We start with a recap of the Dean and Miz feud, followed immediately with Ambrose in the ring to host the Ambrose Asylum.

Dean starts by announcing that he will be entering himself in the Royal Rumble match. He talks about the gator head with him and then announces the Miz.

Miz comes down with Maryse, and I tell you with Maryse the gator in the ring as well, I am worried I am going to get these two confused. Miz announces that he is also in the Royal Rumble match. Miz tells Dean that the match last week should have been thrown out but he convinced the ref to keep the match going. He threatened legal action, because that is what we all want to see on our wrestling show is see legal action! However, he tells him that before he does that Dean should just give him the title back. Dean agrees and then awards Miz with his own participation award! Good continuity! Miz attacks Dean but When he set him up to be slapped by Maryse, Dean ducked, and Maryse slapped her husband. Dirty Deeds on Miz and Dean hands Maryse the participation trophy and leaves.

Match 1: Natalya vs. Nikki Bella

Recap: No match. Nikki comes right in and tackles Natalya. Nikki chases after Natalya and takes her out on the ramp. Nikki and Natalya are pulled apart but Nikki got free and jumped Nattie. Natalya gets the upper hand with the chop block and locked Nikki in the Sharpshooter on the floor.

Your Winner: No Contest

Robot backstage is interviewing Ziggler. She shows what happened last week and asks for a comment on what he did. He says nothing and goes out to the ring.

Match 2: Dolph Ziggler vs. Kalisto


Recap: Rant is incoming at the end of this. Kalisto comes out of the gate like a ball of fire. Dolph does amateur moves, like a face, and slows the match down. Big elbow to Kalisto but Kalisto hits a nice kick to the head of his own. More amateur moves by Ziggler as the crowd goes mild.

Ziggler can’t get the Super Kick in but does drop kick Kalisto. Ziggler goes for a pin but is crucifixed pinned by Kalisto causing Dolph to lose…So, we turned Ziggler heel but he still can’t win a match? So, the end game is Dolph turning heel? He already turned heel, but he needed to lose again to solidify the heel turn that he already solidified last week? Dolph grabs a chair and lays out Kalisto, like he did last week, and this brings out Crews. Crews is then taken out with the chair and beat up by Dolph, because we didn’t already have then brawl to set up a match/feud? We needed this? Good news is the crowd dug it, however, they cheered Dolph more for being despicable that they have cheered for him as a good guy this past year.

Your Winner: Kalisto


White meat babyface promo by American Alpha. Alpha says they don’t care who they face, a prophet, or a serpent they are going to walk out as the WWE Tag Team Champions.

John Cena promo. It started as a typical Cena promo, but by the end he really sounded like the Thuganomics Cena from the early/mid 2000’s. Good hype promo for the main event tonight, and calling out AJ for their match at the Rumble

We cut immediately to a Wyatts promo. Bray says scary things, and then Randy tells the crowd, “We’re here.”


Match 3: The Wyatts vs. American Alpha (C) for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Recap: Jordan started it off slow, grounding Bray Wyatt. Wyatt gets Randy involved and he takes down Jordan. Gable and Wyatt go at it and Gable takes Wyatt outside and hits the cannonball off the ring apron. In the ring, Bray does his, throw his whole body at your gut, move and tags Randy in to dismantle Gable.

A back suplex on the barricade later and Randy is hitting the Garvin stomps on Gable in the ring. Randy hits a beautiful slingshot suplex on Gable for a 2. Gable rolls through a clothesline by Bray and gets the hottest tag to Jordan. Jordan takes out Randy and hits a deadlift side suplex to Bray Wyatt! A few throws later and Jordan decides to be a stupid face and go to the top. He is distracted and taken out by Bray as Smackdown rolls on!

It is all Randy all the time on Jordan. He tags in Bray and Bray hits a Senton splash on Jordan for a 2 count. Hot tag to Gable who hits the crossbody off the top on Randy and then a Northern Lights suplex to follow up. Gable hits some phoney ass punches on Bray and the camera was forced to cut away. Bray to the outside and Gable goes back to the top, hitting the diving clothesline for a long 2 on Randy. Harper distracts the ref and Randy pokes Gable in the eye hitting the draping DDT and looks for the RKO. Harper gets back on the apron and Randy is run into him allowing Gable to roll Randy up for the 1…2…3! After the match, Harper and Randy are going at it, Bray plays peacekeeper but Randy ducks out of the way of a Super Kick by Harper and Bray eats it right in the face. Luke stares down Randy as Bray has a mini temper tantrum. Bray gets into Randy’s face and then into Luke’s before storming off to the back.

Your Winner and STILL WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions: American Alpha

Baron Corbin summons his inner Raven/ECW promo skills in a vignette and talks about how he is going to dismantle John Cena. I liked this because it allowed Corbin to cut a basic promo but make it look and sound really good.

Becky is backstage trying to figure out who Luchadora number 7 was last week. However, she does identify Luchadora number 4 as Alexa Bliss and that she made her tap and she should have a rematch for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship. Bryan agrees, even with Alexa protesting, and makes the match for next week, inside a steel cage!

Match 4: Carmella vs A Jobber

Recap: Should have been a squash but they allowed A Jobber to get some offense. I guess she is a popular wrestler on the indies but there was way too much stuff going on. Carmella gets the Code of Silence and the victory. Ellsworth is in the ring cheering along with Carmella and I am still not sure where this is heading.

Your Winner: Carmella

Backstage Ellsworth thinks Carmella is going ot make out with him. She says good things come to those who wait and that she is going to take him on a shopping spree. James says the last time he bought a suit was when he was supposed to graduate high school.

Baron cuts a promo…I would have just left it as the promo he cut in the vignette. AJ comes in and tells Baron that it is his tonight, tonight and that he should try to do his best AJ Styles impression and beat up John Cena.


Match 5: Baron Corbin vs. John Cena

Recap: Baron, still rocking that wolf shirt I love so much, circles around and tries to cheapshot Cena to start it off. Big Banter Baron gets started early yelling out at the crowd after and throw into the turnbuckle. We immediately go to commercial. We come back and it is all Baron all the time.

He throws the forearms into the barricade on Cena’s head and rolls him back into the ring. Like a goober Baron just keeps walking towards Cena and is dumped out of the ring, allowing Cena to dodge Baron, sending Corbin into the ring steps. Baron catches Cena and drops him to the mat for a 2-ish count. Baron blocks the Cena comeback with a sidewalk slam. AJ corrects Mauro and says that Baron did a sidewalk slam and not the Deep Six, and he knows that because he studies his opponents. Where the match could have been awesome, it goes to shit as Baron gets Cena into a bear hug. Cena fights out of the corner and hits a tornado DDT. Side suplex by Cena into the Five Knuckle Shuffle and then the AA for the 1…2…3! So we went immediately into the finish and this match just fell apart.

Your Winner: John Cena

Show Overall: This was an OK show this week. The tag match was really good and we continue to build towards feuds and matches coming up at the Rumble. However, the main event felt good for about 5 minutes and then it was like both men just forgot to plan the rest of the match. Long bear hugs in a short-ish match isn’t something that should be happening in 2017. Also, the finish just happened negating the 10 minutes Baron spent working on Cena. Cena pulls a Road Warrior Hawk no-selling a piledriver and just wins in three moves. Mind you the only three moves that really happened to Baron. It was a chance to showcase Baron and in the end all I was left watching was how green Baron is right now. Anyways. I am excited for the Women’s title match in the cage, which was built organically through the Luchadora storyline, and even though I just don’t understand why they had to beat Ziggler again I am interested in seeing him work with Crews. Overall, I think this show was skippable, but it wasn’t something I regret watching. So…

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