Ring of Honor has been definitely doing their part to enhance the stage of women’s wrestling dubbed Women of Honor. ROH has been putting out ‘internet exclusive’ content for quite a while occasionally consisting of women’s matches along with just recently coining an entire episode of their television broadcast as a WOH only event. Four big matches over an hour that featured only women’s matches, that’s huge in a male dominated brand. But now with rumors of an actual WOH title belt in the works, women’s matches featured on ROH’s social media web series like “Women of Honor Wednesday”, television episodes or live shows may finally have a focal point.

Despite a championship to control, big names like Candice LaRea, Deonna Purrazzo, Veda Scot, Jessica Havok, and Taeler Hendrix, that have all been seen dominating the indy scene, have now finally found their way to ROH. These talents have been putting on punishing, and not to mention exciting matches for some time…but what does it really mean aside from the honor?

You can see in this week’s Women of Honor Wednesday entry that these gals mean business. Below is a ‘No DQ’ match between Taeler Hendrix and Mandy Leon that absolutely goes the distance, and gets you there with chains, chair-shots and broken tables.

This match is definitely a step above a typical grudge match, absolutely deserving of a payoff beyond a win under the wrestler’s belt. Honestly, with matches like this I can’t be the only one excited to see ROH crown an honorable queen.