Let’s Talk- Smackdown 02-21-2017

Before we start, how in THE hell is Mojo Rawley in this 10-man Battle Royal to determine the Number 1 contender for the WWE Championship? Is it because he beat Curt Hawkins? Is it because his status of Hype is never null-rather is always in a constant state of increase?

Daniel Bryan comes down and introduces Naomi. Naomi, unable to dance so her music is very awkward, comes down with a brace on her knee. The fans, unable to accept that people who win belts do deserve it. Gist of the story. She is unable to defend her belt and had to relinquish it. I don’t want to play this down, I just don’t need to start a show with this if she truly won’t be able to defend the belt. On the other side of things, if it is a work, which it looks like it isn’t, then I don’t want to see another injury storyline as it is being used too often. Bliss comes out to garner heel heat and expected Bryan to hand over the belt. Alexa somehow becomes the biggest heel in the company by attacking the fans. She gets the “What” treatment, and addresses it once but then moves on. Bryan teases giving Alexa back the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship, but then declined and set up a match between Alexa and Becky Lynch.

Match 1: Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship

Recap: So because RAW had to reboot a overdone match, so did Smackdown. I, again, am fine with it, it just shows how weak a division the tag team and women’s divisions are in WWE because they were split up. How like last night, I sort of tuned this match out. It isn’t that it was boring or bad, it is just being overdone. We see an exploder suplex before we head to a commercial break. We come back and see another exploder suplex for a 2. Alexa is trying to bail out of the ring and is dragged back in, but holds onto the apron. The ref tries to fix the apron and Alexa attacks Becky’s throat, rolls her up, grabs the tights, and regains the WWE Championship. Not sure we needed this when you could have gotten something out of a build to Wrestlemania, it isn’t like we needed to have a crowned champion right now. Anyways Mickie comes out and is kicked by Becky to remind us that they are still feuding.

Your Winner and NEW WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion: Alexa Bliss

Dean is backstage being wacky, he is being crazy, he is zayny. He will get his hands on Big Banter Corbin. Then we see Kalisto talking about headlining Wrestlemania. Then we get Miz.  A nice throwback to how they used to promote the begining of the Royal Rumble. Also, I just noticed Apollo Crews is in the match…man this roster is small.

Nattie runs down Nikki, because we needed to hear them talk some more.

Match 2: Breezango vs. American Alpha

Recap: I love Breezango, I love their outfits, I love how they can just go out and have a great match. Also, Fashion PoPo on the trunks, how do you say, amazing. Fandango takes over on Gable. We see a tag or two and then Alpha comes off with the Steiner Bulldog for the 1…2…3! The Usos comes out and threatened to fight Alpha but decided not to. I like their new attitude. Let them talk and be the heels they can be.

Your Winners: American Alpha

AJ sees a random person in the back and asks, “Do you know where I am going? To the main event of Wrestlemania!” They we go super oldschool and see Ziggler cut a promo in front of a green screen. Mojo, not looking too hyped. They we get a creepy backstage Luke promo. Where the hell did he find those lights? I liked these hype promos.

Nikki is asked for any last thoughts. Nikki cuts a low-key John Cena promo. I fucking hate her music by the way. A face with music that says you can look but you can’t touch is a little weird.

Match 3: Nikki Bella vs. Natalya Neidhart

Recap: To call this a ECW throwback would be an understatement. Barbed wire, light tubes, razor wire, and steel chairs to the head, are just a few things these women didn’t use. Gore, Gore, GOOOOORE by Nikki to start us of. Nikki immediately tries to introduce a table, but Nattie sends it back under the ring, roll up by Nikki and she gets the dreaded kendo stick. These two did do a good job of going for pins around the ring to put over the uniqueness of this match. Nattie decides to sing like a good little tenor between kicks to Nikki’s side. Natalya tries to super-plex Nikki to the concrete, crash pad but is unable to. Chick kick by Nikki for another 2. Nattie teases a kendo stick attack and clears off the announce table. We get a convoluted spot where Natalya gets Nikki into a powerbomb position. Nikki looks like she drops her muff onto Nattie’s face and Nattie takes it to town for about an hour before being fought off and then thrown through the table so lightly the table didn’t break. We come back from break and see them awkwardly fighting up the ramp. Nattie did try for a pin on top of a trunk which was funny. They end up backstage and Nikki is thrown into Maryse. Nikki throws Nattie face first into a mirror but that wasn’t enough to finish this bloated match. Back to ringside and Nattie tries to lock in the Sharpshooter but is turn into the STF. Nattie is unable to tap before Maryse comes out and lightly slaps Nikki on the ass with a…with…PVC pipe? Another light shot later and Natalya is able to pick up the win.

