangarang. This time it’s enough and Castle walks away with the victory tonight.
King delivers one-on-one and so does Castle. It was a really good match up when the two were duking it out in the ring, but there were way too many distractions with both teams getting too much camera time. All considered I score this 5/10.

After all of the promos and a watered down repeat of last week’s six man tag team match I desperately needed some wrestling.
Nope. Not if Christopher Daniels has anything to do with it I guess and for the second time we listen to him pipe off for a minute. Then after commercial we get Fish previewing his title defense. Then, more wrestling.
Match 2: Donovan Dijak vs.Manny Lemons
Dijak is billed as the number one contender for the TV Title, and he looks confident walking to the ring with Prince Nana. Already there waiting is good old Manny Lemons who I’ve never heard of before now. It’s obvious he’s set up to lose but whatever I keep hope alive.
Lemons strikes first faking a handshake to reach up and slap Dijak, who stands probably 2 feet taller, before Nature Walking around the ring. Donovans not in the mood, delivers a big boot and tosses Lemons from the ring. The smaller man is tossed around and does a magnificent job selling the moves.

The match is over immediately, I can’t even remember what the last move was, but Dijak pinned him and won.

Prince Nana talks for a minute afterward. What can I say about this. Nothing happened at all, the intros and outros we’re longer than the action. 1/10, it sucked.

Main Event: Jay White and Lio Rush vs. The Briscoes
Jay vs Jay last week was a good match so it’s cool to see it play out again, sort of.
White and Rush’s inexperience working together is on display from the outset as Jay and Mark Briscoe team up on Jay White. White nimbly escapes the beat-down, and Lio Rush comes in quick to give it a shot. He too runs into the wall of Mark Briscoe who manages to keep him contained with a little help from his brother.
Jay White tags in eventually and comes out strong and hits a missile kick from the top rope on Jay Briscoe. He fails to finish the former Heavyweight Champ off and Lio Rush is tagged back in. Rush is basically manhandled for the next little while with glimmers of hope appearing for him now and then. Before long The Briscoes hand out 5 finishers in 2 minutes and take the win, pinning Lio Rush while white was reeling beside the ring.
Both teams shake hands. The ref shakes his own hand (?)  and for whatever reason Lio Rush celebrates like he won.
This was a decent match and The Briscoes were especially on point. It was sort of pointless though, and a little short for the main event. It did however go over clean and the team that deserved it won. I give it 6/10.

Nigel McGuiness who’s been alongside Chris Kelley tonight then announces September 30th at All Star Extravaganza, The Addiction will defend the titles in “Ladder War 6” facing off against The Young Bucks and The Motor City Machine Guns. They are pissed and start yelling to close the show.
Ring of Honor 259 was boooring this week. It was 75% fluff and all of the matches were watered down repeats of last week’s contests. Here’s to next week.