Let’s Talk- Smackdown 02-28-2017

We open with Bryan and Shane backstage trying to figure out who won last week. Even though it was obvious that AJ’s feet hit first they can’t figure it out but AJ, obviously lying, says his feet hit last. They go back and forth and Luke enters. AJ walks off and Luke creepily says thank you to Shane and Bryan.

To the ring with Miz TV and his guest John Cena. Miz has his mic cut and proceeds to cut…the same promo that everyone has cut on John Cena for the past 10 years now. He talks about him being a part-timer, that he gets preferred treatment and title shots because of who he is. He then reminds him that he beat him at Wrestlemania and then John weaseled his way into a triple-threat match a month later to steal the belt! It was good but I am tired of people only having one attack on John Cena. John finally gets to talk. Runs down Miz, gets slapped by Maryse and this brings out Nikki who calls Maryse a bitch as Miz and Maryse run for the hills.

Match 1: Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James 2 out of 3 falls

Recap: So we get these two facing off against each other…again. Match was fine but I just don’t know what to say. Becky loses the first fall with a Mickie-DT. A clean pin mind you. Becky gets the second fall with a fucking rollup. Alexa comes out tries to distract the ref, whose reasoning for not paying attention to Becky’s pin was, “But, she’s on the apron…” Becky is rolled up but rolls through and makes a arm weiner with Mickie’s arm with the Disarmer for the tap out victory!

Your Winner: Becky Lynch

Luke Promo which was used to hype up his match with AJ later. Then we get a Bray promo and he says he will be in the ring later tonight.

Alexa Bliss in interviewed backstage and is asked about her plan backfiring. Alexa makes a stupid Oscar reference, but was making a point about not being asked about her win last week. She then fake cries about being asked about winning the championship. Natalya comes in and talks about them both being championship material. She says that she was kidding but then says it is all about you, until she takes the title from her.

A quick AJ Styles promo. He continues to argue that Luke’s feet hit first. It was fine.

Match 2: Luke Harper vs. AJ Styles for the Number One Contendership to the WWE Championship

Recap: A very good match between AJ and Luke. Luke has continued to get better and better. Luke has been able to keep up with AJ and they both put on a pretty entertaining match. Luke has also taken the time to groom and it has changed his look 10 fold. He looks like a superstar, while still wearing an A-Tee. Luke starts off showing the power, then he hits AJ with a dropkick. Luke hits AJ with a suicide dive onto AJ and the crowd really started to get behind Luke. Then we got to the storyline part of the match. AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm to Luke and pins him, but Luke got his leg on the rope. AJ made sure to throw his foot off when he got up. But, nevermind that shit, here comes Shane McMahon. He restarts the match, because fuck AJ, so it was spoke, so it was done. AJ went out and argued with Shane but Luke tried to attack AJ from behind. Luke kicks Shane when AJ moved. We go right back into the ring and we see AJ hit the 450 springboard for his second victory of the night.

Your Winner and Number One Contender for the WWE Championship: AJ Styles

We get shenanigans with Carmella and James Ellsworth. John and Nikki were there too. John  then challenges them to a mix tag next week…right here…on Smackdown Live

Match 3: Dean Ambrose vs. A Jobber (Curt Hawkins)

Recap: Nope…Dirty Deeds before the match can start. Dean grabs the mic and makes ha-ha. He then calls down Ba-ron Cor-bin. Ba-ron cuts a promo backstage saying he was Ba-ron Cor-bin. Ba-ron Cor-bin got his own shirt, which makes me disappointed. Dean continues the ha-ha. Anyways, Ba-ron Cor-bin says he will hit deers with his car or something. Also, I think Ba-ron could lose the hair. He looked pretty good with a beanie.

Match 4: Dolph Ziggler vs. Apollo Crews in a Chairs Match

Recap: What? Where the hell did this come from? I mean storyline wise I know, but was this promoted at all on the show? Crews deserves better than he is getting by the way. Crews is all over Ziggler early with a nice dropkick and a moonsault to the outside. We come back…Dolph drops Apollo’s neck across a chair and then crotches him on the chair and gets the win. What?

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler


Bray comes out and starts to cut his promo on AJ and their match at Wrestlemania. He then talks about Randy being at the Wyatt compound. We see Randy in front of the rocking chair, rocking itself. Randy says he got the keys to the compound. He says that he is standing in Bray’s world, but not his. He reminds Bray that at one time he said if you can’t beat them, join them. However, he has another saying when the time is right, screw them. He says that underneath the floor in which he stood was Sister Abigail’s body. He cuts a pretty creepy promo, talks about once he burns the spirit of Sister Abigail that he will be the master and Bray will be the servant, and then proceeds to destroy the shack. He pours gasoline all over the place and stands in front of the shack and sets it ablaze. He poses as we see Bray go crazy around ringside. This was a good segment, and both did a great job at selling this, but how did we go from 0-60 in one night?

Show Overall: A good tidy show. However, the final segment just came out of nowhere for me. We had no signs that this was going to happen so quickly. This also brings into question why we took two weeks to book AJ as the number one contender, just to head back to Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt. I mean I get it and if it is heading towards AJ facing Shane they have a reason now. However, I still think this is going to backfire. I think a portion of the crowd my shit on Randy and Bray just because they want AJ in that spot. Overall the show is booking towards something and that something is compelling. SO…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank