Let’s Talk About- Smackdown 12/13/2016

We open with Shane and Daniel Bryan watching the finish of the main event last week, because they just did not have time to do so at all during the week between shows. James Ellsworth is sick and unable to compete…he then sneezes on Daniel, who looks like he was just shit on. Weird opening.

Immediately in the ring with Miz. His suit game is super strong this week. A nice red ensemble with a sweet looking lapel. He brings out AJ Styles. AJ is now talking shit all the way down to the ring. He is such a great asshole, and I love him for it. Miz tells AJ that James is unable to compete tonight. AJ brushes it off and then says that they did James a solid, because he is going to destroy James Ellsworth. Miz and AJ have a good laugh at Ellsworth’s expense. After AJ has a little self-fellacio on his ego, Miz points out that he has brought the Intercontinental Championship out of obscurity. He they says he is above AJ’s level. He tells him that maybe it is time that he makes the WWE title legendary. They square off but out comes Dean,and then Ziggler. Ziggler calls them both out, attacks Miz, is made to look like a punk, and Dean has to come in for the save with the Dirty Deeds. AJ walks off, and to make sure we understand that Ziggler is absolutely punked out, Dean hits the Dirty Deeds onto Ziggler. Lights out in the Smackdown Zone! Luke Harper with the discus clothesline onto Dean, and he eyeballs AJ up the ramp. Interesting going ons in the WWE championship story! After the break we have a fatal four way between Dean, Ziggler, Miz, and Luke Harper.

Match 1: Natalya vs. Carmella

Recap: Oh, Oh, OHHHHH! *Raises hand* OHHHHH will we have Nikki Bella promote absolute garbage? OHHHH, Will Natalya act like a child and beg Nikki to believe her, instead of being an adult and just leave it be and allowing Nikki to be ignorant? Man, I nailed it! Anyways, Carmella is suuuuper green. If only they had a developmental program in which she can work in front of a smaller crowd and learn to work…if only! Well, on top of the bad work in the ring, we continue to cut to Nikki Bella to see her talking. Thank God, because I just couldn’t follow her if I couldn’t see her face…Carmella holds in a Guillotine for way too long, Natalya bounces her up and down like they we in a love session, and hits a Michinoku Driver. This allows Natalya to roll out and continue to plead her case. OF COURSE THIS LEADS TO CARMELLA ROLLING UP NATALYA FOR THE WIN.  So on top of the match being shuit, we get a rollup…great!

Your Winner: Carmella via ROLLUP!!!!!

Randomly we have Gabriel Iglesias with Apollo Crews making fun of the Miz…cool

Match 2: American Alpha vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. Breezango vs. The Hype Bros vs. The Ascension vs. The Vaudevillians for the Number One Contendership to the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship


Eliminations in order

Simon Gotch


Chad Gable


Aiden English


Jason Jordan

Heath Slater

Tyler Breeze


This was a pretty entertaining battle royal. It really picked up at the end with Connor and Breeze attacking Heath. Heath got a flurry of offense, with the crowd getting really getting behind Heath. I am fine with how this ended up. It showcased a couple of the “lost” teams in this division, and it allowed for their to be another face team facing the Wyatts, allowing for them to save American Alpha from eating loses against them.

Your Winners and Number One Contenders to the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Hype Bros

Match 3: Alexa Bliss vs. A Jobber

Recap: Alexa got a chance to cut a quick, heel promo. She still decides to attack the jobber before the match started. This brings out Becky Lynch. She says that Alexa is wearing her ring gear this week, and asks to get a rematch tonight. Alexa says that Becky can have her rematch…just not tonight. This brings out Shane, who makes the match for tonight.

Your Winner: No Contest

Match 4: Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss (c) for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship

Recap: Alexa does a good job running from Becky. Arm drags by Becky, followed by a rope assisted sidekick. Alexa missed the double knees to a grounded Lynch. Big Clothesline by Becky. Becky goes for the Exploder suplex, but is blocked by Alexa. Alexa avoids another Disarmer. Hige forearm by Becky on the outside. Alexa continues to run, and “tweaks” her knee. Becky, decides to stay in the ring, instead of going out to get Alexa, and allows Alexa to get counted out…and then she decides to go out and attack her after the match??? What the hell? That was a very, very stupid ending.

Your Winner: Becky Lynch via DQ


Match 5: Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz vs. Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Number One COntendership for the WWE Championship

Recap: We, quickly get to a bunch of one-on-ones. Miz tries to make an alliance with Harper, but is punched for his effort. AJ tells the commentators that he is not listening to them and watching the match. Daniel Bry…I mean the Miz Bryan ups and kicks Ziggler with the Yes kicks. Corner dropkicks by Miz, but on the third attempt, he is clotheslined and bulldogged by Dean. Luke digs into Luger’s bag of tricks and pulls out the Torture Rack. Dean comes in and tries to hit the Dirty Deeds on Luke, he is Super Kicked by Ziggler. Luke clotheslines Ziggler, and is rebound clotheslined by Dean. Miz is rolled up…yep, rolled up and eliminated. Dean gets the Regal Stretch onto Ziggler. AJ confesses his love for JBL. What I love about AJ on commentary is that he shuts up when something important is happening in the ring. He allows the moments to happen and doesn’t try to truck through the commentary. It is the little things. While Nikki continued to talk, and talk, and talk through the whole match, AJ picked his spots and promoted the match, while promoting himself. Anyways, Luke with a huge sitout powerbomb onto Ziggler for a long 2. Luke runs wild,  but he is Super Kicked and hit with the Dirty Deeds to be eliminated, which caused the crowd to boo. Ambrose slingshots Ziggler into the ringpost, as the crowd goes mild. We get a bit more back and forth, with Miz coming back out. He interferes with Dean, holding his leg as he tried to get back into the ring. Dean stomps him and runs right into a Super Kick for the 1…2..3 for Ziggler. Also, we should ignore the WWE Champion contender’s win, and cut to a promo with Rich Swann…nice, good way to make this win seem meaningless.

Your Winner and Number One Contender for the WWE Championship: Dolph Ziggler

Recap: Wow, looking at the contenders for the Smackdown championships and we can see that Smackdown is just treading water until the Rumble. Dolph, I would assume, is just a placeholder until we get AJ’s opponent and direction towards Mania. You have built in a few potential, big match scenarios for him as champion, so to have Ziggler win the belt would really hurt this brand right now. The Hype Bros are just being feed to The Wyatts a fear, and we are looking at rematches between Becky and Alexa, and Dean and Miz. Tonight wasn’t bad, just the perfect example of a filler show. I was entertained, but in retrospect not a whole lot of new happened. So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank