Coming off of a pretty decent RAW, can Smackdown keep up their pace and outdo them? Let’s find out!

We open with the Miz and Maryse coming out to the ring. Miz talks about being more forgiving, and then says that there is someone in the back that own him an apology and that person knows exactly who SHE is. He waits and says that Smackdown will not continue until she came down. He then recaps what she did to him. I can’t wait to see Renee vs. Miz! Wrestlemania match right there. He continues on, even though Renee didn’t come down, and talks about his match tonight. He says that it must be nice being the co-host with the GM and using her pull to get Dean the match. Dean finally comes down to the ring. Miz looked worries about this, but Maryse stands between Miz. Maryse proceeds to slap Dean in the face. Dean stares down Miz, and Miz bails calling for Maryse to follow. Dean picks up the mic and tells him that the hard part of his night is over because Maryse hits harder than the Miz does. Good start to the night setting up the main event. Well, probably the semi-main because we have a contract signing between John and AJ tonight.

Match 1: Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

Recap: Why? Why do we need this rematch? Why do I need to see Ziggler lose to Baron Corbin again. Why? Baron was rocking a shirt from his local Native American store tonight. Corbin does Corbin things throwing a lot of fists and forearms at Ziggler. Most of the early going was in Corbin’s favor. Baron sends Ziggler to the floor with a shoulder block and then attacks Ziggler’s back running him into the apron. Ziggler avoids Baron’s offense and finally hits a big dropkick sending Baron scurrying and regrouping on the outside. So to recap Ziggler has hit 1 or so moves and we are heading into the finish of the match. Stinger Splash into the neckbreaker by Ziggler but he couldn’t hold Baron down for the 3. HUGE clothesline by Baron wakes up the crowd. Ziggler finally got another offensive move in and we see the Fame-asser only get a 2. Ziggler goes to finish off Baron but he is caught in the End of Days for the 1…2…3! After the match Baron goes out and gets a chair. Once he gets back in Kalisto comes out and kicks the chair out of his hand followed by a lowbridge sending Baron out of the ring. After the match…I got the answer to my question. Why did they face off? Because Ziggler turned heel baby! He takes the chair and lays out Kalisto. He yells at him, telling him that he does need his help, that he doesn’t need anyone! Awesome!

Your Winner: Baron Corbin via End of Days

Smackdown’s hottest couple are backstage. James can’t find the words to say to Carmella. He tells her good luck tonight, and then literally gives her the shirt off his back. She is flattered, sort of, and then asks for him to escort her to the ring.

Ziggler is backstage having a temper tantrum. Apollo Crews asks him what is up. He then says that what he did to Kalisto is uncalled for. Ziggler tells him that it was none of his business and Apollo just so happens to be great friends with Kalisto, so he was making it his business. Ziggler headbutts Crews and they brawl on the floor as others try to pull them apart.

Match 2: Becky Lynch vs. La Luchadora

Recap: La Luchadora, who is pretty obviously Becky Lynch, let’s be honest, gets the crap beaten out of her early by…oh…well by Becky Lynch. The crowd just wasn’t into this at all. La Luchadora # 2, or was that 3, comes into the ring and tries for the Twister Bliss, but misses. Becky gets the Disarmer onto not Alexa Bliss causing Not Alexa Bliss to tap out. Becky unmasks La Luchadora #5 and she is revealed to be….HOLY SHIT…Alexa Bliss. La Luchadora # 7 comes in and attacks Becky from behind leading to Alexa hitting a nice DDT onto Becky as we head to commercial break. Nothing match, but it did further this storyline with the La Luchadora septuplets.

Your Winner: Becky Lynch via the Disarmer


Daniel Bryan came down to the ring for the WWE Championship contract signing for the Royal Rumble. So the IC title bout is the main event! Aj, making a good point, asks how John can come out after missing 4 months of TV and just get a championship match. Daniel Bryan tells him that the reason this can happen because it is the biggest match possible and they are going to give it to the fans. Sadly the biggest match possible for me would actually be AJ vs. Daniel Bryan, but alas it will never be. AJ tells John that he is the luckiest man on the planet and he was gifted a title match by his brother-in-law. AJ tells Cena that he was told by Cena himself that he had to beat John to prove that he belong and that now AJ is the champion and John has to get a win or he doesn’t belong. AJ tells John that while he was gone everything was going fine and that Smackdown doesn’t need him. He cuts John off before he can say anything and tells John that he is exactly like the Rock and he left the audience high and dry. AJ tell Cena that he has been great but the two key words in that sentence was HAS BEEN. Crowd did proceed to chant Has Been. Aj continues on and tells Cena that in the entertainment world Cena will never be as good as the Rock, and in that ring he will never be as good as him. He signs and Cena finally talks. He says part of being a man is admitting that he is wrong, that he can change his mind, and that you should stand up to people when they push. He then calls AJ nothing but a bitch. He then cuts the same promo he always cuts, how he is more passionate and does more for the business than anyone else. It was good, he has just cut this promo before. He tells AJ that everyone needs this match. He tells AJ to bring the noise, and to bring his A. game, but he is still going to get his ass kicked. For some reason Baron Corbin’s music hits. Baron talks about winning a Jobber battle royal. He announces that he is the first Smackdown Superstar to announce his entrance into this year’s Royal Rumble. Cena tries to pull Baron’s punk card but Baron tells him if Cena talks to him like that again he will knock his teeth down his throat. Cena steps up to Baron but AJ side kicks him in the head. Baron stands over Cena and tells him he thinks AJ is right, John’s time is up.

We see Maryse walk up to Renee. She tells Renee that this is from the Miz. She then slaps the shit out of Renee and walks off.


Match 3: Carmella vs. Aliyah

Recap: We get a very basic match between these two. Carmella gets her shit in, including the one bounce Bronco Buster. Aliyah gets to hit a nice bridging Northern Lights suplex for a 2. Aliyah tries to come off the top but Ellsworth stops her. She is kicked in the face and then locked into the Code of Silence for the tap out victory. So I believe the story is going to be that Carmella wants Ellsworth to interfere in her match so she can continue to win.

Your Winner: Carmella via The Code of Silence

Match 4: American Alpha vs. Breezango

Recap: Breeze attempts to give Gable is ticket but Gable rips it up. He hits a trap suplex and we see a Grand Amplitude for the 1…2…3! We immediately cut to a Bray Wyatt promo. Bray Wyatt tells them to cherish this moment. He tells them that they haven’t won anything yet. He tells them that next week they are coming to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

Your Winner: American Alpha via Grand Amplitude

Nope, I hate this segment. Nikki and Natalya bitching back and forth at one another. Apparently Natalya is living off of the Hart name. Apparently we should care about Bret Hart’s tweet with Nikki…I stopped listening at this point. Just fight already stop with the bitching. No one CARES!!!! Also, can we stop with the real life partnerships being used in storylines, it is not going to make me tune into Total Divas or Total Bellas. Also, I like how the face sucker punches the heel…OMG I can’t finish this sentence, what the hell is this backstage segment where the interviewer couldn’t spit out her words and Dean just stood there looking at her, then just cuts the promo and leaves.


Match 5: Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz (c) for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Recap: Dean goes right after Miz to start us off. Miz has to powder out and re-strategies with Maryse. Miz comes back in and Ambrose sends the match right back outside. He sends Miz to the barricade and crotches him onto it. Back into the ring and a dickshot can only muster a 1. Dean takes Miz back outside and throws him over the announce table. Miz finally get some offense with an assist by Maryse. He hits a dropkick and then sends Dean into the steps. Dean, during the break, sent Miz to the outside and Miz’s head hit the steps. We see a Dirty Deeds attempt fought off by Miz and he started to work the knee in the corner. Swinging neckbreaker by Dean. Crowd shot count is up to like twelve in this match. Dean, like a stupid face, climbs to the top rope.

Miz cuts him off and tries for a super-plex but Dean counters with the headbutts sending Miz crashing to the mat. Miz caught Dean with the Skull Crushing Finale off the elbow attempt, but Dean kicks out at 2. Miz with the Bryan kicks but misses the head kick. Dean hits the rebound lariat but can’t get over to make the cover. Dirty Deeds is blocked but Dean sends Miz outside and hits the suicide dive. Maryse slaps Dean and the ref looks at her like she just kicked a puppy. He goes to call for the bell but Dean stops him and tells him to kick her out. The ref abides and sends Maryse packing. This allows Miz to use the belt to hit Dean, but super Dean kicks out at 2. Miz tries for the Skull Crushing Finale, but he is reverse and Dean hits the Dirty Deeds for the 1…2…3! Very, very good match!

Your Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Dean Ambrose via Dirty Deeds

Show Overall: Another good show by Smackdown and the WWE. Was it better than RAW…I don’t know. I liked it better, but I also like the 2 hour format a lot better than the 3 hours that RAW has. Stuff, even when it is bad, is quick. I guess I have to look at it from a build point of view. AJ and Cena is a lot better of a build, in two weeks no less, than the build for Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns. You got a build for a tag-team title rematch next week and we have several small feud with actual meaning behind them. I think Smackdown is being booked better and it just feels like it is booked by someone else even though I know Vince is booking both of these shows. This show feel fresher every week, and while I still have things on this show that I hate I hate those things a lot less than I hate things that happen on RAW and I believe that it is because I feel that the things I hate on this show isn’t just filler. Anyways I am excited for next week and I am super excited to see AJ vs. Cena at the Rumble no matter what the outcome to that match. So…

Until Next Time

Monty the Yank