Match 1: Kane vs. Luke Harper


Recap: Wow, this was bad and slow. Kane just looked like crap. Anyways, that means he should beat Luke Harper, so that is what we got. Chokeslam and the win!

Your Winner: Kane via Chokeslam

Match 2: Woman’s Survivor Series Match




Eliminations in order

Carmella via Scissor Kick by Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox via Twisted Bliss by Alexa Bliss

Naomi Via Count Out

Sasha Banks via Rollup by Natalya

Natalya via Big Boot by Charlotte

Nia Jax via Disarmer by Becky Lynch

Alexa Bliss via Big Boot by Charlotte

Becky Lynch via Belly-to-Bayley


Match wasn’t particularly good. We saw a lot of sloppy spots, by a lot of bad workers. This match just showed how the good workers in this division is a minority, and they are split up between the two shows. Imagine the stories you could tell with all of the good women on the shows, while moving on from some of these workers that haven’t improved, even after being on the roster for several years. Anyways the storyline at the end with Bailey being reluctant to attack Becky, beating her, and then paying the price of being a team player at the end, sets up a few, interesting storylines.


Your Survivors: Charlotte and Bayley

Match 3: Sami Zayn vs The Miz (C) for the Intercontinental Championship


Recap: Match was a very well paced affair between the two. We got early high, flying by Zayn, while Miz worked early and often to take out Zayn’s legs. Zayn goes flying off of one leg to the outside onto Miz. Miz takes over on a missed Helluva kick and eventually gets the FIgure Four in and slows down the match. Zayn has to use a lot of energy to get out of the FIgure Four but does so, reversing the Figure Four onto Miz.



Miz does the Bryan kicks, but he is reverse on the final kick and locked into the Figure Four. And then the match just falls to shit. Maryse goes to the corner and rings the bell, Zayn celebrates like he won, and is rollup’d up for the victory. First, fuck you for this finish. Second, wouldn’t Maryse, who is in the corner of Miz, ringing the bell be her giving up for Miz? It is like throwing in the towel. I bet this leads to nothing, and I think that is why I am so pissed about this ending. Also, a fucking rollup, come on.



Your Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: the Miz via Rollup

Match 4: Tag Team Survivor Series match



Eliminations in order

Breezango by The New Day

The New Day by The Usos

Hype Bros by The Club

The Shining Stars by American Alpha

American Alpha by The Club

The Club by Rhyno and Slater

Rhyno and Slater by Enzo and Cass

Enzo and Cass by The Usos

The Usos by Cesaro and Sheamus

This was a very well put together match. However, I want to spend some time on the match beyond. Once it was down to Cesaro and Sheamus vs. The Usos this match went into overdrive. We got a hell of a match between these two teams. We had a lot of back and forth and you got to see Sheamus and Cesaro start working together.


Cesaro, at the end throw everything he had at Jey and the ending, with the Sharpshooter reversal out of the Tequila Sunrise, was fantastic. Overall, check this out if you get a chance, as it was a wonderful match.

Your Survivors: Cesaro and Sheamus

Match 4: Kalisto vs The Brian Kendrick (C) for the Cruiserweight Championship


Recap: Kendrick’s tights are out of this world! Slow-ish start to this match, however, Kendrick gets it going with a rollup, sending Kalisto’s head into the turnbuckle pad. He follows that up by sticking Kalisto’s head between the post and the steps, and then kicks the steps. Kalisto hit a spectacular looking Spanish Fly onto Kendrick from the apron to the outside. We keep seeing battles on the outside. Kalisto, like a stupid face, goes to the top, but is crotched for his efforts. Kalisto, fights off and tries for the Salida Del Sol, off the top, but he is reversed. Kendrick flips Kalisto off the top, immediately into the Captain Hook.


Kalisto fights for a long time and finally gets to the ropes. DVD from Kalisto, and the Short Round. Salida Del Sol for a 2 count, with Kendrick, barely getting his foot on the rope…and then…Baron Corbin comes out of the crowd and hits the End of Days to cause a DQ. Well shit. Match was good, and this match really needed an ending. However, we will see where this heads.

Your Winner and STILL Cruiserweight CHampion: The Brian Kendrick via DQ

Match 5: Men’s Survivor Series match



Eliminations in order:

Dean Ambrose by Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman by Count Out (Leg held by Ellsworth, who was under the ring)

Kevin Owens by DQ (Using the List of Jericho on AJ)

Chris Jericho by Randy Orton

Shane McMahon by Roman Reigns

AJ Styles by Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins by Randy Orton

Roman Reigns by Bray Wyatt


First off, I love that we start it off with Kevin Owens, and AJ Styles. You should start off a match like this with your champions. This match turned into a clusterfuck, in a good way. A lot of time was taken to make sure Braun looked good. I liked the spot with Chris and Wyatt playing mind games with him. He ends up grabbing both by the neck and taking out Wyatt. Randy Orton hits a crazy looking RKO onto Strowman onto the announce table.

He and Wyatt hold down Strowman and Shane comes off the top with the elbow onto Strowman, sending him through the table. I liked the spot with Strowman sending Ellsworth through the table, off of the entrance ramp. We get 45 minutes of Team RAW beating up Shane, to see him take on Reigns and Rollins alone. Roman is in the corner and  Shane tries to hit the Van Terminator but is speared by Reigns. We get a bit of a concerning moment, because we see Shane “kick-out” because the spot went a little wrong. At first it looked like Roman drove him own head into the mat, but on the replay, it looks like Shane got all the air knocked out of him. Also, when we come back around to ringside it looked like Randy was over next to Shane’s kid telling him everything was OK. Roman, and Seth try going for the Shield Powerbomb onto the announce table but AJ cuts him off. AJ is back in the ring, but he is taken out by Dean Ambrose. This leads to an actual Shield Powerbomb onto AJ from all three members of the Shield. Seth hits the Slingblade on Wyatt. Seth goes for a Frog Splash off the top but Randy Orton hits the RKO onto the flight bound Seth Rollins.. Roman, the heel according to the crowd, had to run through two men.. Roman goes to finish off Bray with the spear, but Randy Orton steps in and takes the spear allowing Bray to hit the Sister Abigail for the 1…2…3! Very good match!


Your Survivors: Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton


Match 6: Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar

Recap: Wow…ummm…well…Squash match. Push into the corner, Goldberg pushes Lesnar. Spear by Goldberg, Second Spear by Goldberg. Jackhammer by Goldberg, 1…2…3!

Your Winner: Goldberg

Show Overall: Well, I liked the show tonight. However, going off the air this early really showed that they did not have enough show, for this show, tonight. Stop with the four hour events. It is just too much! Anyways. All three Survivor Series Matches were good. The Women’s match was a little sloppy but it was pretty good. We end all of the matches with stories coming out of them. Dean and AJ got a story going into TLC. We end up with a bunch of tag team stories coming out of that match, and we have an idea of where the women are heading for the coming months. The Lesnar/Goldberg “match” was actually what I was hoping for. This allows the WWE to bring Lesnar down from God mode and allow him to have some more normal matches with other people. I want to see the Wrestlemania rematch, if it happens, between these two, to finally see a match between them. It felt real. Brock just got stunned and beat! Check this show out if you can! So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank