Opening Promo:

What’s the point: Jericho lost the list. Kevin, and eventually Stephanie, come out and talk about the list. Chris hijacks the show and says that he will not leave until he has the list back. Seth comes out and says he has the list and reads from it. He says Kevin is on the list, and that Stephanie is on it also. Anyways, this was entertaining, but it is a very weak build going into a Hell in the Cell match. After the ha-ha Seth cut a pretty good babyface promo. He calls out Kevin’s ego and says he is going to beat him at Hell in the Cell.

Match 1: Enzo vs. Anderson


Recap: Bullshit match with Enzo getting the win on Anderson with a big boot, from Cass, you know, the face. . The beginning was nice with the Club cutting off their mics and the crowd cutting the promo for them. However, the match was just stupid. Anderson, continuing to eat pins, isn’t making me fear these two in the tag-team division.


Your Winner: Enzo

Rusev cuts a babyface promo on Roman. Honestly, he is the face and he talks about how Roman has disrespected his family. He is right you know. Roman isn’t the face, Rusev is. Rusev says he is not afraid of Hell in the Cell, because he is not afraid of Roman.

Match 2: The New Day vs. Sheamus and Cesaro


Recap: Nothing to say as we are having this match on Sunday. It is a way from Sheamus and Cesaro to look strong and cohesive, You know? The team that they have spent a month showing how much they don’t get along. New Day’s schtick is bad and old. The finish was nice, with Kofi getting uppercut by Cesaro, while he was sailing out of the ring onto him, and Big E getting Brogue Kicked for the 1…2…3


Your Winner: Sheamus and Cesaro

Match 3: Bayley vs. Dana Brooke

Recap: So, a rematch, that could have happened at the PPV, is happening tonight? Anyways…it really wasn’t a match, it was a fucking arm wrestling match. What happened? Oh, you know, the same thing that always happens in these things. Face gets beat down in the end. However, swerve, Bayley gets the Belly to Bayley onto Dana to end the segment…

Your Winner: Not the fans

Match 4: Bo Dallas vs. Curtis Axel

Recap: Huge babyface reaction for Axel’s promo. He talks up his grandfather and his father. He is so over in fact that…Bo beats him almost immediately, and also kicked out of the Perfect-Plex. Also, the sign has got to go.

Your Winner: Bo Dallas

Roman cuts his backstage promo and it is well, heel-ish. Roman cut a good promo, but it just came off heel like.

Match 5: The Golden Truth vs. The Shining Stars

Recap: …ummm…well…uhhhh…I dunno ending saw a double flapjack for the victory…I think we had a dropkick to the back by one of the Stars.

Your Winners: The Golden Truth

Contract signing for the Women’s title match


What’s the point: Well, nothing that we haven’t heard already. Crowd didn’t care. Hell in the Cell is such a dead gimmick now that it is a forced thing you do in October that no one cared that these girls are in one. Like I have said before, they deserve the main event, they don’t need this gimmick to get there. Also, I think WWE is going to blow it, and not have them actually close the show. Best promo in the ring…Mick.


Match 6: Kendrick vs. Rich Swann

Recap: We saw Brian on it early, keeping Swann grounded. However, Swann got into the offensive column with a nice clothesline off the apron. Nice standing Frankensteiner by Swann, onto Kendrick, who was on the top. Captain’s Hook locked in but Swann rolls him up and gets the 1…2…3. Match was alright, but nothing special. I understand the loss and it builds into the story, with Kendrick feeling like is getting too old and needs to win the championship sooner, rather than later.

Your Winner: Rich Swann


Kevin with a good promo talking up his match with Seth. He promises that their match will be something people will be talking about 20 years from now, doubtful, and that he will leave a permanent scar on Seth, also doubtful. He says they will both walk into hell on sunday but he will be the only one that walks out.

Match 7: Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn

Recap: Dud. why would Strowman walk out of this match after hurting Sami on the outside? That was stupid.


Your Winner: Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman

Kedrick is in the back talking with TJ. He tells TJ he owes him, and he tells him that trying isn’t good enough, that he needs TJ to let him win.

Brock and Paul segment:


What’s the point:  Short and sweet, well because it seemed the crowd wasn’t cooperating. Paul, desperately tried to get the crowd to cheer for Goldberg and boo Brock. However, in the end we got the crowd, wildly cheering suplex city, while Paul keep acting like they were cheering for Goldberg. Seemed like the ending this promo early. Nothing was accomplished with this.


Match 8 Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins


Recap: Main event started at the 3 hour mark…jesus. Seth avoids the double team. He and Kevin end up outside and he runs Kevin into the barricade. Walls attempt on Seth but he is blocked. The crowd dies. Kevin and Chris, slowly take it to Seth. Seth hits the kick to Chris and then a suicide dive out onto Kevin. Seth tries to splash Jericho but he misses. Jericho hits the Codebreaker, however, Seth kicks out at 2, as the crowd goes mild. Cannonball into the corner. Seth…rolls up both guys for the 1…2…3…yep, roll up…on them both…at the same time. Match was very forgettable. Beat down afterwards sees Seth overcome to odds and beat up Kevin after he was leaving.


Another face jumping a heel from behind. However, after the second pull apart Kevin gets to Seth and powerbombs him into the apron, a move you see, that can take weeks of a person’s career…

Your Winner: Seth Rollins


Show Overall: Nope. This week was a total miss for me. Was it bad? No. Was it good? Nooooo. Was it a mediocre show just trying to waste three hours to get to next week? Yep. I am not, in any way, excited for the PPV. I think the cell matches are going to be mediocre, the mid-card, will be mediocre, my enjoyment, mediocre. What I am trying to say is that having a PPV every two weeks or so is already killing me. So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank