Let’s Talk About- RAW 12/05/2016

Cutting the fat and getting down to the nitty-girtty, which means I should probably just watch the Hulu version of this show! Anyways it is Monday Night…RAW!

Seth, the face, calls out HHH, the heel. Seth, unfortunately, talks about how he broke up and turned on The Shield., which got him booed. So, in 2016, you top heel is HHH. You top babyface is calling out HHH. So, in 2016, we should be focusing on building new stars to try and get away from this dull, repetitive top card build of a combination of Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho, and Roman Reigns by getting HHH involved in a top program? . Anyways, the way to get HHH to face him is to win the belt off of Owens…? OK. Kevin comes out, And didn’t talk about his title or his ability to beat Seth. Rather, he talked about how Jericho and him are best friends. That is more important folks, that Chris and Kevin are still best friends. God, I am done with this stupid shit. Kevin Owens is not a child. I am not a child. So, please stop giving us childlike storylines. Oh, wait we get back to Kevin being angry about being called out as a coward? WHAAAAT? What does this all lead to? A Big Show match. In 2016!

Match 1: The Big Show vs. Seth Rollins


Recap: Big Show, who looks really good physically, works over Seth. Seth hits a dropkick to the knee, but is caught on a suicide dive attempt, and dropped across the barricade. Chokeslam is fought off with kicks, into a DDT by Rollins. Rollins is tossed out of the ring by a Big Show, kickout. Rollins hits the flying knee, and then another one, then one off the top rope. Seth goes for the Pedigree onto Big Show but is backdropped for his efforts. Big Show decides instead to finishing the match, he would Chokeslam Owens over the top rope, and then get counted out…great. Afterwards, Seth Pedigrees Owens. So, the strong one at the end of this? The Big Show, of course.

Your Winner: Seth Rollins via Countout.

Match 2: Jack Gallaher vs Daivari


Recap: Wasn’t feeling this match. I like Jack’s gimmick, to an extent. However, the match just felt like a showcase of moves, and less like a match. Jack, handstands out of a side headlock, he twist out of a slingshot attempt, hits a couple of dropkicks, and then hits the dropkick in the corner for the victory. In between these spots, we got Daivari trying to look strong, but it was just a nothing match to showcase Jack Gallaher. However, to make sure no one gets over, Daivari beats up Gallaher after the match.

Your Winner: Jack Gallaher

Titus in the back…yep


Kevin and Owens backstage…yep. Also, the Sami and Kevin match, that was never going to happen again, is happening again. Also, Kevin is pandering to Jericho. Also, Kevin can make matches apparently, and got a US title match signed, a tag match signed, and a Jericho, Seth match signed at Roadblock. Remember though, Kevin and Jericho are not good, they still have issues.



Backstage Enzo, like a stupid face, falls for the oldest heel, trick in the book. Rusev and Lana act like they are fighting and Lana convinces Enzo to go to her hotel room (Eventually). It was a pretty good segment, and Rusev looks so beautiful. Yeah, I said it, Rusev is who I care aboOwens

Match 3: Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens


Recap: The match that couldn’t happen again, has happened again. I am not complaining about seeing these guys wrestle, I just hate all the lies. Walk and brawl early, on the outside. We get the Kevin Owens special, a long, chinlock. Tornado DDT by Sami onto the apron. Announcers don’t sell this, as it is just a wasted move. Sami hits the DDT through the ringpost, and the turnbuckle. Half Nelson suplex by Sami for a 2. Sami goes for the super-plex but he is reversed into the twisting fisherman’s super-plex. Cannonball by Owens into the corner, and a second one. Signature move reversals from the both of them. Sami hits another tornado DDT, but is superkicked of the Helluva Kick attempt. We get the exploder suplex into the corner and a Blue Thunder Bomb for a long 2 count. Exploder suplex into the barricade, the results in a mild reaction by Cole. Pop Up Powerbomb by Kevin in the ring, to a mild reaction by Cole, and we get a 1…2…3! Was a good match, but nothing special.

Your Winner: Kevin Owens Via Pop Up Powerbomb

Oh look Jericho and Roman backstage. Good little back and forth. However, the most important part guys…Jericho and Kevin are having relationship issues. However, the good thing about this was Roman, just getting to act like a dick, is so much more endearing to me. Also, I am feeling the pulled up hair look.


Sasha is backstage and cuts a promo about last night. She is asked about Ric coming out last week. She tells us all that the Nature Boy deserves better than Charlotte as a daughter. I really think this is leading to a swerve. Also, the feud must continue. Sasha asks for an Ironman match, of the 30 minute variety.

Match 4: Rich Swann vs. TJ Perkins


Recap: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. No one cared about TJ. It is sad, but he has just flopped, since he lost the belt, in the eyes of the fans. He hits some moves and dabs, to which the crowd booed him, and started a chant for Swann. Swann, with the same sequence he has done every week, with the flip through dropkick. He dabs, and the crowd cheers.  Ending sees a springboard nothing by TJ turned into the unnamed finishing kick by Swann. For a company that loves to name all of their moves, the fact that Swann’s kick has no name tells me how much they care about this division right now.

Your Winner: Rich Swann Viia a kick to the head

Match 5: Bayley vs. Alicia Fox

Recap: Oh, this match is made because, Fox is in love with Cedric Alexander and Bayley gave him a bear. Again, all the stars on this show are children, with childlike storylines. Alicia takes the early going, however, we get a Bayley comeback and a Belly-to_Bayley for the 1…2…3! Match was nothing. I am glad we are getting some different matches for the women though.

Your Winner: It’s Bayley via Belly-to-Bayley

Backstage, the Enzo being stupid storyline continues. This does lead to Rusev and Cass getting into it and Rusev telling him that he would see him in the ring tonight.  Also, once the minor interference of the Henry/Titus ended, we get back to Enzo. He is waiting for Uber, which the crowd is chanting, “There’s no Uber!”. Ric pulls up and he gives Enzo his limo to get to Lana’s hotel room.

Match 6: Titus vs. Mark Henry

Recap: Squash! Titus is beat with the World’s Strongest Slam for the 1…2…3! Wow, can we give up on Titus?

Your WInner: Mark Henry Via the World’s Strongest Slam

Match 7: Chris Jericho vs. Roman Reigns (C) for the United States Championship

Recap: Jericho, with his babyface fire, take Roman into the corner. Roman, reverses him into clubbing shots to his back in the corner. Jericho hits a springboard dropkick onto Reigns, but misses the middle rope dropkick, which leads to a Drive By by Reigns. Superman punch is blocked and Chris hits the Lionsault for a 2. Roman Reigns hits the Samoan Drop, and then the Superman Punch for a long 2. Codebreaker is reversed into a powerbomb by Reigns. Finish saw Jericho fight to get the Walls onto Reigns. Reigns fights to the ropes. Kevin comes out and cold-clocks Roman and Jericho hits the Codebreaker. However, Roman powers out at 2. Chris and Owens continue to bicker, with Jericho slapping Owens. He turns around, avoids the spear, but ultimately eats the spear for the 1…2…3! Match was pretty entertaining and Jericho and Roman have a pretty good chemistry in the ring.

Your Winner and STILL United States Champion: Roman Reigns

Match 8 Big Cass vs Rusev

Recap: Or is it??? Cass awaits Rusev, but once he sees that Rusev is not there he starts putting 2 and 2 together. He goes and gets a phone and tries to call Enzo. Enzo isn’t listening to the phone and has fallen into the evil Lana’s plan. She tells him to take off his shirt, and then his pants. Leading to Rusev coming out of the…bathroom, I guess. He beats up Enzo, and drags Enzo out into the hallway. Good segments, but Enzo is such an idiot.

Your Winner: No Match

It’s Time for YOUR MAAAIIIINNN EVENT match of the evening

Match 9:  Gallows and Anderson vs. Cesaro and Sheamus: Winners become the Number One Contenders to the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship

Recap: Man, while I liked this match, the ending just killed it for me. I see where they were heading, and I expect there to be a triple-threat tag team match for the titles next week, which is sweet, but I really wanted a winner tonight. All of the competitors end up in the laps of the tag champs, which causes them to get involved, and caused a DQ. This causes a brawl that saw Kofi dive out onto Cesaro and Sheamus, but he is caught and thrown into Big E, and Xavier.

Your Winner: No Contest

Charlotte comes out to the ring. She cuts a pretty, darn good promo. She starts out by ‘Apologising” for what she did to Ric in May. She talks about how no one knows what it is like to be Ric’s daughter.  Ric comes down, and she slaps him. She starts putting her father down. She talks about how he chose Sasha over her, which he didn’t. She talks about Sasha dedicating last week’s match to Flair, when Charlotte was in the match, which I agree is a low thing to do. In the end we see Sasha come out, but Charlotte beats her down. Charlotte brings Sasha back into the ring and leaves her at the feet of Ric and leaves. Not sure if this should have be the last segment on RAW. It was good, but I would have rather had a match to finish up the night.

Show Overall: This was an OK show. Nothing really special, but they had a few good matches, the tag match, and the United State Championship match. As well, we saw a good, show long, storyline in Enzo and Rusev/Lana. Wasn’t the greatest time I have had watching wrestling, but I didn’t feel like the show dragged as bad as it has in the past. Hoping Smackdown doesn’t feel bad either! So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank