Let’s Talk Smackdown 02-14-2017 Quickie

Are you ready for the Era of Wyatt? My body is ready!

We open with your NEW WWE Champion Bray Wyatt coming down to the ring. John invoked his rematch clause, a clause that AJ apparently can’t get because AJ and Shane must happen. He talks about being champion, the crowd chants he deserves it. We end up with a triple threat in the main event with AJ Style being added to the announced main event. Also we got some DUN, dundundunnnnt! John Cena being a complete contrast to Bray Wyatt.

Match 1: American Alpha vs. The Ascension

Recap: Gable with the amateur clinic until the Ascension come in and try to turn it into a brawl but Alpha sends them outside. We come back with the Ascension in control. This works Gable into the hottest tag in the business and Jordan comes in with a variety of suplexes. No, that didn’t happen, Gable runs Connor’s arm over the top rope and off the tag Jordan stops Victor and Alpha hits the Grand Amplitude for the 1…2…3! After the match Usos cut a nice promo telling Alpha they are coming for them. Outfit number 30 for the Usos, if you’re keeping count.

Your Winners: American Alpha

Backstage we get a random James Ellsworth and Carmella that gets Dean involved. He breaks it to James that Carmella is using him…FOR WHAT????? Anyways, Papa Bryan shows up at grants Dean his wish to beat up James Ellsworth.

Match 2: James Ellsworth vs. Dean Ambrose

Recap: James is a fucking dolt and I now don’t want to see him as a heel. He is a perfect enhancement talent as a face, but he sucks as a heel and even when he is missing from the show I still feel like he is over exposed. No match happened because Dean is drug out to the ramp by Baron and is beaten up. They are doing a good job with Baron. I believe Baron has moved up to a Hot Topic t-shirt. Also the farty pyro went off because Dean hit the table…and he also missed the table and landed on…well another table I guess and that table caused the pyro to go off…I guess. Also they used Owen voice for this segment.

Your Winner: No Contest

They announce that next week Nattie and Nikki will face in a falls count anywhere match. So, we had a bullshit pull apart to set up the blowoff? Also, I am done with this fucking storyline.

Baron is backstage and he calls Dasha stupid, sort of. I also like that Baron’s beard and mustache also looks like it is receding. To keep with a lot of backstage shit we get an interview with Dolph Ziggler. He called Kalisto and Crews sore losers…didn’t this win? Also, I guess he is still heel, I guess.

Match 3: Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James

Recap: Why? Didn’t this match happen on PPV? Why are we getting a rematch? Ground game turns into Mickie being sent outside. Becky is being worked over as we return because the babyface fire should be hidden in the commercial break. Back and forth sees Becky hit a nice delayed exploder suplex on Mickie for a 2. Mickie is sent back outside and feigns a shoulder injury. Becky sends her back inside but Mickie has the ref come over and he calls for a trainer. Becky is distracted and Mickie hits the Mick Kick for the 1…2…3! Also, I guess the reason for this match is because Becky forgot about the championship and this is now a series of matches.

Your Winner: Mickie James

Naomi comes out and says she is injured. Alexa comes out to gloat and says she is faking an injury to get out of facing her in a rematch. So is Naomi hurt and can’t defend, or is she able to defend at Wrestlemania? Alexa demands her rematch next week, what a nice heel. I was confused, but intrigued. However, can we stop with the injured women storyline?


Match 4: John Cena vs. AJ Styles vs. Bray Wyatt (c) for the WWE Championship

Recap: Bray can’t even get into the ring before he is attacked by Luke Harper. We come back from break and see all three of them taking turns hitting moves, including a flying forearm from AJ Style to Bray on the outside. Aj works Bray over, then AJ is out. John works Bray over and John hit a very stupid looking version of the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Phenomenal Forearm to Bray, but AJ is AA’d by Cena and kicks out at the last moment. AJ Styles puts Bray through the announce table with a leg drop. Wasn’t Bray a heel? Also, Bray was outside quite a bit for him being the champion while we saw Cena and Styles go at it. STF is locked in but Bray got back in and hit the senton onto John to break it up. AA by John but Bray kicks out, making the AA become one of the weakest move in the WWE. However, we see the Styles Clash used and kicked out of by Cena because fuck a strong finisher. Styles looks to come off with the Phenomenal Forearm but John knocks him off the ropes. John turns around and Bray hits the Sister Abigail for the 1…2…3! Bray leaves Cena laying in the middle of the ring clean. After the match we see Randy come out and he announces that he will not face Bray at Wrestlemania, leaving the main event of Mania in question.

Your Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Bray Wyatt

Show Overall: Not super impressed I must say. Not a bad show but you can tell they need to spin their wheels until Wrestlemania. Whereas, Smackdown did a good job of building to special Smackdowns, this show was full of once agains. Nattie and Natalya solved nothing so here we are once again. Mickie and Becky need to wrestle once again, and you main event needed to see John Cena and AJ working against one another once again. Anyways, show wasn’t bad but pretty missable. So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank