Let’s just get this out of the way. WWE RAW put on, in my opinion, another filler show. Yes, there were story throughout the show, however, in the end we saw a lot of rematches from Roadblock. Also, we got to see a main event of two guys that are main eventing the Rumble. So, fair warning I may be shitting on this show more than it may deserve because I am growing tired of this shows booking and “storytelling”.

We open with a far too long promo in the ring with Stephanie and Seth Rollins. Seth, again, talking about getting at HHH. Seth tries to make jokes: all about snowballs and yule logs. So, what we find is that Seth doesn’t need to win the belt to get to HHH…even though weeks ago he said that is what he needed to do. Out comes Reigns. We got to Seth and Roman fighting to see who was going to fight the MONSTER Braun Strowman. Strowman, who is supposed to feared, but I guess not. Stephanie also kills the crowd by teasing a Shield reunion and then shutting it down because as a promoter they should hype up something the  crowd really wants, but not deliver just to piss them off. You can honestly hear the crowd die.

Match 1: The New Day vs. Cesaro and Sheamus (C) for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship

Recap: This was a pretty good match. A bit sloppy at times, as Kofi was a bit off after missing a SOS reversal on Sheamus. However, that didn’t take anything away from this match. Kofi and Woods took it to Cesaro early. They get the Unicorn Stampede onto Cesaro. We comes back from break and see Woods fighting off Cesaro. He hits a nice Tornado DDT from the middle rope to the outside onto Cesaro. Kofi makes the hot tag and hits the aforementioned SOS onto Sheamus. Big Swing by Cesaro on Woods but Kofi tries to interfere. Cesaro catches Kofi and sends him out onto Big E. Blind tag by Sheamus and Woods is hit with the Brogue Kick for the 1…2…3!


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Your Winners and STILL WWE RAW Tag Team Champions: Cesaro and Sheamus via the Brogue Kick

Backstage Chris and Kevin are trying to hype Braun up and get him to pick off Roman and Seth. Kevin tells him that After Roman loses at the Rumble, that Braun should be next in line. Braun warns Kevin to watch out what he wishes for. Chris and Kevin take way too long trying to get Braun infuriated.

Pointless backstage segment between the Golden Truth and Bayley. She did have a Bayley Bear dressed in polka dots to commemorate her love for Dusty Rhodes. This then brings in The Club who rip the head off the bear. Cool. Because remember guys, all of the men on RAW are children and then do childish things like rip heads off of dolls…Also, they call people nerds because it is also 1980.

Match 2: Nia Jax vs A Jobber

Recap: so because we can’t progress a story we just go back to Nia Jax beating up jobbers. Fuck this.

Your Winner: Nia Jax via I don’t know I fast forwarded

Stephanie, again being stupid, schedules a US title match again Kevin and Roman. You know, let’s give away your main event of the Royal Rumble disguised as a US title match. Stupid.


Bayley is in the ring and then Charlotte comes out. Charlotte had Bayley’s win last week taken out with use of lawyers. Anyways this leads to a match because why not. Also, somehow Charlotte got Dana as the guest referee…because why not. Also, Charlotte calls Bayley a child after mocking her…like a child.

Match 3: Bayley vs. Charlotte for well nothing

Recap: Yep, a match that is happening at the Rumble is given away for free tonight. You know because why not… Anyways I didn’t care and then ending saw Charlotte roll up Bayley and put her feet on the rope for the 1…2…3…wow…

Your Winner: Charlotte via a ROLLUP…

Braun is given Seth in a match tonight.

Match 4: Neville vs. TJ Perkins

Recap: Neville is awesome. His reasoning to hate the crowd is a little stupid, due to all his reasons being false, but that is ok because he is a heel. TJ takes all of the early going. Knee to the face, dive to the outside, and a flying crossbody. Tree of Woe ends up being TJ’s downfalls as this allows Neville to get some space. Neville slows it down but he is soon reversed and TJ hits a double knees off of a wheel barrel drop. TJ hits the kick off the fireman’s carry but is unsuccessful in the rollup. Neville stops the roll up and lays his knee across his upper chest and grabs the trunks for the 1…2…3! After the match Neville cuts his promo on the crowd. He is so much better as a heel. He actually made me want to watch 205 Live tomorrow to see his match vs. Rich Swann

Your Winner: Neville via Trunks Pull

Enzo cuts a promo in a wheelchair on Rusev and Jinder. Love that his fake head band looks nothing like his actual hair. He tells them, in his own way, that he doesn’t appreciate the fact that they can’t take him on one on one and had to use the numbers to take him out. I mean in fairness Rusev hasn’t had a problem beating up Enzo. Cass gets into the ring and tells Rusev to come out and face him. Pretty good promo amongst the two. Rusev music hits and he comes out, but immediately we hear Jider’s music hit. Speaking of hitting, it looks like Jinder has been hitting the juice. He is jacked! Not in a good way, in a 42 to 1 kind of way. I question the Wellness Policy. Anyways, Enzo jumps Jinder and then we see Cass throw Enzo onto Jinder, who was in the wheelchair. Cass turns to Rusev and big boots him to the floor. Good segment. Jinder is out there to eat moves that Rusev has no business eating.

Match 5: Bo Dallas and Darren Young vs. The Shining Stars

Recap: Bo and Darren are together? I guess because of the sensitivity training…Anyways Strowman comes out and destroys everyone. So great to see Bo Dallas get hit by a fucking christmas tree. Braun looked like a monster, like he should. The crowd also cheered, “Thank you Strowman!”

Your Winner: No Contest due to BRAUN

Match 6: Braun Strowman vs. Seth Rollins

Recap: SQUASH!!!!! Just kidding. These two had a pretty good match together. Braun is out maneuvered early. However, he gets it back and starts to manhandle Seth. Braun is then stunned by Seth with knees to the head. He catches Seth off of a dive from the top, but he can’t follow up. Seth throws more kicks to Braun’s head and hits the Blockbuster, finally taking Strowman off his feet. Seth goes for the Pedigree but he can’t lock it in and he is thrown to the outside. Strowman goes to destroy Seth on the outside but Sami Zayn comes out and attacks Braun. Braun chases after Sami while in the ring we see Chris come in and hit the Codebreaker, twice, onto Seth leaving him laying.

Your Winner: Braun Strowman via DQ

Match 6: The Club vs. The Golden Truth

Recap: After rapping to the ring, Cole says, “The Golden Truth in a mood after what happened earlier”…OK? Goldust takes out Anderson immediately with mounted punches. We get some back and forth between the four. Anderson worked most of the match, actually getting some offense on both Goldust and Truth. Actually I am not sure Gallows was in the match to be honest. Goldust is distracted and then…sigh…rolled up by Anderson for the victory. Can we stop with the fucking roll ups?

Your Winners: Gallows and Anderson via a Rollup

Match 7: Daivari vs. Rich Swann

Recap: Now Swann is just dancing way too much. Anyways Daivari and Swann have like a 3 minute match. They do nothing back and forth and then Swann hits the kicks to the head that doesn’t have a name for the victory. After the match Rich calls Neville a royal sourpuss…cool. Neville takes out Swann and hits the Red Arrow in the ring to get us excited for tomorrow. Also, this was more entertaining than the match Rich just had.

Your Winner: Rich Swann via A Kick

Daivari is backstage and he is challenged to a duel by Gallagher tomorrow night, capitalized by a slap to the face by his glove.


Match 8: Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns (C) for the WWE United States Championship

Recap: Jesus, so again you get the same match, basically, that we have seen the past three months between the two. We get a long ass chinlock by Kevin, which is getting old. We get a Roman Reigns comes back. We get a distraction by Chris and a Codebreaker by Kevin for a 2. However, in the end we see Roman run wild and defeat his opponent for the Royal Rumble. In fairness he didn’t really run wild, so much as he got the win off of a distraction. So get hyped everyone because they gave up another long match, with a clean finish, between the two opponents for their main event at the Royal Rumble. Ending sees Rollins comes out and Pedigree Chris on the floor but eats a Super Kick by Kevin. Kevin comes back in the ring and crotch chops, turns around, and eats a Spear for the 1…2…3! Match was fine just not something that needs to be seen on free tv leading into the match at the Rumble. No screwy finish, nothing. Also, to keep with the Roadblock recap feel this show had, we see Seth and Roman stand tall.

Your Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Roman Reigns

Show Overall: Show was fine, however, it still had a filler feel to it. I wasn’t as enraged as I was last week, as the stories they told was much better and more directed this week. However, if you watched Roadblock, you sort of watched this show. We got a lot of rematches from that show. Nia Jax, to me, is a failed experiment. Braun is awesome and I will be honest if they want to push someone to the title, fuck it, give it to him. I am not saying he is the one that needs it but I would rather see something new, instead of another year of Roman Reigns as a champion. This isn’t an Anti-Roman things, it is a I think it is time to move onto something else thing. Same goes for Seth. We have seen someone from the Shield in the main event for like two years now, it seems. I am ready for something new and excited instead of seeing Roman or Seth at the top. Hell, with the way they have portrayed Kevin, I would rather see a new top heel in that position. We will see how this plays out and we will look forward to maybe seeing some new feuds into the new year! So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank