Let’s Talk Quickly About- Smackdown 11/29/2016

Women’s Championship Match Signing- Alexa and Becky in the ring to sign the contract for Alexa’s rematch. Alexa is such a great heel, it must be that Ohio asshole coming out! She pleads her case and tells Becky that she would have been the Smackdown Women’s Champion. Becky compares Alexa to a 4 year old. This turns into a bit of a catty back and forth. Becky did a good job telling Alexa that she got where she was at, not because she was nice, but because she was relentless. Alexa tells her that no matter what, there is always someone better. She also becomes culturally insensitive to Becky! We get a sucker punch from Becky, however, in the end, Alexa shoves Becky off of Bret’s rope through the table. Good segment.

Match 1: Dolph Ziggler and Kalisto vs. Baron Corbin and The Miz

Recap: All Corbin in the early going. Miz goes to the outside to get Ziggler and pulls out a ladder. Ziggler DDTs Miz on the floor, and hits the Superkick onto Baron. Hot tag to Kalisto and he kicks the crap out of Miz. Crescent kick by Miz. However, he heads back outside to get Dolph, and Kalisto dives out on top of the group. . We get a Superkick by Dolph, then a ladder spot by Maryse. Baron comes in and hits Kalisto with the chair for the DQ. Match was fine, and got over the story on Sunday.

Your Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Kalisto via DQ

Awesome backstage promo by American Alpha, getting one over on the Wyatts. Then we get a Bray Wyatt promo, which was nice, but it wasn’t American Alpha, and that makes me sad. Randy is awesome, by the way.

Match 2:  Carmella vs.

Recap: Carmella with the mic, She had a message for Mr. Cena. She apologises to Cena about what she will do to Nikki on Sunday. Nikki comes out and takes out Carmella. My only assumption is that Nikki ruined Eva Maria’s return to the ring!

Your Winners: No Match

Ambrose Asylum.with James Ellsworth: I am a bit of done with this storyline. I really, really am. I like James, and I am glad he is in the company, but you would think that the storyline would be Dean vs. AJ in a TLC match for the WWE World Title…you would think, wouldn’t ya? Anyways he cut that fiery promo. AJ comes out and acts like an asshole. His little laugh after his lame jokes is awesome. While I hate that James keeps winning against AJ, I love how AJ can pull it back and make the storyline make sense. AJ tells Dean that he is going to beat some respect out of him at TLC. AJ takes out Dean and James. He then Styles Clashes James onto the floor from the steps. It looked like he absolutely murdered Ellsworth. Awesome little segment!

Match 2: Kane vs. Luke Harper

Recap: A rematch of a match from Survivor Series. The match that I didn’t really like. So I hate Rematches, and I hated the first match, so what do you think I thought for this match? Meh, it was OK. Not a bad, big man match, but I just don’t get it. Kane is old and slow. Luke, looks like he has to go in slow motion in order to work with Kane. I love Kane, but it is just time for him to be done. A big man match, with a nice Super-plex at the end, as well as, a Chokeslam victory by Kane. If you are into that sort of thing.

Your Winner: Kane via Chokeslam

It’s time for YOUR MAIN EVENT

Match 3: The Wyatts vs. American Alpha Gable

Recap: Good news? I loved that these guys got to have such a fun match. It really allowed Alpha to look good against Randy and Bray. Bad News? Well, for me? I hated that American Alpha lost. However, I understand where they are heading. I really believe Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton should win the tag belts. I think the Heath and Rhyno thing has run its course. I think having them on top working some of these inexperienced teams will allows them to pass on some tips and tricks, while making these tag teams look like a more credible threat because they would have worked Bray and Randy. Anyways, match saw Jordan use his quickness to try and avoid Randy’s onslaught. Alpha showed their experience, as a team, double drop kicking Bray out of the ring. Bray got the momentum back by slowing it down and avoiding a crossbody by Jordan, which sent Jordan right into the ropes. Wyatts work over Jordan, who, eventually, gets the hot tag to Gable. We see nothing off of that tag, and see Bray and Randy taking out Gable when we return from break. Gable fights through the battle and gets the hot tag to Jordan. Steiner-style belly-to-belly to Bray. Gable does a cannonball onto Randy, who was on the floor. Jordan takes down the straps and the lights go out. Luke, who just lost to Kane, is at ringside. This allows Bray to try for Sister Abigail. Randy comes in and breaks up the Grand Amplitude, with an RKO onto Gable. Jordan drives Orton into the corner, but turns around and eats a Sister Abigail for the 1…2…3!

Your WInners: The Wyatts via Sister Abigail

We end the night with AJ putting down the tag champions, but he is jumped from behind by Dean. We see a nice, backstage, brawl between the two as we head off the air.

Show Overall: I didn’t hate tonight. While it was a bit slow, and we only saw three matches, I believe tonight got me more excited for TLC. We plugged the big matches on the show and I was ok with the less is more mentality of the matches. Was it a call a friend, and tell them to tune in sort of show? No, not by any means. However, it was a show that got down to business and promoted the hell out of their PPV on Sunday. So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank