Let’s Talk RAW- 02-20-2017

We get a long, well done recap of the Festival of Friendship last Monday. We are in the ring and in it stands (sits) Kevin Owens. He starts off by saying, “Now that the spotlight where it truly belongs.” as a sole spotlight shone into the ring onto Kevin. He ignores Jericho and talks about defending his title against Goldberg. He talks about never thinking that he would be defending his title against Goldberg. He says he had no doubt that he would headline PPVs but that he would be defending it against that man. He tells Goldberg that he got lucky against Lesnar and that Lesnar took him lightly. He says he will beat Bill because he is going to outsmart him. He promises that there is nothing that he won’t do to stay a champion in the WWE. He ends the promo by acting like he was going to address Jericho, but then just drops the mic. Great start to the night. They delivered the next chapter for Kevin Owens and immediately tried to introduce a more focused, more serious Kevin Owens. Someone I have been wanting for quite a while now.

Match 1: Enzo and Cass vs. Sheamus and Cesaro

Recap: A lot of Big Cass early. Big slam into the tag to Enzo. Enzo is thrown into Cesaro and then into Sheamus but ends up outside. Sheamus tags in Cesaro who hits a running European uppercut to Enzo against the barricade and does the Enzo Shuffle while Sheamus asks how he is doing, and then answers his own question with a not very good. Cesaro continues to take out Enzo with Corey calling his Claudio. Big boot by Cass to Sheamus sending him off the apron. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but is back body dropped. Cesaro goes for the finish but Enzo come sin and jumps onto Cesaro which allows Cass to hit the East River Crossing for the 1…2…3! After the match Enzo is talking shit to Cesaro and out of nowhere Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick knocking the shit out of Enzo.

Your Winners and New Number One Contenders for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship: Enzo and Cass

Mick stops Kevin from leaving because he has a match…against Sami Zayn. Kevin laughs to which Mick asks him what he thinks is so funny? Kevin says he though Mick liked Sami.

We get a recap of Bayley’s championship win last week. It looks like Charlotte’s lawyers aren’t as good as we thought because I guess this win will stand. So, Charlotte is demanding Bayley give her back the belt and Cole asks, “What will Bayley do? Will she comply with Charlotte’s demands?” Why would she? Is she going to be sued?

So, why are we continuing to put the Tag Team champions in handicap matches? Roman was rocking a nice man bun though! So, because we just didn’t get enough of that lame match last week we will see The Club vs. Roman Reigns.

Match 2: The Brian Kendrick vs. Akira Tozawa

Recap: Brian demands that Tozawa shake his hand. Tozawa relents but finally goes to shake it, but Brian clotheslines him. He takes him over to the ropes and runs his head into the exposed turnbuckle. He then locks in the Captain’s Hook and walks away, putting back on his coat in the process ALA the Ultimate Warrior at the end of his match with Macho Man at Wrestlemania 7. Backstage Charlie asks Brian for a comment on what he just did and Brian says that Tozawa should have taken his offer and he will not be disrespected.

Your Winner: No Contest

Match 3: Roman Reigns vs. The Club

Recap: Roman runs over Gallows and Anderson to start off. Gallows and Anderson are too much for Roman and take over. We end up on the outside and we see Anderson tell Gallows to go get a chair. Roman stops the chair from being used and uses it against Anderson for the DQ. He wears out Gallows with the chair but for a moment Anderson takes after Roman. Roman turns back to Gallows to hit a Superman Punch and then hit the spear onto Anderson, who was coming off the top with a flying nothing. Roman stands tall, but it was with the help of a chair and it was to build up to his match against Braun at Fastlane.

Your Winners: The Club via DQ

Match 4: Rusev and Jinder Mahal vs. The New Day

Recap: Why? Why isn’t the feud done? Wasn’t the New Day facing off against single competitors and showing their babyface power in numbers against them? It is just not for me and they will be hosting Wrestlemania which means they are going to be all over that show…Not for me. Oh, and Lana got ahold of the ice cream plans…Grown Adults everybody. Nothing happens and we get a hot tag to Big E. Big E with the big splash and Kofi dives to the outside onto Rusev. Lana is “scared” by the trombone, which she sold about a second too late. A grown ass man then destroys a iPAD to save their ice cream plans…Anyways, Midnite Hour by the New Day for the 1…2…3!

Your Winners: The New Day

A nice George “The Animal” Steele tribute. A great man, who led a great life.

Austin Aries is in the ring for the exclusive contract signing for the Cruiserweight Championship. We have tea and crumpets everybody! Or was that a biscuit? Gallaher signs almost immediately and out comes Neville. Neville immediately signs and is stopped by Gallaher. It was biscuits! Gallaher offers to have some tea and biscuits. Neville runs down Gallaher’s character. He says that he is a caricature of what Americans think British people are like. He then does a nice English accent and makes fun of Gallaher. He tells Gallaher that the fans are not laughing with him, they are laughing at him. Gallaher tells Neville that he is not playing a gentleman, he IS a gentleman. He assured Neville that the mustache does not come off at night. He tells Neville that he acts like he is above other people and he is not going to let that stand. Neville flips the table and asks Jack what he was going to do about it? Jack shoots on Neville and then headbutts him out of the ring. Neville tried to re-enter but Gallaher puts the point of his umbrella up against Neville’s neck causing him to flip out and leave. A fantastic way to show that you can have an outlandish character like Gallaher, but if you allow him to work within the realm of realism, he can come off as a strong, believable character.

Match 5: Nia Jax vs. A Jobber


Your Winner: Fuck You for not progressing a potentially good character and not allowing her to grow in developmental just to try and establish her “Monster” gimmick.

A very well done promo by Bayley. She promotes last week and how she won the match. So, instead of allowing the heel heat get onto Charlotte and they allowed Stephanie come out…And that is what happened I just wanted to turn off the show. Stephanie, the women that will never get her comeuppance, runs down Bayley. She works to Bayley babyface tendencies. Here is the problem. Bayley is a babyface but she isn’t fucking stupid. Dana interfered and we are just going to ignore that, is she just going to ignore that? She wouldn’t have been in the situation she was in if it wasn’t for Dana. Sasha comes out and pleads for Bayley to keep the title. Bayley is about to give up the belt but then says there is only one answer to that request. She looks to the ground and then looks up and says NO! She then cut a much better babyface promo than the one before it. Charlotte comes out and says she doesn’t want Bayley to give up the belt, even though they showed a tweet, twice, demanding that she did, and that she will just take it back at Fastlane. Sasha cuts Charlotte off and tells her she wants a match tonight, so they are.

Match 6: Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks

Recap: We need more women in this division. I just tuned out. I would assume Charlotte took a lot of the match and someone is bleeding because that always happens somehow in a Charlotte/Sasha match. You know what someone that has a “knee” injury should do? Come off the apron with the double knees. Dana Brooke comes “running in mud” down to the ring to interfere but she is cut off by Bayley, who had time to get up, take off her headphone, tie her shoes, and catch up to Dana to stop her. Backstabber into the Bank Statement for the tap out victory for Sasha.

Your Winner: Sasha

DDP into the WWE HOF! Good for him!

Sami cuts a promo about his upcoming match with Kevin Owens tonight. He said he told Chris months ago that this would happen but he takes no pleasure in the fact that it did. He also tells Joe that they are not done yet and he is still looking for him.

Match 7: Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Recap: Duuuuh, Sami can’t even make it to the ring and is attacked by Joe. Joe asks Sami if he said his name again. I love shit talking Joe! He tosses Sami into the ring, who refuses to call off the match. Kevin tries to plead with Sami but Sami will not relent. Kevin destroys Sami into the corner. Kevin with the mounted punches, and then the Pop Up Powerbomb for the 1…2…3! Kevin is back to being intense and I love it! This is the Kevin Owens I wanted to see. No more Ha-Ha a lot more ass-kicking!

Your Winner: Kevin Owens

Stephanie tries to belittle Mick for not coming out to the ring to help her. Mick doesn’t give a shit anymore and Stephanie gets angry and tells him not to treat her like one of her kids. Mick tells her that he asked to not treat him like he was stupid. He points out what her husband is doing and that he is not going to sit her and be rundown by her. She basically threatens Mick to be careful because she would want him to get hurt.

Backstage interview with Brock and Heyman. Brock runs Cole away and gets right into the camera. Heyman not only runs down Goldberg, he runs down Kevin Owens. He talks about how He, Heyman, believes that Kevin could walk into Wrestlemania as champion, but Brock disagrees. He does get Brock to agree that he will go into Wrestlemania ready for Goldberg. Also, is Brock growing in the beard? God I hope so!


Match 8: Braun Strowman vs. The Big Show

Recap: They finally did it folks! They showed the ring crew and what it means to reinforce the ring! The put on more canvas and tighten up the ropes! Also, I feel bad for the crowd, as they had to sit there for a 4 minute commercial break watch Braun brood in the ring with his music playing. Strowman starts off by rolling through an arm wringer and then knipping up! If he can drop like 150 pounds you are looking at your next Cruiserweight champion! Off the ropes we see Strowman murder Big Show with a clothesline. Strowman continues to destroy Big SHow but he is caught in the choke. No slam as Braun kicks Big Show in the gut and hits the DDT. Another big clothesline leaves Show laying. Strowman overthinks his offense and tries to suplex Big Show. After so back and forth Big Show reverses the suplex and hits one of his own. Big Show off the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle onto Braun. Chokeslam attempt by Show and he connects. Strowman can not be taken down with the chokeslam and kicks out at 2. Like a stupid face, Big Show tries to go up to Bret’s rope. He is knocked off but he does get the advantage back and takes Strowman to the top rope. Crowd comes to life as Show tries to super-plex Braun! Strowman fights off and comes off with a flying nothing into the KO punch but Braun, again, kicks out at 2. Big Show is caught going for the Vader-Bomb and is power slammed but Big Show gets the shoulder up at 2. Braun gets back to his feet and picks Big Show back up and hits another powerslam for the 1…2…3! No time for celebration because Roman comes down to get Braun. Another situation where Roman, who is a face, is put into a situation to be booed. Braun just finished having one of his longest matches he has ever had. Now Braun won, beat Big Show clean as a an ass ran through a Bidet, and Roman comes down to brawl. How is he face? Because Braun screwed him at the Rumble? I get it, but this wasn’t a good look. Also, he is left lying against a gassed Braun. How am I supposed to take this match seriously? Braun should destroy him, but he won’t, and I am not sure how they get out of this match without both looking bad.

Your Winner: Braaaaauuuuunnnn Strowman

Show Overall: Good show tonight. They lost me for like 30 minutes near the third hour, but overall I think they have a good path towards Fastlane. Kevin is a heel that is to be feared being flanked by another heel in Joe. I am excited to see this dynamic and this story play out. A lot of your big guns are aiming at one another and they have done a good job intertwining these stories the past couple of weeks. The women’s division needs a shakeup that I fear will never come, but it isn’t bad, it is just becoming stale. They did a good job building Roman, to put him out at the end in a no win situation. Braun doesn’t need to look strong at the end…because he already looked strong by beating Big Show clean. While Roman was cheered earlier for what he did, the crowd turned on him at the end because it didn’t make sense for him to be there and the WWE continue to give him something good and then do something stupid to turn the crowd. All in all I good show! So…

Until Next Time,

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