Your Winner: Natalya

We get filler before the main event. Big Banter Corbin is in the boiler room. He continues to old-school promo. We get Apollo, smiles are not weakness folks! And then there is Baby Orton and Bray. Bray cuts a creepy promo with Randy ending it in RUN!


10-man Battle Royal for the Number One Contendership to the WWE Championship


Eliminations in order

Mojo Rawley (Baron Corbin)

Kalisto (Ziggler)

Ziggler (Crews)

Apollo Crews (Baron Corbin)

The Miz (Cena)

Baron Corbin (Dean Ambrose)

John Cena ( The Miz)

Dean Ambrose (Luke Harper)

AJ Styles and Luke Harper (Luke Harper and AJ Styles)

We see a lot of basic things to begin. After the Crews elimination we see Cena and AJ do the Yah-Boo punches but we see Cena sell the punch about an hour earlier than AJ was throwing them. Superkick to Cena, Pele Kick to Harper, Clothesline from Baron, into a rebound lariat by Dean see the action turn manic! Cena sends Miz out after Bryaning up! Cena with a double stacked German suplex to AJ and Dean. Cena gets all of his shit in on AJ but Baron hits the end of Day on Cena. After Corbin is eliminated he hits the End of Days onto Dean on the outside. John is caught from behind by Miz, who was already eliminated, and is eliminated. Cena tries to pull off his best Hulk Hogan from ‘95’s World War 3 and complain in the ring but is fucked out by the refs. Dean tries to steal the victory by eliminating both Luke and AJ at the same time. All three were fighting on the apron and Harper eliminates Dean. AJ and Luke fight on the outside but Styles gets it back into the ring. Luke tries to suplex AJ to the outside but Aj fights him off.  Back to the same spot they were in. We get Luke suplexing AJ out to the floor…but somehow the both hit the floor at the same time…which they didn’t. Like clearly AJ’s feet hit the floor first. Anyways we get a Royal Rumble ‘94 finish with both in the ring saying they won the match. Bryan hustles down to the ring, does not blow a quad thank God, and announces that this match is a Draw…no it is not a draw all ten guys did not tie. Anyways we will have to wait until next week to have a winner. Luke goes ahead and hits AJ with a huge Discus Clothesline and gets the crowd back into it as we head off the air with Bray laughing at us all for being swerved for tonight.

Your Winner: AJ/Luke Harper (Not a draw) they both won

Show Overall: Show was not bad but the ending of too many matches had a weird finish. We get a throw away match between Alexa and Becky to get a new Champion due to Naomi’s injury. We get a waste of a match between Alpha and Breezango to set up Usos vs. Alpha (Which was fine). We see Nattie pick up a win of a feud because she threw Nikki into the Maryse and Maryse gently tapped Nikki on the ass which causes her to lose. Then we got a pretty good Battle Royal that saw a fuck finish to which they called it a draw, when in the past they have announced two winners or they have restarted the match, but because we need to coast into Wrestlemania the push for your main event MUST continue. I am fine with the story being pushed forward but you took away a winner tonight to build to a match where the fans are going to behind either AJ or Luke Harper. However, The main event is still Randy vs. Bray, so you are going to fuck over these guys and threaten to see the crowd push back against Randy and Bray because of the booking. I am not saying that is going to happen, but I think it has a chance especially if AJ is screwed out of a main event to go on to wrestle Shane. I will be pissed and so should everyone else. However, tonight’s show was quick and easy to digest so I can’t complain. I just need some closure and I know I can’t, because Wrestlemania is coming up. So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank