Let’s Talk About-   01-17-2017 

This week you all be witness to sick Monty doing a sick review! Get ready!

And we are off with some, “Here comes to MONEY!” Shane is out to the ring and he doesn’t leave us hanging about the big announcement that he has. He announced that Smackdown will have an Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship in four weeks at the Elimination Chamber PPV. This brings out AJ, who threatens to go back to Japan if he isn’t going to be respected. John Cena comes down and cuts a bit of a promo, and ultimately we get the Miz. Miz cuts a promo on AJ and talks about how when AJ was in Japan he was defeating John Cena at Wrestlemania, which is false, AJ was in TNA ;). John starts poking the bears in the ring and playing one another against each other and we have our build for four weeks, and three potential participants for that Elimination Chamber match. Shane makes another decision and makes a match between Miz and AJ next, live of Smackdown Live.

Before the match we see Dean Ambrose backstage with Shane. He asks for a new Intercontinental Championship because Miz made it sticky and it smells weird…because of hair gel or something. Also, he is flippantly put into the Elimination Chamber match. Most importantly, Dean will face Randy “Sneaky Snake” Orton tonight.


Match 1: AJ Styles vs. The Miz

Recap: We get some amateur holds being exchanged between the two. AJ gets the ball rolling with the That’s Phenomenal dropkick. AJ works over Miz and goes for the Phenomenal Elbow but is slowed up by Maryse and knocked off the apron as Smackdown live rolls on. Miz is working the Daniel Bryan dropkicks in the corner but he is now finishing them up with his clothesline in the corner.

Styles Clash attempt by AJ but Miz kicks away and hits a DDT for a 2 count. Both men are outside and AJ throws Miz into Cena. Cena tosses Miz aside and attacks AJ. The match is thrown out and we see Miz try and attack Cena from behind but is AA’d for his troubles and then AJ tries a Phenomenal Forearm but John moves and ultimately AA’s AJ to take us to the break.

Your Winner: No Contest due to John Cena


Nikki comes down to the ring and calls out Natalya. We get another brawl between the two and this will led us into another night. While I could not care less about this feud, I can’t say that it is being done poorly. They are giving us a lot of action without these two wrestling one another. Their only issue is their promo skills which I still don’t think conveys their “hatred” for one another. They did brawl amongst the crowd at the merch booth which did get the crowd into it. What do I hate about this? The whole bullshit about Nikki and Cena fucking and that being an issue and a storyline, just stop.

Alexa Bliss cut a promo about if stepping into the cage is what it will take to get away for Becky then yes she is going to go in and walk out as the WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion. Good little promo from Bliss. Week by week she is getting better at everything.


Match 2: Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton

Recap: First part of this match wasn’t very entertaining. I continually lost interest in what was going on. They did some basic things in the ring and then went outside. We go back inside with some more basic moves and after a clothesline off the top we see both go back outside. Randy then slams Dean back first onto the announce table to take us to break. Punchy-kicky offense between the two until Randy reverses the rebound lariat into his clapping powerslam for a 2. We see both block each other’s finisher and then Randy is taking out with the rebound lariat. Randy is sent over the top rope and Harper helps him up. Dean with the world’s slowest suicide dive onto Harper. Randy gets his advantage back and hits the draping DDT and looks to hit the RKO. For the second week in a row Harper interferes into the match and sees Randy get beaten. Dean rolls up Randy and gets the 1…2…3!

After the match Luke and Randy go at it. Luke is the one that walks off after being punched in the face by Bray, and later we find out that Randy and Luke will face off next week in a match.



Your Winner: Dean Ambrose

Becky is interviewed backstage and she says that she never walks away from a fight and tonight she will see what Alexa is made of.

The King is back to host the King’s Court. He has Dolph Ziggler as a guest. Ziggler comes down and then eventually talks about almost killing King in the ring. He threatens to finish the job. Ziggler Super Kicks King in the chest

and walks out. A nothing segment to promote Ziggler as a heel.


Match 3: Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss (C)  for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship


Recap: These two women came out to have a very competent cage match, and I think, for the most part, they succeeded. Early going saw them tease moves into the cage, with some head bouncing off of it, and a couple of reversals leading to a cage escape attempt.

After the commercial break, they started to pick it up. Becky hit a missile dropkick onto Alexa for a 2 count. Bliss got all the way to the other side of the cage but Alexa snatched up Becky’s hair and brought her back in. Nice side kick by Becky on the top rope and she hit an exploder suplex from the top for a long 2 count.

Both fight to crawl out of the door, but they both kept catching each other to stop the win. La Luchadora comes down and blocks Becky’s escape. Becky locks in the Disarmer causing La Luchadora to come into the ring. A Spinning side kick and a DDT from Alexa later, and we see Becky unable to get her shoulders up before the 3 count. After the match La luchadora celebrates with Alexa and both put the boots to Becky. Becky fights them both off and unmasks La Luchadora revealing Mickie James. Mickey flashes Becky a smile and Alexa attacks Becky from behind. Alexa and Mickey stand tall in the ring as we head off the air.

Your Winner and STILL WWE Smackdown Champion: Alexa Bliss

Show Overall: Not a bad show tonight. It flowed and it got a lot of story over. Smackdown is so consistent that I am not surprised when their show goes off without a hitch. They promoted a lot of things heading into the Rumble, and already promoted the PPV after the Royal Rumble. Instead of a two week build to another PPV we are at least seeing a four week build to the main event, even if it is not set in stone due the Rumble. I would rather see nothing until Mania, as I like a longer break between PPV’s to allow stories to breathe, but if you have to do something, I like where they are heading. Anyways, if you missed this show you didn’t miss anything groundbreaking, but you did miss an entertaining night of professional wrestling. So…

Until Next Time,


Monty the Yank