Match 1: The Wyatts vs. Heath and Rhyno (C) for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Recap: Not too much to say about this one. We get a little babyface fire to start us out but we see the Wyatts take over. Luke pushes Randy Orton out of the way of a Gore, Wyatt does his crab walk, and Rhyno is hit with the RKO, outta NOWHERE, for the 1…2…3. Match was fine, but I am not sure it would have been the match I would have put on first.

Your Winners and NEW WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions: Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt via RKO

Match 2: Carmella vs Nikki Bella

Recap: We get to the outside very early, with a long powerbomb set up on the apron, into a headscissors by Carmella. Carmella works the leg of Nikki. She did multiple suplexes that sent Nikki’s leg into the ropes. Tree-of-Woe spot, with Carmella introducing the Kendo Stick. She sends a shot into the leg of Nikki, but by the camera angle, it looked like she took it right to the front butt of Nikki. Head Scissors by Carmella, but Nikki gets out with the use of the handle side of the kendo stick. That looked liked it hurt. Nikki with a sidekick from the barricade. Nikki continues to use the kendo stick backwards, using the hard handle to hit Carmella, and not the loosened up, business end of the stick. Sidenote: Carmella might need some new lipstick, it was all over her teeth. Anyways, Nikki using the fire extinguisher, like she was actually trying to put out a fire, and then hits Carmella with the TKO. Match was ok, however, the crowd was into it at the end.

Your Winner: Nikki Bella via the TKO

After the match, Carmella reveals to Nikki that, “IT WAS NATALYA, NIKKI, IT WAS NATALYA ALL ALONG!”, “ Aw, Sonna va bitch!” She says Natalya was the one that attacked her at Survivor Series. Which leads immediately into Natalya, as a pure babyface, doing a Kay Jewelers commercial. Then we come back to the four man team on commentary trying to seem shocked that Natalya could have been the one that attacked Nikki…AhDooooya

Match 3: Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz (C) Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship


Recap: Very good ladder match between the two. Miz should be the champion, and I loved how in the end he just hoofed Ziggler right in the balls. It was an inventive ending to the match. We did see some crazy spots. I did like the DDT onto the ladder from Ziggler. Ziggler hit a springing elbow drop onto Miz from the wedged ladder in the corner. Also, liked the figure four, with Ziggler’s leg through the ladder rung.  Ending saw two ladders get involved. Ziggler and Miz fight on the top, with Ziggler sending Miz to the floor with repeated headbutts. Miz, like stated earlier, climbs up and gives two dirty kicks to the dick to secure the victory, and the IC Championship. What I don’t like is, A. Dolph lost again, great, and B. Bryan and Miz are not working together, so why keep this “feud” between them going?

Your Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: The Miz via Ladder Climb and Belt Grab

Match 4: Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto


Recap: I found this match to be surprisingly entertaining. Baron and Kalisto worked a pretty fun match. Was it one to write home about? Nope, but it was a fun match. Good use of the chairs in the match, seeing Baron get the victory by sending Kalisto into a pile of chairs, with the End of Days. However, how did that not hurt Corbin as well? Anyways, fun, little match, but can Baron move onto something else?

Your Winner: Baron Corbin via End of Days

Match 5: Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch (C) for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship


Recap: We see Becky, immediately take it to Alexa. She goes for a table right away, as well. Alexa, puts the table back…ookkk? A little walk and brawl on the outside. Becky catches a leapfrog and turns it into a flapjack. Becky fucks about with the table for like an hour, and tries to suplex Alexa through it from the apron, but Alexa evades. Alexa is on the apron and Becky tries to force her through the table. However, Alexa bites her hand and, again, avoids the table. Crowd had gotten bored by the middle of this. We ended up having a match that wasn’t a match, but rather, movement that got them to the next false table spot. It lacked intensity, which is sad because this feud has had intensity in it. Ending sees Alexa get a powerbomb through the table from the apron. Match wasn’t very entertaining, and I found myself wandering off during it. Sad, because I really enjoyed this feud, just not this match.


Your Winner and NEW WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion: Alexa Bliss via Table Breaker


Match 6: Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles


Recap: Pretty good, intense match between the two tonight. We saw a bit of the walk and brawl early in the match, however, unlike the women’s match earlier, they build to the spots through the wrestling match. Was there a lot of spots? Yes. Could this match have been shorter? Yes! Could I have done without the ending? YES! However, we did see some cool spots. We see Dean send AJ through six chairs with a flip through reverse suplex.  We saw a bit too much of AJ after this spot, as his tights we cut open by one of the chairs. You could hear Dean telling AJ that he may need some new tights after this, after being suplex through a table, which was funny. WWE tries to keep AJ’s check off of camera with a variety of tight shots, and long shots, but we do get quite  a few looks at that butt! Did you want some? Well you better because it was all over this PPV main event. Back to the outside with a suicide dive by Dean, sending AJ into the announce tables. Dean doing his best Smackdown Shut Your Mouth impression, sets a ladder on top of a table, and drops the elbow onto AJ, who was on the other announce table. AJ fights back and hits the 450 through a table on the outside. Ending sees Dean going to grab the belt, but James Ellsworth comes out and tips over the ladder. Allowing AJ to secure the victory. I really did not need Ellsworth in this match. I understand why they did it. This allowed Dean to lose, and AJ to win without Dean losing clean. It keeps the belt on AJ, and allows Dean to walk out of this unscaved. Good main event for this show, I left it entertained.


Show Overall: This was a pretty solid PPV. Wasn’t the best I have seen, but I was more entertain with this show than I was with Survivor Series. I liked the stories they have been telling on Smackdown and for the most part the stories of these matches, coming out of the PPV, make sense. Dolph is done and needs to do something else, while having Miz move on to a hand-picked opponent from Bryan. We should see something start between Carmella, Natalya, and Nikki, while we should see a rematch between Becky and Alexa at the Rumble. Dean could take on AJ, but you have set up a potential throw away feud between him and Ellsworth while we get our rumored Undertaker/AJ feud. Even in the lame matches, I at least enjoyed the story, and we got an enjoyable chairs match with Kalisto and Baron, so what more can you ask for? So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank