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We open with Daniel Bryan and his audition for the Red Delicious Apple Corp. Miz walks in and calls Toledo a dump, which isn’t necessarily wrong in parts, that he is responsible for bringing in the money that pays everyone’s salary, and asks Bryan what he was going to do about it. Bryan tells Miz that he could block off a stall in the public restroom, which causes mass hysteria! Miz stops laughing and stares at Bryan who offers a rematch with Dean for the IC belt. Miz asks for it to be NO DQ, but Bryan has a better idea, because Miz thinks that he plays for every male wrestlers salary, that they should be at ringside for the match, as lumberjacks.


Match 1: Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper

Recap: We get a mutual entrance amongst the whole family and we get Randy and Luke’s individual introductions in the ring. I will be honest I thought the beginning stare down was going to see Randy lay down for Luke. However, they lock up and then they start brawling. It is all Randy early with Luke having to bail out of the ring and looks to Bray, who stares off into the distance. Luke is draping DDT’d and then back dropped on the barricade, and then back dropped on the announce table before Harper hit a BIG boot on Randy. Ref starts to count them out but Bray gets up and throws both back into the ring. We come back from break and see Randy being man-handled by Luke with slams. Randy gets Luke on the top rope and hits a nice super-plex. Both fought back up to their feet, however, Luke hits a Michinoku Driver for a long 2 count. Both got back to their feet and Randy looked for a RKO, but is rolled up. RKO attempt number 2 but Luke pushed him off and hit a super kick for another 2. Luke looks for the discus clothesline, but it is reversed into a RKO. Randy looks over at Bray and gets over to Luke for the cover, and the 1…2…3! Good opening match. No bullshit during the match, no nothing. Just two men beating each other up. After the match Bray walks into the ring and give Luke the Sister Abigail and stands side-by-side with Randy Orton.

Your Winner: Randy Orton

We got a nice recap of last weeks Women’s championship match in the steel cage. The made this feel important and intense.

Renee Young is in the ring and welcomes her guest Mickie James.

Mickie comes down to the ring and is asked why she came back and did what she did. Mickie runs down her resume, which Renee calls out. Mickie’s issue is that she doesn’t appreciate that the women now act like they were the only athletes in WWE, and that they act like her accomplishments and sacrifice didn’t exist. She talks about how Alexa is the one women fighting against this so called women’s revolution. While Mickie is talking herself up, Becky’s music hits and she makes a beeline towards Mickie. Ground and pound has Mickie bail into the crowd. Becky tried to follow but Alexa was in the crowd and attacked Becky. Back into the ring and Mickie attacks Becky, with Bliss hitting the Twisted Bliss. Mickie tells Becky that she should be more like Alexa and always be one step ahead.

Stupid segment with James Ellsworth and Carmella…so stupid. Not funny, not needed on the show…no…nope! Save me Baron Corbin!

Match 2: Tag Team Battle Royal for entry into the Royal Rumble


Eliminations in order




Curt Hawkins




Heath Slater





A waste of time match to get over Mojo Rawley. Rhyno tries to eliminate Heath immediately. We see a nothing battle royal which immediately saw Mojo vs. Breezango. He moves Fandango in the way for the superkick and then backdrops Breeze out. This also had Corbin on commentary for no reason, who said nothing important nor did it build to something between Mojo and Baron.

Your Winner: Mojo Rawley

Oh, God, so we have Nikki being interviewed and talking about being on the side of a semi trailer. It is probably fate that caused her to be right next to Cena. Natalya comes towards her and says that she isn’t even on the truck and then runs Nikki into it. Wow, riveting.

AJ Styles is in the ring. So, AJ finally points out that he, the WWE champion, is way in the back of the poster for the Rumble and John Cena is front and center. He calls himself a handsome little devil and then calls out John Cena.  John is out with a new shirt and a newly colored cum rag. 45 minutes later and we get Cena in the ring with a mic. John goes to speak and AJ cut him off. The recap the Today Show, and I am honestly disappointed that they showed that, because if John is winning at the Royal Rumble then it just proves that John Cena beat some nobody he flippantly disregarded on a major program instead of promoting his match positively. AJ used this to cut a promo. AJ ends his promo by telling Cena he did replace him., what does he have to do to earn his respect, and that he isn’t going to take an inch, he is going to take a foot and put it in Cena’s ass. Cena asks AJ about looking for respect. He reminds him that every night he has to listen to thousands of people talk about how he sucks and how he is a terrible wrestler. He says he didn’t work the Indies because he wasn’t built for the Indies. He tell AJ he shouldn’t have called him a guy from Atlanta, because AJ is just a guy. Good promos by both I just hope this attitude and direction leaves both looking good and not see John move on and AJ being left as just a guy that Cena beat and then just forgot about.


Match 3: Dolph Ziggler vs. Kalisto

Recap: Ziggler wrestles around with Kalisto. Dog Zigger, JBL’s words not mine, tries to hit a clothesline but Kalisto flips away from it and hits a kick to the face. Springboard by Kalisto sees Ziggler hit a Superkick and get the 1…2…3! After the match Ziggler goes for a chair but Crews comes out and stops him. He grabs the chair and swings for Ziggler but hits the ringpost as Ziggler prances away and up the ramp.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler


Match 4: Naomi vs. Natalya

Recap: We get Naomi’s full entrance with fist pump before Natalya music hits but there is no Natalya because Nikki is attacking her backstage. Mind you Nikki is in full wrestling gear, even though she wasn’t wrestling tonight. And her hat never fell off. Naomi gets the mic and says that she is going to wrestle tonight. She calls out any women from the back. Alexa Bliss’ music hits but she tells her that she wasn’t out there to answer a challenge from a nobody. Bliss asks who she is exactly. Naomi says she is going to snatch that blonde hair and leave Bliss bald. She says you are looking at your new Smackdown Women’s champion. Bliss says if she wants it that way then OK, but doesn’t get into the ring and tells Naomi to enjoy obscurity. So we will get to see if Bliss is able to work with the other women on the roster and hold her own!

Your Winner: No Contest/No Match


Match 5: Lumberjack Match: The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose (C) for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Recap: Ambrose immediately sends Miz outside and is sent back in. Dean and Miz go back at it and Dean goes for the Dirty Deeds but Miz slips out of the ring and realized that the lumberjacks were there and tried to get back in. Dean clotheslined Miz back out and he is beaten up by the lumberjacks and sent back in.

 Miz finally sends Dean outside but the lumberjacks refused to attack until Curt Hawkins takes shots and the heels start attacking. Short DDT by Miz but can’t keep Dean down. Miz Bryans up with the kicks but, like usual , misses the last kick and is rolled up. Ambrose is sent back outside and fights off the lumberjacks, sending Baron into the ringpost. Dean with the Elbow off the top for a very long 2 count. Ambrose dives out onto Miz and the lumberjacks and lays in the fists. Ambrose tries to get back into the ring but Maryse grabs his leg allowing Miz to hit the flying knee for another 2. Drop kicks in the corner sees Dean send Miz over the turnbuckle. Miz tries to go into the crowd but is caught by the lumberjacks. Dean dives out onto them all and rolls Miz back into the ring.

Rebound lariat sees Baron get into the ring and attack Dean. We see all of the lumberjacks get into the ring and get a mini Rumble break out. Dean low bridges Baron and is rolled up by Miz, who couldn’t get his feet on the rope. Dean kicks out and hits the Dirty Deeds for the 1…2…3! Good lumberjack match, it wasn’t overplayed and they found a way to see a little preview of the Rumble, something RAW was missing at the end of their show.

Your Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Dean Ambrose

Show Overall: Another solid show for Smackdown. They didn’t do too much but they got over the stories they needed to to get us to Sunday. Dean is being promoted as THE guy for Smackdown in the Rumble, while promoting Baron and others being in the match. The segment with Cena and AJ got me hyped up for this match because they have told a good story going into Sunday. I want to see Cena win and you can see Cena being more of a dick to AJ, and AJ showing signs, at times, of being a face. First match was a great way to get started with the Wyatts and the ending got me pumped up for the Royal Rumble, so job well done! So…

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