Let’s Talk- Smackdown 03-14-2017


AJ comes out and does everything right. He doesn’t grandstand, he didn’t pander to the crowd. Hell, he didn’t act like a face or heel, he just told the world what was what. He was mad and then broke down what he has done. He admits he lost to John Cena, however, he is still waiting for his rematch. He talks about being put in a Triple Threat and not losing, being in an Elimination Chamber, and even won a Battle ROyal, and a one-on-one match with Luke Harper yet he is sitting here without a match for Wrestlemania. He says he was going to talk with Shane about his future, if he has one. This was so simple, yet so perfect.


Match 1: Becky Lynch vs. Natalia


Recap: An absolutely OK match between the two. Nothing happens at the beginning and we come back from break and watch Nattie take out Becky on the floor. Back into the ring and we hear Nattie scream CLOTHESLIIIIINE!, while missing and she is hit with the Exploder suplex and a Disarmer for the tap out victory. After the match Carmella randomly shows up and takes out Becky to no reaction.


Your Winner: Becky Lynch


MizTV: My God, I don’t care. I don’t need to hear about Total Divas and E! Network on my wrestling program, I don’t care and went and did something else while this happened because it was BAD, really bad.


Match 2: Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss


Recap:  An absolutely OK match between the two. Nothing happens at the beginning and we come back from break and Alexa and Mickie are going back and forth, sort of sloppily. Ending sees Alexa roll up Mickie but Can’t hold her down. They both get to their feet and Mickie hits the Mick Kick for the pinfall victory as the crowd went mild.


Your Winner: Mickie James


AJ says he gets his thrills when he can and sneaks up on Shane, who just showed up to the show an hour late. AJ beats the hell out of Shane who immediately turns purple, he really needs to get that checked. AJ takes Shane and puts him face first into a car window as we get a wild Fit Finlay sighting, who I would rather see in a match with AJ. Serves Shane right for being over an hour late to the show. BLOOOOOOOD on the WWE show! WHAT!??? BLOOOD on Shane and they promote it. Also, AJ is being chastised by the Usos and then he is run down by Bryan. AJ asks Bryan what he was going to do fire him, to which Bryan says, “Damn right I am firing you!” and has security take him out of the building. Wow…I like this AJ vs. Daniel Bryan build…which isn’t going to happen.


Match 3: Mojo Rawley vs. Dog Zigger


Recap: Mojo, forgetting that this is a singles match, “eliminates” Dog a few times to prove a point. Zigger, the heel, sporting the U.S. flag on his pants, does nothing and is “eliminated” again. He gets counted out in a complete DUD of a match.


Your Winner: Mojo Rawley


Could we stop with the Owen voice for Shane’s wellbeing. It is Ok to be somber but it is something else to try and act like their was a tragedy.


Randy, wearing his PJ’s again, comes down to the ring to confront the guy whose house he burnt down two weeks again. He fucking burnt down the guys house and then is coming out to confront him…your face everybody! Randy repeats what he said a week ago. Also, you face’s reasoning for burning down Bray Wyatt’s house, was because he wanted to attack Bray first…he burnt down the house to take a man most prized memory in his dead sister? Your Face everybody! Bray then shows up and cuts an awesome face promo! He then bathes himself in the ashes. Got a little weird I am just saying.


We recap Corbin taking out Dean last week with a pipe and forklift, yep a forklift…Then we see Ba-ron Cor-bin with his new girlfriend…the forklift.




Match 4: American Alpha (c) vs. The Usos


Recap: I have no clue really what happened. Why, because if Smackdown didn’t care about this match, why should I. Ending saw Gable put an Uso on his shoulders but the other Uso Super Kicks him and Uso 1 pins him. After the match? Shane comes out and confirms the match no one wants to see. Also, congrats on Smackdown trying to beat all of their champions this week!


Your Winner: The Usos


Show Overall: Wow, I really didn’t like this show. The pacing was off, and the matches were the sheer definition of throw away. So the action wasn’t important, but the stories were, however, the main story was AJ vs. Shane and it is a story that no one wants to see. Also, Shane confirms a match vs. AJ who was fired…? Anyways, I don’t want to see Shane and AJ wrestle so I think that is why I was so down on the show. This show has done a good job of minimizing Bryan and Shane, but this show was full of “Is Shane OK? What is he isn’t, why isn’t he leaving?” and that drove me nuts. We will have to see where it heads as we will either get a shit show or a fine enough match, but AJ deserves so much more than what he is getting. So…


Until Next Time,
Monty the Yank