The midseason finale of Lucha Underground ended with a bang, in the same place that it began: Dario’s office. There, in the first scene of the show, Dragon Azteca interrupted a meeting in which the boss and Mr. Delgado were talking about Cage and his new gauntlet. There Dragon demanded a Deathmatch against Matanza, and Dario, as usual, agreed. Then we knew we had a main event for the night.

Match 1: Texano vs. Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan was used as cannon foder for Texano. Ryan, disgusting (all his hairy body covered in baby oil, and a lollipop placed inside his trunks) and coward as his heel character is, was perfect for his rival to showcase his skills as one of the hot commodities in lucha libre right now (he is the current AAA Mega Champion). It was a interesting detail that the mexican star tainted his rival several times calling him “gringo” and shouting “Viva Mexico!”. 
After some minutes, Famous B and Brenda appeared at ringside. Famous B is trying to make Texano his client, so he helped him to win distracting the referee while he hitted Ryan with a horseshoe provided by Brenda.  
Winner: Texano, big time, given that Brenda started to flirt with him after the match. 

After that bout, while carrying the belt, Johnny Mundo cut a promo thanking PJ Black and Jack Evans (that were on the ring) for their support. Then began insulting The Mack who was defeated by him and the whole World Wide Underground last week. In the middle of the speech, Mack entered the ring and attacked and dismantled the champion and his two friends. When a handful of security guards entered the ring to defend Mundo, Mack dispatched them too, remaining alone in the ring with the belt and claiming that he would be taking care of Johnny… all night long (teasing the championship match they will have when the show restarts in the summer).

Match 2: They Call Him Cage vs. Veneno

This was the debut of Veneno in Lucha Underground (nobody seemed to notice that it was Cortez Castro infiltrating the temple once again), who served as a jobber for Cage. According to Dario’s words at the beginning of the show, the power of his new gauntlet is starting to consume Cage. And it really was noticed when he shoved the referee that tried to raise his arm after pinning his opponent. 
Also, Sexy Start attacked Veneno after the match, blaming him for the spiders that she was given as a threat. It was a tough debut for him. 
Winner: Cage.  
While he is training hitting a heavy bag, Prince Puma is confronted by Catrina. Puma tells her that he is having visions of blood and pain… Mil Muerte’s blood and pain. 

Main Event: DEATHMATCH Matanza Cueto (with his brother Dario Cueto) vs. Dragon Azteca

At the beginning of the match it was clear that both opponents chances would rest on their respective styles. Dragon was using his speed and high flying moves, while Matanza methodically slammed him, and even introduced a chair inside the squared circle. Dragon Azteca gained some advantage using that prop, specially to propel himself outside the ring to hit Dario’s brother with an amazing dive.
Eventually they started brawling into the stairs and the stands. There, Matanza gets in control of the situation, even making making Dragon Azteca tap out (which did not count, given that it was a Deathmatch). Azteca was able to counter with a hurricanrana, sending foe downstairs. But at the end, the Monster won when he chokeslammed Dragon into the bleachers, making a hole in them for a devastating fall and the win.
Winner: Matanza Cueto
Only that there is where the legend himself Rey Mysterio entered the temple to try to rescue his protege. Matanza, who has been claiming for a fight with Rey since Aztec Warfare, restarted the brawl in the stairs, slamming his rival against everything that was in sight. But when Rey was going to be finished, he dodged the Monster’s last hit, making him fall from upstairs, breaking the roof of his brother’s office, before the desesperate look of Dario who ordered everybody to leave the temple.
The last scene of the show, was Marty The Moth being kidnapped by Mariposa while he was stalking Mellisa Santos.