Let’s Talk   01-31-2017


AJ is backstage with Shane and Papa Daniels. They tell AJ that it couldn’t have went better on Sunday. AJ says he wants a one-on-one rematch with John Cena. They book the chamber which will be John Cena, AJ Styles, Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin, The Miz, and Dean Ambrose for the WWE Championship. Dean comes in and challenges AJ to a match tonight.

And here is the moment of truth…John tells the crowd to let him know how they feel…and he did it folk. Just take last week and forget it. So, they did cover their tracks. He apologises to AJ and tells them all that AJ isn’t just a guy, and that he is an elite WWE superstar and he brings out the best in John Cena, thank god they did this because I was going to shit on this! John moves on and talks about the Elimination Chamber. He gets going but he is cut off by the Wyatt Family. Bray with direction is amazing. He mocks Cena he tells him that as things change things stay the same but tells him in two weeks Cena is stuck in the chamber with him. Randy gets the mic and tells Cena that the Wyatts are going to set that championship free, as they head to the ring. They go to enter but the lights go out and in the ring is Luke Harper. Cena looks to retreat but Luke turns his attention to Bray and Randy having them be the ones that bailed. Shane comes out and makes it a tag team match PLAYA.

Match 1: John Cena and Luke Harper vs. Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton

Recap: Bray almost gets AA’d and tags Randy in. Cena immediately points to the Wrestlemania sign and gets the crowd hyped. Luke breaks that party up and asks for the tag. Luke takes Randy outside and back suplexes him on the table. Bray tags in and Luke refuses to fight him. Bray and Randy work over Cena, Bray hitting a Senton and Randy hitting the draping DDT. Randy snakes up but Cena blocks and clotheslines Randy. Cena looks for the hot tag but Randy gets to Bray who stares down Luke.

We get a exchange between Bray, Randy, and Luke. Luke finally turns and tries to Sister Abigail Bray but stops to big boot Randy. Bray with the Sister Abigail to Luke but is then picked up in the AA, Randy gets Bray down and hits the RKO on Cena and gets the pin. Good match!

Your Winners: Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

James “Guido” Ellsworth introduces Carmella.

Match 2: Carmella vs. A Jobber

Recap: I just don’t care. She needs James to win against a Jobber. This is bad storytelling and they should feel bad for telling it.

Your Winner: Carmella

Match 3: Kalisto vs. Dolph Ziggler

Recap: Why? Nothing happens. Kalisto tries to get at Dolph who gets the ref between them, shoves him away and hits the SUperkick for the 1…2…3! So, because we did this last week, we get Ziggler trying to embarrass Kalisto by removing his mask which brings out Crews.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Becky Lynch talks about Mickie being an ass. She says she is used to being attacked from all angles but now she is being attacked from the past. Naomi talks about going from a nobody to a somebody. A lot of words that were quick but it was fine.

Match 4: Naomi and Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James and Alexa Bliss

Recap: First, Mickie needs new music and a new entrance. She is a heel coming out to face music and sort of acting like a face. The latter is getting better but the music is pure face. Secondly, Alexa has not skipped leg day as most of her weight is in her lower body now-a-days. Thirdly, Becky can spit a little trash-talk. Naomi comes in and works Bliss but they misses a flying crossbody towards the ropes, and not really towards Bliss. Bliss does her back handspring and comes up lame. Becky with the hot tag and she hits her hot-tag finished with the Exploder suplex. Bliss interrupts Becky on the top and Mickie almost puts her away. Mickie hit a nice Hurricanrana as Becky can’t get to her corner. Hot tag to Naomi. Naomi hit a bunch of moves and then did her shitty kicks like she is working out. Mickie and Bliss with the double team but Becky takes Mickie to the outside allowing Naomi to hit the Split-legged Moonsault and get another victory over Bliss. Could we not beat Bliss over and over, please?

Your Winners: Naomi and Becky Lynch

American Alpha backstage and they say that they have been sitting around for a month and no one wants to try and take these. Gable says he has a nice idea, they will go down to the ring and issue an open challenge, someone is bound to come out. Jordan comes back to demand Dasha wish them luck.

Match 5: American Alpha (c) vs. The Usos vs. The Ascension vs. Brezango vs. The Vaudevillians vs. Heath and Rhyno

Recap: So, no one wanted to step up and now everyone did? That made no sense. Also, they need to do something with these other tag teams because I never see them work. So, we come back from commercial and they group is still just fighting…I don’t believe this was a match…AND we are done!

Your Winners: No Contest due to convoluted storytelling

Speaking of storyline. Natalya and Nikki were in Bryan’s office. They bicker so hard that Daniel loses his shit and tells them he called them together to tell them that they will have a match at the Elimination Chamber…cool


Match 6: Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles

Recap: Holy shit Miz pulled a Bray Wyatt and turned up at the announce table when we returned from break. If you missed it, and I know you did Otunga had an amazing line telling Miz he loved him and his wife because they were a bootleg version of his real life! We saw some mat game between the two, with Dean locking in a nice Texas Cloverleaf, and a nice modified Rings of Saturn.  Ambrose stomps a mudhole in AJ but can’t walk it dry because Styles runs him into the post. Dean sends AJ over the top rope and Baron Corbin makes him way down to the ring.  AJ does a pump handle into a side breaker for a 2. Baron and Miz spar. I like Baron but Miz just outclassed him and I am not sure I would have done that. Dirty Deeds attempt by Dean but Aj counters. Dean does get a swinging neckbreaker but they are both left laying. Ambrose sends AJ to the floor with a forearm, but the suicide dive is stopped by AJ styles and his not a phenomenal forearm. Counterfest with Aj going for his springboard moonsault into a DDT but ends up being front suplexed. Dean catches AJ but he spins him through allowing AJ to Crucifix Pin him for a 2 count. Pele kick into the rebound lariat lays out AJ. Dirty Deeds sees AJ bail out. Dean comes off the top onto the floor with the elbow to AJ’s face. This causes Corbin to attack Miz. Miz tried to get into the ring and away from Corbin and distracts the ref. Dean has AJ pinned but he sees what is going on and attacks Baron. Ambrose gets back in and is hit with the Styles Clash allowing AJ to get the 1…2…3! After the match Miz gets into the ring and hits the Skull Crushing Finale but he is immediately hit with the End of Days. Baron picks up Dean and hits another End of Days to send us off the air.

Your Winner: AJ Styles

Show Overall: While not bad I believe I enjoyed RAW a little more. I loved the pacing and the overall show structure of this show, but RAW left me more satisfied overall.  Too much crap in the middle left me wanting more. Smackdown has shown that they can tell good storylines but they have just forgotten about people. The Smackdown tag team champions have not done anything since they won and then rematched for the tag belts. The story that we see for them now is everyone remembers that they belt exist so they all want them, and we are left with nothing, nor any challengers. Nikki and Natalya needs to be over and Carmella needs to move on to something else. They have done a good job building the main event but I fear that this undercard is going to be a bit lacking with so much talent in the Elimination Chamber. Time will tell, which by that, I mean they only have a week to set up a better card. So…

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