Open with some Shane-O Mac, that plucky up-and-comer. Also, Daniel Bryan that fresh, young, upstart, I can’t want to see him debut in the…ohhhh, I made myself sad. Anyways, Shane pumps up tonight’s event. Quick and to the point.

Match 1: Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler (c) for the Intercontinental Championship

Recap: Let’s just talk brass tax here. The match was good. The story of Dolph giving it his all just to hold the IC belt only to lose it back to Miz was a but of a letdown. Now, if the story is to see Miz look like the fool and lose the IC belt to RAW, then I like where this is heading. However, even if this is the case, I do not like losing a Dolph vs. Sami Zayn match. Anyways, the ending saw. Miz get the foot on the rope and avoids defeat. Interference by the Spirit Squad. Then a rollup reversal. Yep, Miz won with a rollup. Can we not see any other finish, for fuck sakes? I am so tired of the rollup.

Your Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: The Miz via rollup

Alexa is pleading her case backstage to Daniel. She is being screwed, and the face Daniel doesn’t really care. So, Alexa doesn’t care about the Survivor Series match and is more worried about her rematch, like she should. Natalya, who is now quoting ‘90’s lyrics, annoys Alexa, and me as we head to the ring.

Match 2: A NXT Jobber vs. Kalisto

Recap: Sorry, until I see people who deserve to be on the main roster from NXT, anyone that comes up is a jobber. However, I do like the idea of giving these guys a chance on the main roster. Why not have a NXT spotlight on the main shows? Oney starts it off hot, and does exactly what I do in WWE 2K17, hitting a big running move to start it off.  The crowd just dies. Kalisto botches a springboard, and then gets Salida Del Sol for the 1…2…3! Match was a waste, but Oney did look alright.

Your Winner: Kalisto via Salida Del Sol

Backstage segment with the tag-team Survivor Series group. King Booker does some Ha-HA but then he is cut off by the fashion police, Breezango. A waste of time, but then Booker T starts cutting a serious promo on Breezango and tells them to get with the program, and get that Smackdown shirt on.

Match 3: Nikki Bella vs. Carmella

Recap: Let’s see where this goes…Well, here is the problem. Carmella has figured out her character, but she is still green as shit in the ring. Too formulaic and telegraphed. Carmella did a good job of beating Nikki’s head into the mats on the outside. 45 minutes of a headlock later we get an appearance from Charlotte. Ending was a Four Horse-Women beatdown spot by Raw’s Women team. However, in the end we saw Nia eat the barricade face-first and Naomi come off the top rope and almost eat the mat with her face. RAW has to tuck tail and run, as Smackdown stands tall.

Your Winner: No Contest due to RAW’s Women interference

Match 4: A Clusterfuck of Tag-team facing off amongst one another

Recap: The tag teams in the Survivor Series match face off against the ones that aren’t. Wow, a lot of people in the match. It got over what we are in store for at Survivor Series and I am just not looking forward to seeing these may people in a match at once. We did get to see a Giant Wubsie by Mojo. Gable looked good, and then got clotheslined by Mosh. Just too much happening, and it was a mess. It got the job done, but geez this is going to be painful. Also, is the Uso’s just faces now? Ending was correct, Grand Amplitude for the 1…2…3!

Your Winners: The Smackdown Survivor Series Team (Minus HEath and Rhyno) via the Grand Amplitude.


Cutting Edge segment: We start with the guys from Smackdown’s Survivor Series match. We get a lot of back and forth between them, and we get to see an epic staredown from Randy Orton to James Ellsworth. Was it a part of the story? Nope, it was just something he did. Anyways the endings of this was….Undertaker coming out and telling everyone that he was back, and that, if Smackdown didn’t win on Sunday, there was going to be hell to pay! So, it looks like Undertaker is going to be back for more than just Wrestlemania this time around. We will see.

Show Overall: Show wasn’t bad, at all. It was just a filler show. It was entertaining, and they got me more interested in Survivor Series, this Sunday. This show just didn’t have a whole lot to talk about. Miz and Ziggler was good. The rest of the matches were just there. However, it was nice to see Edge back, and instead of having a throw away segment with Undertaker, they integrated the main event on Survivor Series into his segment. They built to the main event and then paid it off. So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank