Open up with Dean and James in the back. James tells Dean can you believe a man who looks like him has two wins over the champion. He asks Dean if he can be in his corner tonight. Dean declines and tells him he should just stay in the back.

Match 1: Bray Wyatt vs. Kane


Recap: Well ignoring the match completely let’s look at the finish. Randy comes down to the ring and then looks to RKO Bray but decides, instead, to RKO Kane. Is it a heel turn? I don’t really know. He says if you can’t beat them, join them. So, I think this might just be Randy playing games with Bray. Maybe not but I don’t think I want a heel, Wyatt family Randy. Or do I?


Your Winner: Bray Wyatt via shenanigans

AJ talks down James Ellsworth, the worthy and rightful number one contender for AJ title. AJ tells everyone that Dean will have to be carried out of Smackdown tonight and if James Ellsworth decided to interfere, he will be leaving with less than just his chin.

Becky Lynch in right promo


What’s the point: Well, it put a jolt back into this title match. Alexa came down and immediately interjected herself. Also, can I just say Alexa’s facial features and body language tells more of a story than either Sasha and Charlotte have done in a whole month if build towards history. Also, Alexa uses lies and misconceptions to get her point across.


You know, like a heel should. A heel shouldn’t be right, they should just believe what they are saying. I am more excited for this match than I am for the Hell in the Cell match. Becky should have stopped letting Alexa cut her off at the end. Also, I love 5 foot nothing Alexa trying to cheapshot Becky and being cut off. Get hyped because I think this match is going to be…straight fiiiiraaa. Alexa joins the NWO and uses the spray paint to paint a yellow stripe down Becky’s back.

Match 2: Hype Bros vs. The Ascension


Recap: Match was to see who qualifies for the Survivor Series tag team match. The Ascension take out Zack for most of the match. Hot tag to Mojo and he hits the shoulder tackle, into the splash, and we get a Hype Ryder for the 1…2…3. Basic, but ok match. Can we call the Ascension experiment done yet?


Your Winners: The Hype Bros

Bryan and Nattie backstage. Nattie talks about the Hell in the Cell and how she doesn’t want RAW to show them up. She says that to counter this, they should make her the team captain. Bryan says he agrees, and that Nikki agrees. However, the winner of the match will be the captain and the loser will not be on the team at all.

Match 3: Nikki vs. Natalya


Recap: Actually a pretty good match between the two. Nattie hit a nice discus clothesline on the outside. Nattie gets a modifies octopus stretch onto Nikki. Nattie gets the Sharpshooter, but Nikki gets the ropes. A couple of two counts later and Nikki reverse Nattie into the STF, which looked much better than Cena’s version, and Nattie has to tap out. Immediately after the match, Carmella comes down and beats down Nikki and hits the Bella Buster, leaving Nikki laying.


Your Winner: Nikki Bella

Dean rebuts to AJ allegations from earlier. He says tonight isn’t about fun and games. He tells AJ that karma is a female dog and it is coming to get AJ tonight.

Miz in the ring to discuss the state of the IC championship:

What’s the point: Well, it gets Miz over as a heel. He talks about Pat Patterson crying about the state of the belt, with Dolph as the champion.


Dolph cuts Miz’s rant off. Dolph tells Miz that he is a fighting champion and he will face Miz right here, right now. Miz asks the crowd if that is what they want, and then declines. He tells Dolph that he will have his rematch when he is good and ready.


He says if they are looking for a fight, that they are ready to do that for him. This brings out Heath and Rhyno. Heath tells Miz that it doesn’t look like they want to fight when they put a woman in front of them. This sets up the tag team match between the Spirit Squad and Heath and Rhyno

Match 4: The Spirit Squad vs. Heath and Rhyno for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship


Recap: Nicky and Kenny take out Heath. We get bickering back and forth by Miz and Dolph on commentary. They did a good job getting over their hatred for each other. Heath hits a high knee onto Nicky. Hot tag to Rhyno. Rhyno runs wild. Roll up by Kenny see a two count on Rhyno. Heath makes the save and attacks Nicky. Miz and Dolph go at it at ringside but Kenny is sent out on top of Miz. Gore, Gore, GORE, by Rhyno and we get a 1…2…3!


I thought this was a pretty entertaining match. These two teams work pretty well together. Miz and Dolph got to put over their feud while continuing another feud in the ring.

Your Winner and STILL Smackdown Tag Team Champions: Heath and Rhyno

James asks Dean if he can be in his corner tonight. Dean looks at James, then at James’ shirt, and then back to James , back to the shirt, and then back and James…and agrees. James Ellsworth will be in the corner of Dean for his match.



Match 5: AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose: if Dean wins he is the Number One Contender for the WWE World Championship


Recap: Let’s cut to the chase. Dean and AJ had a hell of a match. AJ brings out the best in everyone, and he and Dean have pretty good chemistry together. Dean came out fast and took the fight to AJ. AJ used heel tactics to counter his facelike offense. Ambrose hit a nice fisherman’s suplex for a long two. He also, reversed a Calf Crusher and tried for the Cloverleaf. He finally got the Cloverleaf but AJ fought to the ropes. Ending saw AJ attack James, but this pissed James off and he hit the No-Chin Music.


However, he immediately realized that he did a bad thing. He looks into the ring and Dean looks at the ref. The ref looks at James, like he just kicked a puppy, and calls for the DQ. This was ok, due to the selling of all people involved. Dean was pissed he lost, James immediately looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole and die, and the ref looked like it pained him to call for the bell.


Your Winner: AJ Styles

Show Overall: Solid show. Again, Smackdown doesn’t feel like filler and it doesn’t give a lot away. The matches were nothing special, barring the main event. However, that main event was done because it looks like Dean will not be the number one contender for AJ’s belt. I am excited to see Becky vs Alexa, more excited than anything on the Hell in the Cell PPV. Hell, I am still excited for Nikki vs. Carmella, because I like that they keep building up the heat on Carmella. I want to see Miz and Ziggler and they got their feud over with commentary and not physical altercations. I want to see Smackdown next week. So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank