Let’s Talk About- RAW 11/28/2016

We open with Chris Jericho in the ring. He calls out Kevin Owens. We talk about last week. Jericho did a good job of explaining that he wasn’t at ringside last week in a Sin Cara mask, but rather, it was Sin Cara in a Chris Jericho mask. They gloat for a while, but in the end it brings out Roman Reigns. Roman talks about Chris always being involved in Kevin’s wins. Roman, the smart, intelligent, man works Kevin and Chris against each other. Roman asks for a match, the crowd cheers, but then says if he wins he gets a shot at the WWE Universal Championship, the crowd boos. Kevin tells Chris that he doesn’t need him, and this causes a tiff between the two, best friends. Get excited folks, as we have Roman Reigns back in the main event. In the back, after the commercial, Chris and Kevin get in their fight. Chris tells Mick that he is leaving.

Match 1: R-Truth vs. Braun Strowman

Recap: Squash. Braun is still looking better each week, but I think it is time for him to be in a longer match. After the match, Braun beats up Golddust. This brings out Sami Zayn. Sami fights off Strowman for a short time, however, he is ultimately taken out by Strowman. Strowman gets Sami into the Tree-of-Woe, but Mick Foley comes out and sends us into a commercial. We come back and Sami and Mick and arguing in the ring. Sami tells Mick that he doesn’t need to be saved from himself. He tells Mick that he is taking his orders from above. Mick tells Sami that he made the match last week because Stephanie wanted to fire him as a punishment…So, the RAW Survivor team loses and is not punished, Roman is beat and he is awarded a championship match…but Sami was screwed and that instituted a punishment? That was so stupid. Anyways this was passionate, but if the ending isn’t Sami beating Braun then this story is pointless.

Your Winner: Braun Strowman via Powerslam

Charlotte and Dana are backstage. Charlotte cuts a promo, it was pointless and heel-ish, but the crowd was more concerned with Wooo-ing.

Match 2: Tony Nese vs Cedric Alexander

Recap: Good, fast start. Cedric with the backspring into the headscissors. Nice dropkick by Cedric. Gulak, somehow, distracts Cedric on the outside allowing Nese to take over. Bodyscissors by Nese, into a side chinlock. Cedric fights off Nese with a variety of clotheslines, and kicks. Cedric goes for the top rope but Gulak gets on the apron. Cedric attacks Gulak and is caught in a botched up looking pumphandle slam by Nese for the 1…2…3!

Your Winner: Tony Nese via Pumphandle Slam

Chris is backstage and he tells the backstage interviewer that he is leaving. Seth, the face, attacks Chris as he is trying to leave. They brawl backstage, and ultimately, Seth Pedigrees Chris on top of a car. So I am supposed to love Seth, as a face, for attacking the heel from behind and leaving him laying?

Match 3: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte (C) for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship

Recap: Siked your mind! Immediately outside, we see Charlotte and Sasha fiddle-fart around resulting in a countout. Charlotte retains, but because we can’t just give us a story without a swerve, for swerves sake, Mick comes out and just restarts the match, not right away, but later in the show, with a No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere stip added to the match.

Your Winner: To Be Continued

Match 4: Rusev vs Enzo

Recap: Dirty kick to the dick, on Enzo, for the DQ.

Your Winner: Enzo via DQ

My god, we are starting a feud between Mark Henry and Titus with an argument over who should have been cast in a movie. Fantastic.

Match 5: Rich Swann vs. Noam Dar

Recap: Swann did a good job of dodging Dar, but he is drop kicked into the bottom rope by Dar. Crowd is DEAD. Dar, taking the hint of the dead crowd, puts Swann into a submission/rest hold. Swann with a kick to the head, but is countered off a splash. Huge, spining kick by Swann for the victory. A very forgettable match. Rich makes fun of The Brian Kendrick. He then tells him that tomorrow, his victory over Kendrick will will be so, much sweeter because he will become the champion.

Your Winner: Rich Swann via Kick

A very fake bar fight, in a very fake bar, involving Cesaro and Sheamus. The ending result? Cesaro and Sheamus talk it over and realize that they are so much better off, if they just worked together.

Match 6: Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

Recap: So, I really want to recap this in detail, but it was just so basic. Superman Punches by Roman, he gets the Drive-by dropkick, and a Spear for a win after selling for a while. I just wasn’t entertained. Oh, we did get a 3 minute chinlock by Kevin, so there was that. So, my biggest issue is not only is Roman in the main event picture again, like he ever left, he is also holding up the US Belt without defending it for a second PPV in a row.

Your Winner: Roman Reigns via Spear

Paul Heyman does a great job working this angle. Paul tells them that Brock’s ribs were broken on the first spear. He tells the story, while crying and upset mind you, that they should be telling. He lost, but he was stunned, injured, and then beaten. He also, tells Cole that if Goldberg in in the Rumble, so is Brock. Paul says, “There will be 28 losers, and one victim, Goldberg!”

Match 7: The New Day (C)  vs. Gallows and Anderson for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship

Recap: Holy shit, I forgot we were getting this rematch again! NO THANK YOU. Gallows and Anderson dominate xavier. Magic Killer is broken up by Big E. Rollup is reversed into a rollup for the victory. So, not only do we get a rematch. Of a rematch, of a rematch, of a rematch, of a REMATCH, we also got the rollup finish for like the one millionth time in the past week, great!

Your Winners and STILL WWE RAW Tag Team Champions: The New Day

We get the Sasha version of the Charlotte promo earlier, because WWE just loves to redo the same segments between these two.


Match 8: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte (C) for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship

Recap: This was a pretty good match between Sasha and Charlotte. However, it had a lot of walk and brawl. They end up on the stage, and Charlotte sends Sasha off to the floor. Charlotte hits the Moonsault off of the announce table, onto Sasha. They end up in the crowd and Sasha gets the Bank Statement onto Charlotte. This looked to be just a spot, but this caused Charlotte to tap out. So, three times this year Sasha has won the belt on RAW, and ultimately lost it at the next PPV. Is this supposed to make me excited? Is it supposed to make me respect the title more, making it more prestigious? No, it doesn’t make it any of that, and no I don’t care. I like title changes on RAW, but I also like my champions to be successful for a long period of time. I know what they are trying to do, and that is make it seem liek Charlotte and Sasha are so evenly matched that they just trade wins back and forth, but in the end it just comes off like lazy booking. Also, where the hell are the rest of the women in this division? Anyways Sasha wins, woohoo.

Your Winner and NEW (ish) WWE RAW Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks via Bank Statement

Show Overall: There was nothing on this show that I am excited about. It wasn’t bad, it was just boring to me. Sasha and Charlotte is always good, but I a mbored with it. Roman and Owens is normally good, but I am just bored with it. I am bored with the Braun squash, I am bored with the New Day and the Club, I am bored with the Cruiserweights, I am just bored that they can only tell the same stories over and over again. I guess I am just bored with the WWE formula. So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank