This episode of NXT marks the second episode of the new year and it doesn’t waste any time getting started. Right away we cut to footage of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce jumping NXT Women’s Champion Asuka, which leads into a tag team match of Kay and Royce vs. Macy Evans and Sarah Bridges. Peyton Royce pins Sarah Bridges for the win. Royce and Kay take the microphone to taunt Asuka, but then Asuka enters, fighting her way to the ring. She tries to take on Billie Kay and Peyton Royce by herself. While the crowd chanted for Asuka’s victory, she was already injured and was unable to take on two opponents. Sanity’s Nikki Cross appeared and fought off Kay and Royce. For a minute, it looked like she was there to help Asuka, but within moments she had turned on her. This combined with backstage footage makes it clear that Nikki Cross intends to take the Womens’ title from Asuka.

Next up we see Elias Samson vs. Jonathan Cruz. Cruz displays considerable energy and momentum right off the bat but in the end its Elias Samson who is the victor in this match. He pins Cruz after the spinning neckbreaker.

After this we have what is actually a rematch of sorts between Oney Lorcan and Andrade “Cien” Almas. Lorcan focuses on the match while Almas, tossed to the ground, poses and sticks his tongue out at Lorcan. He gets pushed into the ropes and holds himself there, posing again. The cockiness, while entertaining, does not appear to pay off because Lorcan kicks him down. Almas limps away, outside of the ring so Lorcan brings the fight to him. The crowd chants for Oney Lorcan but ultimately they are disappointed when Almas wins via pinfall following his finisher, a hammerlock DDT.

We then see an interview with Shinsuke Nakamura and we learn that there will a contract signing between him and Bobby Roode next week.

And finally we have the match that has been teased throughout the entire show, which is DIY vs. the Revival. Ultimately we see DIY winning with their Running Knee Smash/Superkick finisher done simultaneously, which means that they retained their NXT Tag Team Championship.

They don’t get to celebrate for long because suddenly Authors of Pain’s music starts and Paul Ellering makes an entrance, while Akam and Razor comes up behind DIY and destroys them and holds up their belts. They make their intention to take the title from them very clear.

To close the show we have William Regal summing up some upcoming events: the title match between Authors of Pain and DIY and the contract signing between Roode and Nakamura. Asuka interrupts to demand that he make a title match for TakeOver for her. When he asks her who she wants to defend the title again, she tell him, “All of them!”