Cold open and we get John Cena’s music. Cena comes down and a couple of notes I have. He changed nothing…I mean he used to change the shirt once a month and the color scheme used to be changed up. Hell, even his cum rag was the same color. Anyways I thought I would miss Cena, however, I just didn’t as far as his promos. He gets down to business and He is now self aware. He demands a title shot against the winner of tonight…because he is Cena. No, not my words, his. Promo was good, but some of the stuff he said is implying that this show isn’t good and that the New Era isn’t good. I am not sure what show he has been watching but Smackdown has done a good job moving their show in a different direction, a better direction.

Match 1: The Wyatts (C)  vs. The Usos vs. Heath and Rhyno vs. American Alpha for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship


Eliminations in order

Heath and Rhyno by the Usos (Super Kick)

The Usos by American Alpha (Jackknife rollup)

The Wyatts

Heath got some offense early, he ran wild on The Usos but “botched” off the top and was superkicked in the face for the elimination. We got a lot of American Alpha being awesome. We see them catch the Usos off the top and hitting tandem Steiner-style belly-to-bellies. Usos try to steal one and sits on Gabe but he reverses the pin and stacks him up for the elimination. The Usos take out American Alpha and leave them to be killed by the Wyatts. Randy picks apart Alpha and hits a nice powerslam for a 2 count. Gable shows his strength by German suplexing Harper for a long 2 count. Randy hits two belly-to-back suplexes on Gable against the barricade. Nice slingshot suplex by Orton for another 2 count. Gator roll by Harper shows Gable his amateur bility! Gable fights off all that the Wyatts can throw at him and finally gets the hot tag to Jordan. Jordan, who still has the hottest tag in the business, hits a nice Steiner-style belly-to-belly onto Harper. Gable hits the cannonball onto Harper on the outside. Jordan hits Bray but eats the draping DDT by Randy as he tried to get back in. Gable distracts Randy, who was going for the RKO, causing Randy to try a super-plex onto Gable. Gable shoves Randy off the ropes into Harper. Randy is stunned and he gets run off the ropes and Alpha hits the Grand Amplitude for the 1…2…3! Great, great match!

Your Winners and NEW WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions: American Alpha

Passionate promo by Dolph. While good, I just don’t care about his character because he is never allowed to succeed for more than a week. Spoiler, he didn’t win tonight. Liking the stubble he has going on though.

James Ellsworth, able to talk this week, gets to run himself down. However, Carmella comes in and talks about how he is weirdly sexy! I am not sure where this is heading, but I will follow!

Match 2: Alexa Bliss (C) vs. Becky Lynch for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship

Recap: Early wear down by Becky. She puts on a smooth reverse deathlock onto Alexa. I am going to make a backhanded compliment about Bliss here. She is green, however, I think the fact that Becky and Bliss know what they can, and cannot do due to this handicap, actually makes their matches more enjoyable. They build a basic match and work into the “high-spots”. This allows them to not take stupid bumps and try to outdo anybody. Was this match sloppy at times? Yes, however, they never lost the crowd due to it, nor was it so shit that it looked fake. Brawling on the outside sees Bliss try to avoid a takedown.Becky looks to slam Alexa into the steps, but is cut off and sent into the ringpost for good measure. However, they take me right out of it by going to commerical while Becky was still on the outside and at risk of being counted out. It’s the little things. Becky takes Alexa’s arm and hyper-extended it. It looked crazy and built into Becky trying for the Disarmer. What sucked is that Becky didn’t try to work the arm anymore, and Alexa didn’t sell her arm after that move. La Luchadora comes down to the ring to interfere, she removes the middle turnbuckle cover. Alexa tries the Twister Bliss but Becky gets her knees up. Disarmer is put on but Alexa gets her foot on the ropes. Alexa makes her arm look like it was dislocated, allowing La Luchadora to run Becky’s head into the turnbuckle. Alexa comes back over and hits the DDT and gets the pinfall victory over Becky. A fun, well paced match between the two.

