Let’s Talk About- Smackdown 12/06/2016

The 2 hours of power is here it is ready to begin…and it’s coming up…NEXT!

We open with AJ Styles out in a walking boot. He comes out and looks sad. Well, sad being a relative term. We all get ready to hear bad news, but he then beging to talk/show the hole in his tights from TLC. He hams it up and talks about the boot, then laughs it off. However, there will be no match with James Ellsworth tonight, thank God! James Ellsworth comes out, and AJ tells him that he looks like he is in slow motion. James makes fun of AJ. Also, as a bit of a prick, James Ellsworth is more awesome to me. James claims that AJ is faking his injury. He talks about beating AJ three time, and the AJ is ducking him. James also claims that if he wouldn’t have come out, that AJ would have lost. AJ and James go back and forth, until Dean’s music hits. Dean comes out, gets into the ring, and hits the Dirty Deeds on Ellsworth. He turns around and walks right back out of the ring. Good start to the night. Also loved JBL being so jubilant about this!

Match 1: Heath Slater and Rhyno vs The Wyatts (C) for the WWE Smackdown CHampionship

Recap: Not a whole lot to say in this one. We get a rematch from TLC. Heath and Rhyno get a little bit more offense in, in this one. However, in the end, we see Bray get the Sister Abigail onto Heath, however, before he hits it, he tags in Orton and allows him to hit the RKO for the 1…2…3! Match was pretty good, but it was just a way to end this pairing, I fear, of Rhyno and Heath.

Your Winners and STILL WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The Wyatts Via the RKO

Match 2: Natalya vs Carmella

Recap: Carmella gets into the ring. The shiner on her eye  is still showing. Thanks Nikki. She recaps what she already said at TLC. She says Natalya pulled a Tonya Harding on Nikki. Does anyone watching remember that? She explains why, like a good heel should. However, if Natalya is really behind this attack, then Carmella is right, and not a heel here. This brings out Natalya and she beats down Carmella. Carmella gets some space and high tails it out of the ring, and into the back. Natalya runs into Nikki and pleads her case. Hey, it progressed the storyline, and it wasn’t horrible.

Your Winner: No Contest

Match 3: The Ascension vs. The Hype Bros

Recap: Connor and Victor still look like the Orcs from The Lord of the Rings. They all get some inset promos, which was fine. So, Zack gets beat down by the Ascension. Hot tag to Mojo. Mojo runs wild and does what Mojo does, which is run all around the ring, moving his arms around to look like he is moving faster. Mojo is rolled up, and kicks out. Tag to Zack, and we see the Hype Ryder for the victory. A completely forgettable match.

Your Winners: The Hype Bros via the Hype Ryder

Miz TV ft.Dean Ambrose: A good little segment between the two. Miz talks shit to Dean and gives him a participation award for his second place finish at TLC, after working him up and making him mad about what happened with James Ellsworth, and hid behind his wife to avoid being beat up. The crowd cheers, “You deserve it!”, to Ambrose. Dean challenges Miz to a match tonight. Miz is already denying the request, but, Daniel Bryan comes down and makes it the main event for tonight. So, an hour into the show and we just had the main event announced? So, there was like a 15 minute segment just missing from this show, after it was already an hour old?

Match 4: Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto

Recap: Damnit with these rematches! I don’t need to see this match again, when, on Sunday, we blew this feud off with a chairs match! Anyways, Baron Corbin wins with a End of Days off of a Tilt-a-whirl headscissors. You missed nothing if you watches/read about TLC.

Your Winner: Baron Corbin Via the End of Days

Match 5: Tyler Breeze vs. Chad Gable

Recap; We get this match because Breezango gave them some tickets because of their fashion. That was entertaining, and a reason for the match. Also entertaining? This match. Breeze and Gable had a fun, little exhibition. Gable with a skin the cat, taking Breeze out of the ring. We get an exploder suplex by Gable, and a five count of punches. Fandango tries to attack Gable on the outside, but he ducks, and Jordan hits a Steiner style belly-to-belly. Gable does the O’Connor Roll into the German Suplex for the 1…2…3!

Your Winner: Chad Gable Via a German Suplex

Alexa Bliss comes out to celebrate her win. If you have not had a chance, check out her interview on Talking Smack after TLC. She was very real, and very emotional in her interview. Anyways, she says, “Ding dong, the witch is champ!”, which I thought was nice. This was a bit short, but I really liked that she got a chance to continue her character before Becky Lynch came out. She wants a rematch, and Alexa acts like she is going to accept, but they says not tonight.


Match 6: Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz (C) for the WWE Intercontinental Champion

Recap: Well, I like this match. However, I hated the ending. I mean, I guess I didn’t, in the scheme of things, but I just hate a good match to end in a screwy finish. Now, I did like that James has an out. He was “trying” to tell Dean that Maryse was trying to interfere. Match saw Dean and Miz have a little back-and-forth. Dean with his clothesline in the corner, into the bulldog for a 2. We get a trade, and reversal, of each other’s finishers. Miz starts working Dean’s leg to set up for the Figure Four. Miz can’t get the FIgure Four on, so he puts Dean into the Mexican Surfboard. Well, he sets up for it, and just stomps on the calves. Dean fights back, but is caught off a Bret’s rope flying nothing. Miz gets the Figure Four onto Dean. Dean has to fight, and fight, and fight…for the rope that is right next to his hand. He gets the rope break and hits a suicide dive out onto Miz. Ending sees Dean and Miz fighting on the top rope. He throws Miz off, but Maryse interferes and tosses Dean off the top. This brings out Ellsworth. Because Ellsworth comes out, Dean’s unstoppable rollup is missed, and by the time the ref comes over, Miz finds the strength to kick out. Dean looks over at Ellsworth, and Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the 1…2…3!

Your WInner and Still Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

Show Overall: A forgettable show tonight. It was not bad, just forgettable. AJ’s promo at the beginning, and the main event is about the only thing that register for me. However, they did tell the stories they needed to get to the next PPV. Rumble is next for them and they don’t need to force a bunch of stuff. I just don’t have much to say about it, because it was just a moment in time, that I don’t regret, but won’t remember tomorrow. So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank