Match 1: Kalisto vs The Miz (C) for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Story of the match; Kalisto is a much better wrestler than Miz. Miz looked like a fool for a majority of the match. I know he is heel, however, can we please get a match, or two, that allows Miz to look like a strong competitor? Anyways, high-flying by Kalisto, and Baron comes out and tries to attack Kalisto. Kalisto is distracted and Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the win. Corbin attacks Kalisto at the end. Also, Miz is Super Kicked by Dolph. So, no one looks better after the match.

Your Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: the Miz via the Skull Crushing Finale

Match 2: Tag Team Turmoil; Hype Bros vs. Ascension vs. Breezango vs American Alpha

Hype Bro get taken out early with the strength of the Ascension. Zach hit a double neckbreaker on the Ascension. Zach and Mojo hit the Hype Rider, bringing out Breezango, while eliminating the Ascension. Dive, immediately, out onto Breezango. Breezango eliminate the Hype Bros via springboard elbow drop. Out comes American Alpha. Breezango goes for the same finish, but Gable counters and stacks Fandango up for the 1…2…3! Vaudevillians come out and are immediately eliminated with a nice German Suplex into a bridge by Jason Jordan. Out come the Usos, who like smart heels, come out slowly. Wardrobe chance like 20, since the Usos heel turn. Usos keep it on the ground, until Gable gets the hot tag. A couple of Steiner-style belly-to-bellies by Gable and we get the Usos on the retreat. Gable fights out of the back breaker, forearm smash for the top by the Usos. Jordan gets the blind tag and the hit the avalanche bulldog, however, Jey breaks it up. Jordan gets the tag, but Gable is pulled outside. Jordan is being set up by Usos, but Gable comes back in, Jordan reverses an Irish Whip and hit the Grand Amplitude for the 3. Immediate cut to a Bray promo. He says that American Alpha didn’t beat all the tag teams. He tells them that next week they will have to face him, and Randy. So, american Alpha sort of won tonight.

Your Winners: American Alpha via the Grand Amplitude

Match 3: Becky Lynch vs. Natalya

Pretty decent match between these two. Natalya hit a nice powerbomb onto Becky. However, this match ran into the same issue with all of these matches, and that was, there was a commercial break during it. I am so sick of a commercial break in every match on the show. It isn’t like we have a 20 minute match to watch, so there is no reason to put a commercial into every match. It just takes me so far out of the match that I don’t want to see the end. If I wasn’t reviewing it, and watching live, I would have moved onto another show at this point. Natalya dominated a good portion of the match. Becky comeback, Becky Disarmer, Becky wins. Alexa comes in at the end and hits the DDT on Becky, and walks off.

Your Winner: Becky Lynch via the Disarmer

Match 4: Kane vs. Baron Corbin

Why? I mean I know why, but why? ALso, we got a commercial break between Corbin coming out and the match…yeah, a Baron Corbin and Kane match should keep you tunes in through the commerical! So, we get a few minutes of big man punchy-kicky and then we get a Kalisto interference. Chokeslam by Kane, and Kalisto, the face, takes out Baron Corbin with a chair.

Your Winner: Baron Corbin via DQ


Match 5: Ladder match: AJ Styles vs. James Ellsworth for a future shot at AJ’s WWE World Championship

We got, and short, but entertaining ladder match between these two. Ellsworth acts hurt, and AJ just goes out to end the match quickly. James is Tree-of-Woe’d on the ladder and kicked in the ribs. Big slap by AJ. Dean comes in and tries to assist James, but AJ comes back in, and breaks it up. AJ, is taken out with a ladder spot, that sent him out of the ring. Super kick onto AJ, who’s leg gets caught in the ropes. James climbs up and gets the contract.

Your Winner: James Ellsworth via Ladder Climb


Shane in ring/ Aj Styles, James Ellsworth, and Dean story:

He talked up the Survivor Series victory from Sunday. Dean comes out and Shane points out that his little Shield reunion could have caused Smackdown the victory. Dean blows it off and called down Ellsworth, who was in a comedically, big, neckbrace. Dean acts goofy and James got a contract, and a title shot, A title shot?? Well, sort of. AJ comes down and that is what ends up happening, because AJ wants to end James’ chance at a contract. So our main event is James Ellsworth vs AJ Styles in a ladder match for a future shot at the WWE World Title. Spoiler, AJ loses! Dean keeps coming back into the arena. At one point he is dressed as the Mountie and he tells Bryan to tell Aj that, “ The Mountie always gets his man”, to which, Bryan groans. Dean comes back one last time in a Ottawa Senators jersey…and ends up at ringside by the end of all of this.

Becky Lynch/Alexa Bliss:

So, quick and simple. Alexa asks when she will get her rematch. Becky, interrupts and says that Alexa doesn’t need to worry because she will get her rematch at TLC-ya later. We also get Natalya, calling out Becky for losing. Shane tells them they all lost, and sets up a match between Natalya and Becky, tonight…here in Ottawa!

Corbin in the back:

Bryan finds Baron and tells him he will face off against a personal friend of Bryan…Kane!

Show Overall:

Let me go ahead and get this part out of the way, AJ Styles lost to James Ellsworth, pretty much clean. Dean did interfere but at the end of the day we get a Super Kick by James, and then AJ got caught up in the ropes. Now, I know James Ellsworth is a popular guy, and I know his shirt is selling well. However, if the end game isn’t AJ squashing James Ellsworth then I am just done. How can I take AJ seriously, if he can’t beat the lowest guy on the card convincingly? So, I will withhold my judgement until I see James Ellsworth’s title match. However, I am just hurting to take seriously, the guy that has beaten John Cena, and Dean Ambrose handedly, several times this year. Also, the show overall was good, and entertaining, but can we stop with the ha-ha? Just take something seriously! Please, WWE, give me a more serious Dean Ambrose. Give me a more serious AJ Styles. Comedy is fine, and the heel can look like a fool from time to time, but it is hard to get over storylines when we are waiting for a punchline. So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank

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