Your Winner and STILL WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion: Alexa Bliss

Backstage Renee finally comes to Miz’s door. Maryse threatens Renee but Miz calls her off. Miz’s suit game is on point. He runs off the security. Renee still does her job and asks Miz what his 2017 will look like. He cuts his promo, but Dean comes into the shot in a security shirt. Miz looks at him and there is a pause. Dean then runs him into the wall and starts beating him up. Dean then fights off security and call in an all clear on the walkie-talkie. Funny segment here.

Nikki segment…I just don’t care about this story because it is way too forced. Nikki did cut a nice promo about earning her spot.

We then get a backstage promo by Baron. Corbin says that he should have been recognized as a top player a long time ago. He says that AJ and Ziggler will meet the End of Days tonight.


Match 3: Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. AJ Styles (C) for the WWE Championship

Recap: keeping with the theme of the night we got to see a pretty good match between these three. Baron can hold his own in the main event. He is still green, but he is competent enough to hold a match with top guys. I think it is a testament to having a green wrestler work with an experienced wrestler. This is why I would like to see NXT intertwine main roster guys so that they can get experience working with someone who will teach them how to work. I know they have stars down there, but often times we see the stars working with other stars and having the developmental talent work each other. Anyways, What I liked early was that Ziggler and AJ would have a somewhat scientific match going on and Baron would come in and just brawl and bowl them out of the way. I liked the contrast differences we saw when AJ and Ziggler wrestle compared to when Baron wrestle either one of them. Baron stacks Ziggler and AJ in the corner, but he is back elbowed when he charged into them. Baron hits the leg lariat and then a STO on AJ for a long 2 count. AJ and Ziggler come together to take Baron out. Baron, like a monster, fights them both off and then clears off the announcer’s table. AJ avoids the charge by Baron, sending him into the barricade. Super Kick by Ziggler sees Baron fall across the announcer’s table and AJ and Ziggler climb up on the barricade, look at each other, AJ shrugs his shoulders and then hit a tandem leg drop/splash driving Baron through the table. Super Kick by Ziggler almost secures a victory, but AJ kicks out. AJ hits the fireman’s carry into the knee across the neck. Ziggler fights off a Styles Clash, goes for a Super Kick, is rolled up, and finally hits a Super Kick. Baron breaks up the count and Ziggler and Baron start going at it. We see an End of Days on AJ, however, during the move Ziggler hits a Zig Zag on Baron. Baron takes Ziggler up top but Ziggler fights him off. Ziggler  looks to dive but he is cut off. Baron hits the End of Days on Ziggler, turns, and is hit by a Phenomenal Forearm by AJ. AJ goes over and covers Ziggler to secure the pinfall and his title. After the match John Cena comes into the ring and wants AJ to shake his hand. AJ is reluctant but ultimately places the title between the two and shakes John’s hand to send us off the air.

Your Winner and STILL WWE Champion: AJ Styles

Show Overall: An absolutely fantastic show to send us into the new year. All three of these matches tonight had meaning to them. Basically Smackdown went ahead and had a mini PPV to end the year, while RAW just phoned it in. The tag match was awesome and it should build to something between Alpha and the Usos. Also, we could see so animosity amongst the Wyatts. We still don’t have a clean loss by Becky in her rematch with Bliss, so we should see this story continue. Finally,, we already have a Rumble main event between AJ and Cena. I would rather see this happen at Mania and have John win his 16th title at that show, but I am down for whatever, and here is why. AJ is showing some face tactics the past couple of weeks and I think it may be time for him to turn. If he is going to turn he needs to be away from that belt so that his climb to a face title reign can be fresh, with fresh stories going into it. Also, I believe that John Cena vs. Taker would be a wonderful title match at Wrestlemania so either way they go I think I am going to be satisfied. Anyways here is to next year! SO….

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank